1 Day / 20 Great Speakers
6 Workshops
Croke Park, Dublin

Why Should You Attend 3XE Digital?

International Speakers

3XE bring some of the very best, world-renowned speakers to our conferences. They are keen to share their knowledge and expertise in a relaxed and professional way, ensuring that you get to hear about the very latest methodologies and best-practices.

Practical, Hands-On Workshops

You get to attend to attend 2 workshops. If you want to find out how to implement content and social marketing in your own business, then these are the folks you want to hear from. Of course, your colleagues may elect to attend different workshops and you can compare notes afterwards.

Content That Makes Sense

3XE Digital aims to inspire you as well as providing you with very actionable information that you can take back to your business and start to implement the very next day. Each speaker is personally vetted to ensure that you get the best and most relevant content.

Rosanna Davison on some of the key takeaways from her upcoming session.

Greg discussing all things social media in order to give you the knowledge and tools to create content your audience wants to see.

Shyam Dattani Of Search-metrics with some of the key takeaways from his session.

Optimise Your Learning

We want to ensure that you have the best environment in which to really internalize what you are learning throughout the day. We have asked all speakers to summarise their learning into a 20 minute talks which provides you with actionable takeaways for optimizing your campaigns. presentations.

Unrivalled Networking

The conference has been developed with the objective of giving attendees the best possible chance to meet and interact with our experts and fellow digital professionals in order to network, share ideas and look at new ways to ensure tangible ROI for your campaigns.

Re-Invigorate Your Campaigns

3XE Digital events provide you with key insights across all aspects of Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Expert guidance will be on hand throughout the day to show you how to create an integrated digital marketing plan which allows you to build enduring and profitable campaigns.

Mary Geraghty from Microsoft discusses some of the elements from her workshop at the Search & Social Media Marketing Conference in October 2016.

3XE Speaker Jonny Spindler gives his thought on achieving success through innovation and creativity.

Highlights From the 3XE conference in May.

3XE Co-Founder Adrian Hopkins launching the 3XE Search and Social Media Conference which took place in October 2016.

Simon Jacobson, UK SMB Sales Lead, Microsoft discussing all things search marketing along with some key takeaways from his presentation at the 3XE digital conference.

PPC guru Richard Talbot discussing some of the key takeaways from his 3XE session in October.

Helen O’Dwyer on why 3XE is the one digital marketing event you cannot afford to miss this year.

Dr Brendan O’Brien of Search Optics talks to 3XE Digital about why Search Optics is sponsoring 3XE Digital conference in Dublin in October 2016

Convince Your Boss

You’ll learn how to conceive, structure and implement your digital marketing ideas from award-winning marketers in the digital space. The event takes place over the course of one action-packed day providing professionals with the opportunity to listen to some of the most innovative marketers in the digital space. You can (and should) download the “Convince Your Boss“ template. This template is in PDF format – please drop us a note if you want an editable format.
Convince Your Boss Template