Marketing Lead at Zalando is coming to 3XE Digital Conference!


With Zalando’s Marketing Lead, let’s take a look at the Marketing story at Zalando.

Zalando is Europe’s leading online platform for fashion and lifestyle. Founded in Berlin in 2008, they bring head-to-toe fashion to more than 27 million active customers in 17 markets, offering clothing, footwear, accessories, and beauty. The assortment of international brands range from world-famous names to local labels. 

Their platform is a one-stop fashion destination for inspiration, innovation, and interaction. As Europe’s most fashionable tech company, Zalando puts in a lot of hard work to find digital solutions for every aspect of the fashion journey – for our customers, partners and every valuable player in the Zalando story. 

Zalando’s goal is to become the starting point for fashion.

Marketing at Zalando

Zalando found success in the fast developing digital world with the help of platform-based business model. You can study their successful business model and understand how they focus on three key areas –  customers, partners and infrastructure. 

Melissa Weston is the Marketing Lead UK & Ireland at Zalando. Melissa believes that for potential digital growth, Search Marketing is one of the most important marketing channels to generate web traffic. She tells us “It compliments SEO and content marketing and gets your brand at the top of Google or any other search engine. It’s accessible to companies of all sizes, it is conversion focussed and can even contribute to brand awareness when ads are above the fold.”

For Zalando, an extremely helpful method to optimise for search has been personalisation.

What is personalisation in marketing?

Personalisation in marketing means improving customer experience by creating personal interactions using relevant content. Personalisation is possible through data collection (of browsing behaviour, purchase history, preferences, demographics, etc.), analyzing the data and using this information to serve the needs of the online users. 

Personalisation in Search 

Melissa Weston tells us that personalisation in search has been hugely helpful to target and reach their customers at Zalando. The 5 important ways that Zalando is using personalisation in search are – Algorithmic Fashion Companion (AFC), Sizing, Homepage, Mobile and Big Data.

We are inviting Melissa Weston to 3XE Search Marketing Conference in Dublin on 23rd October, 2019. As a main stage speaker, Melissa will present the different factors that affect search personalisation.

Using the case studies from Zalando, Melissa will be sharing the key insights of working on personalisation. She will also elaborate on the 5 areas where Zalando is using search personalisation. Melissa will take us through the development of personalisation in online fashion retail.

Quick fixes in Search Engine Optimisation

Melissa explains the quick and easy SEO fixes that brand managers should attend to:

Link Building – Include working with your PR agency to create new backlinks to your website on relevant sites or alternatively find and redirect dead links.

Mobile First – With an increase in mobile traffic, making sure your website is optimised for mobile is one of the most important SEO fixes. 

Internal Links – Getting initial traffic is great, but return visitors really push your search rankings up, so one way to increase this is to add related suggestions at the bottom of your content or similar items below fashion choices for example.

Search Marketing Influencers

Today Melissa is responsible for the full marketing budget, strategy planning and media buying for UK & Ireland at Zalando. When she started learning about SEO and SEM, Neil Patel’s videos were really valuable for her, as well as MOZ blog and various marketing events in London.


Future of Search as per the Marketing Lead at Zalando

Looking at the growth in digital industry, she believes that Artificial Intelligence, more specific targeting and more automation will play a much more strategic role in Search Marketing moving forward. “Programmatic advertising has already had a huge impact here using AI to automatically buy advertising space, using data, to determine which audience the ads should target. It will be interesting to see how influencer marketing is affected here and also how video marketing can adapt to become more personalised. In terms of SEO, I think voice optimisation will become more key, as adoption rates grow.”

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At the 3XE Search Marketing Conference – 23rd Oct, 2019

Marketing Lead at Zalando to speak at 3XE Digital Conference