Yoast on Website Speed for a Good UX & SEO


Hold on tight, things are going to be fast. Jono Alderson, the marketing technologist from Yoast is coming with a comprehensive plan that can load websites in under 1 second! Yes, we are talking about website speed and happy customers. Jono tells “slow sites frustrate consumers and frustration costs money.”

Jono handles the ‘Special Ops’ at Yoast, a company best-known for the SEO software. Good-humoured Jono says “Special Ops is just a fancy way of saying that I do all of the weird projects which don’t fit into other peoples’ jobs.” His days at work are a combination of R&D, product road-mapping, development and any manner of things. This is apart from the time that he spends on speaking at conferences on topics related to technical SEO, futurology, digital transformation and marketing strategies.

Yoast – SEO for everyone!

Yoast is largely popular for the WordPress SEO plugin that helps in optimising the website content. This plugin runs on over 9 million websites worldwide. Apart from that, Yoast also has a bunch of other softwares (find them here) and a learning academy with multiple digital training courses. Jono says “we even take occasional consultancy projects to keep us sharp.”

Yoast at 3XE Digital Conference


Website Speed & SEO !

Do you know what should be your website load time and how important is that for SEO?

On 16th May 2019, we are inviting Jono Alderson as a Keynote Speaker at User Experience & Design Thinking Conference. Jono describes his presentation “I am going to talk about site speed and share ways in which everybody (technical or otherwise) can make their sites faster and more performant. That’s super-important as speed forms such a crucial part of SEO.

He will share the tips, tools and tactics to accomplish faster page load time. This is a feature that can help companies to stay ahead of the competition and also have a positive impact on Google rankings.

The 3 key takeaways from his presentation:

  • He will convince why companies should prioritise website performance.
  • He will share a framework to read and analyse your website speed.
  • You will go back to work, with tools and processes that will make an immediate improvement to your website.

What is UX Design?

In very simple words, Jono explains UX design “UX is the lens through which we judge our brand interactions. As the world becomes more digital, more connected, and more consumer-orientated, the only thing which differentiates individual companies or services is the quality of the experience they deliver.”

“Good UX is at the heart of that, so we all need to be upping our game!”

Role of Creativity

Telling more about UX design, Jono clarifies the role of creativity in there. He says ”differentiation is key and creativity is the fuel behind this differentiation. People aren’t always rational, and, don’t always make logical, informed decisions. If they did, every brand, every product and every website could just be designed and built to a checklist. What separates the winners and losers are the decisions they make on how to present themselves, how to connect with their audience, and how to stand out.”

We continued the interesting conversation with Jono with these questions:

What do you predict as the digital trends for 2019?

I think we’ll see personal digital assistants (Alexa, Google Home, etc) really starting to change how people behave. It’s not about voice, so much as outsourcing decision making.

Many of the strategies and tactics we deploy today are based on interrupting the research behaviour of users as they work through ‘the funnel’. With digital assistants doing more and more of that work (“OK Google, find me a good vegan restaurant within walking distance”), a lot of our tactics stop working. You can’t interrupt the research process when the user isn’t there. In that world, the role of brand becomes much more important, and, I don’t think many people in digital are really thinking about that.

Tell us about your journey in the digital world and one thing that inspired you.

I started out as a bedroom web developer, building little websites for local businesses. I became obsessed about improving things – my code quality, speed, accessibility, etc – and that really sparked my career in SEO.

What continues to amaze me is that I’ve done all this with no formal education, and being entirely self-taught. I love that the digital world’s level playing field gave me an opportunity to prove myself, to be listened to and respected, and to do good work – despite having a humble background. I think it’s still much more accessible than the ‘real world’.

What websites and people influence you on a day to day basis?

I’m addicted to Twitter. I need to know what’s happening out there, right now. Editorially, I love https://aeon.co – it’s a great source of ‘big think’ journalism and challenging ideas.

A little more on the life of this marketer!

Life of a Marketer - Jono Alderson from Yoast

Meet the Digital Expert, Jono Alderson on 16th May at 3XE User Experience & Design Thinking Conference, happening in Croke Park.

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