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January 25-27


When you take a company as industry-respected as SEMrush and increase their online social engagement by 400% in your first year, you must be pretty good at your job, right!? A guest speaker at 3XE Search and a specialist in conversion and online relationship marketing, Olga Andrienko has in a few short years catapulted herself into the forefront of the international search conversation with her relentless work ethic, innovative thinking, and surprising accessibility.

Under her guidance as the Head of Social Media, SEMrush is today considered the world’s leading competitive research service for online marketing. In addition to this, Olga has also been featured in a substantial number of publications including Foundr, SproutSocial, Search Engine Journal, and Search Engine Examiner.

Here are some top tips from Olga and SEMrush on how to make your e-commerce website rock:

  • Set up analytics – if you don’t measure things, then you can’t manage them. With analytics, you can understand how people interact with your content. And if there are changes that you need to make, you can make them as soon as possible. Proper analytics can actually tell you some of the things that you need to change.
  • Explore different channels besides Google. For example, today Bing has around 21-22 percent of the market share in the USA, and it is definitely one of those things that is worth throwing into the mix.
  • Make sure you’re targeting the right keywords. The more specific a search query is, the more likely it is to convert. Without setting your priorities, you’ll end up wasting money that you shouldn’t be wasting. Make sure you’re targeting the right keywords.
  • Segment your audience and tailor your message to that audience.
  • Enhanced e-commerce can help you to know if you have a particular issue with payment gateways or if you’re asking for too much information on your address page. You are actually able to see where things drop off and consider it during redesign. Look at different pages on your site that you may need to make some adjustments to.
  • Provide the option of guest checkout. It works, and it will increase your conversion rate on a mobile device. Don’t disconnect the shopping journey when you’ve already got these people, make it as easy for them as possible!

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