Users Journey Mapping – Actions, Mindset and Emotions


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Through engaging content and effective user experience, they have been delivering results for their clients like – An Post, Meath GAA, Dublin City Council, Go Car and many more.

Keynote Speaker at User Experience Conference 2019

Head of Design, Treasa Flynn, will be gracing the main stage at UX Conference on May 16th. In her keynote talk, Treasa will be discussing ‘Journey Mapping: Actions, Mindset and Emotions’.

She will explain why it is important to understand your customers. Treasa says “Put yourself and your team in your customers’ shoes. Walk in their footsteps, through research and empathy, improve your customer engagement.”   

The 3 key takeaways from the presentation will be:

  1. How to look at the entire experience from the customer or user’s perspective.
  2. Communicate an understanding of your customer or service to your entire team.
  3. Through the experience understand and recognise opportunities.

Treasa believes the best products are designed when the end user is at the core of decision making. Good design and frictionless user experience is a minimum requirement if an organisation is to flourish online in a challenging digital marketplace.  

Treasa Flynn, Head of Design | 3XE User Experience Conference

In our recent interaction with Treasa Flynn, we discussed on topics related to UX and what she thinks will be the hot digital trends this year.

How would you define UX Design and why is it important?

This might seem like a simple question, but the answer is not.

UX design is an approach to building products that are created with the customer in mind. A method that takes into account all aspects of the end users’ interaction with a product or service. Not just the functional requirements (usability and accessibility) are considered, but the emotional needs (delight and satisfaction) of the customer becomes part of the decision making process.

A range of disciplines, such as user research, service design, information architecture, visual design, usability, and human-centred design are required. Successful UX design occurs when the customers’ functional and emotional needs are achieved via seamless interactions.

“A bad website is like a grumpy salesperson.” — Jakob Nielsen of Nielsen Norman Group.

What is the role of creativity in UX Design?

In a practical world, people want to achieve their goals without frustration. But in the real world, they want to achieve their goals but smile while doing so. People love beautiful products that trigger their emotions. Aesthetically pleasing design can make users more tolerant of minor usability issues.

Websites that can help in improving UX

Treasa finds inspiration from Nielsen Norman Group. She says “As in all industries, budget and time will always affect the research a project team can produce. Over the past 20 years, Nielsen Norman Group has been the champions of UX research and methodologies. The surveys, research and findings they publish allow projects with limited budgets to access data and industry-specific findings.“

The 2 websites she names as examples of good user experience, are WeTransfer and AirBnb. Read the article, Examples of Good UX, to know what Treasa and other UX experts have to say about websites that offer good UX.

Digital Trends this year!

UX Writing: Copy is as crucial to the overall design of the product as wireframes, prototypes, and UI elements. In the last year, brands have realised that what they are saying, the story they are telling and how they are saying it, is an integral part of a customer’s user experience.

Device-agnostic experiences: We are on the cusp of a new phase of digital interactions. With the growth in the market of wearables and voice assistants technologies, a more holistic approach to UX is being developed. The opportunity for customers to interact with a product or service is no longer limited to desktop or mobile. Brands looking to stay ahead of the curve must take advantage of this innovation. Giving the customer control of when and where they want to interact with a product or service. Ensuring these interactions, regardless of the device, are frictionless will be the challenge that UX designers will have to navigate in the coming year(s).

Join Treasa Flynn and many other UX Design masterminds at the UX Conference on May 16th.

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