Director, UX Studio

Rachel O’Donnell

Rachel likes to get inside your head! A digital native, Rachel started her career as a Graphic Designer and Web Developer back in 2008. Today only 11 years later, she is a multi-award winning UX Designer owning her own company and employing 6 people in The UX Studio in Galway. Rachel’s 3rd level education began in LIT studying Multimedia Programming and Design and then continued to a Master of Science in Interactive Media, UX/UI design and Interactive Advertising in UL. However, her interest in working in Tech started many years before that. Hailing from a family of 5 girls, Rachel and her 4 sisters have all studied and are working in the Tech sector today, so you could say Technology is in her blood. Rachel’s innovative UX Design process is about getting inside the heads of the real end Users in order to figure out what’s really important. She doesn’t believe in opening Photoshop until the team have done their user research. She involves the end Users throughout the process through initial research, low and high-fidelity prototyping, interactive User testing and post go live analysis. Rachel launched The UX Studio in March 2017 and it now consists of a multi-disciplinary team of seven, which includes 3 females. Working in the Tech sector, a field that is male dominated, Rachel is extremely passionate about gender diversity and hopes to support and encourage fellow females in the tech industry where possible. She believes that the mentorship she has received from inspiring females in her own career to date gave her the courage to take the less beaten track of female entrepreneurship. Rachel continues to take part in mentor programmes and masterclasses where she hopes to give the same inspiration and mentorship to other young people aspiring to move in to Digital Design or the Tech sector.

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