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In the process of delivering a smooth customer experience, the glitch you want to avoid is – trust issues. It will be a tough comeback from there! On 16th May, the Co-Founder of Friday Agency, Graham Carroll will be talking about the challenges we face in understanding the user experience process. He will offer insights on how to work through the UX Design process to achieve desired business results.

UX Design Process by Friday Agency at 3XE Digital Conference

Graham Carroll is also the Business Director at Friday Agency in Dublin. Graham spends his day managing the agency growth and working on digital strategies for their bigger client accounts.

Friday Agency is a UX Design and Digital Marketing agency that helps brands and businesses to achieve their goals. This involves a special mix of research, planning, UX design and content development. Graham says “In simple terms, we make their user and customer experiences better.”

Keynote Speaker at UX Conference 2019

We are inviting Graham is a Keynote Speaker at the 3XE User Experience & Design Thinking Conference on 16th May, 2019. The topic of his presentation is ‘Trust Issues – Living the User Experience Journey’.

The 3 key highlights of his presentation will be:

  • How to build trust in the UX process and gain internal buy-in.
  • How to use that trust to participate and engage.
  • He will explain how UX process is a journey that needs constant care and optimisation.

Graham explains that UX Design is a way of helping users to perform any task online, with the least amount of friction. He adds “it’s also emotional as it helps to develop a positive feeling about your brand, product or service among users”.

Graham Carroll at 3XE Digital Conference - UX Design Process

Digital World in 2019 and beyond

Talking about the Digital Industry in 2019, he says “trends are short-lived.” However, he has some advice on what the future in digital will look like.

Education – For 2019 and in future, obviously more roles and jobs will be created in UX. But there is a big skills gap and education is key to filling that gap. The work that people like Colman Walsh are doing with the UX Design Institute will be a big help.

Businesses and Brands: Every business needs to improve and optimise their user and customer experience. It is a journey that will bring success if you trust in the process and engage in the work that is needed to succeed. Research is key to that.

UI Designers: If you are not already, fight to be a part of and involved in your projects from the start. You’ll do better work.

Role of Creativity in UX Design

Graham tells us” UX designers are primarily involved in research, information architecture and wire-framing. They are not typically part of the creative process of designing. But, despite not involving finished interface design artwork, there is still plenty of opportunity for creativity in UX Design with creating layouts, information architecture and micro interactions.”

Websites and people that influence him on a day to day basis!

“Marketing guru Seth Godin is a huge motivator, – his blog and books just make sense and are easy to read and absorb.

Also Gerry McGovern is a force in digital customer experience and another huge inspiration for me – please check him out at”

Graham studied Business in college but it was his old friend Sam who helped him explore the business opportunities in digital space. His friend was one of the main people involved in setting up the first internet cafe in Dublin, the Internet Exchange, way back in the mid 90s. Through him, Graham was introduced to the web and the new opportunities it was bringing.

Graham says “ Someone else in my career who has inspired me is my business partner and co-founder at Friday, Dave Jackson. As our Head of UX he has a brilliant work ethic and an uncompromising commitment to doing things the right way for our clients.”

“Together we have learned the importance and value of having a good team with the right mix of skills and a process that makes good UX and happy clients.”

Meet Graham Carroll at the 3XE Digital UX & Design Thinking Conference on 16th May, 2019.

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