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January 25-27


Adrian Marks is a serial entrepreneur, customer acquisition specialist, author and public speaker. Having built and sold two multi-million pound businesses, Adrian is an engaging, brutally honest, forward thinking speaker on sales, social media, digital marketing and business growth.

His background in behavioural selling combined with his relentless desire for commerciality provides for a profound understanding of how and why people buy, what makes people tick (and click!), and how to create compelling stories, messages and brands in this social-digital world.

Adrian’s company ‘enjoy!’ is a specialist Customer Acquisition Agency.

When enjoy! started in 1998, they believed – ‘Return on Investment (ROI) is everything; for our Clients’ success and for our own’. That remains the same even today. From an expert mix of psychologists, marketers, sales gurus, strategists and creative thinkers all driven by an insatiable desire for commerciality and results, enjoy! has grown from a small consultancy with one Client into the UK’s leading Customer Acquisition Agency.

enjoy!’s journey into digital was as much by accident with Adrian developing a series of unique Behavioural Selling Strategies™, mixing that with traditional media our modern selling techniques, when implemented, increase levels of consumer engagement, generate more enquiries and ultimately increase sales conversions providing unprecedented results.

On 8th February, at the 3XE Digital Conversion Conference, Adrian Marks is giving an insightful talk on ‘Behavioural Selling Strategies – How People Tick and Click…’ In this exciting presentation Adrian will be sharing Behavioural Selling Strategies to deliver a mix of lead generation marketing, digital strategies, social response marketing and referral marketing – all geared towards a relentless focus on return on investment.

Adrian is delighted to be attending 3XE as a keynote. He will be speaking on how people are irrational, emotional and impulsive in 90% of their decisions – yet almost always logically justify every action they take. ‘Why’ people buy and what you need to do to align your marketing and sales activity to fit this behavioural process will be at the core of this impactful, insightful, and story filled presentation.

People will be able to take away the 3 following points –

  1. To quickly implement behavioural selling strategies based on consumer behaviour.
  2. They will come away with tools to be used alongside their current marketing activity and strategies within those tools to dramatically increase their sales.
  3. Lastly, they will come away thinking differently about how/why their customers buy.

Mark your calendar to meet Adrian Marks at 3XE Digital Conversion Conference on 8th February at Croke Park, Dublin.

Find the entire conference schedule here – 3XE Conversion Conference, 8th Feb 2018

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Bastian Grimm is the CEO and Director Organic Search at Peak Ace, where he oversees SEO as well as Performance Content Marketing.

Bastian who enjoys travelling and meeting new people, had started his career with software deployment. Having more than 15 years of experience in online marketing, Bastian still enjoys all the aspects of technical digital marketing.

Today he is a renowned digital expert for large scale international SEO, handling sites with 1 million+ pages in highly competitive industries.

Peak Ace is an international Performance Marketing agency based in Berlin, Germany. An award winning company, Peak Ace gives a strong focus on “all things search”, serving customers in more than 20 different languages. Bastian shares ‘With more than 90 employees, we implement native speaker level campaigns in these different languages and we are among the fastest-growing technology companies in Germany.’

On 8th February, at the 3XE Digital Conversion Conference, Bastian Grimm will be telling us about the fast changing Google Search. Naming his discussion topic ‘OK Google, what’s next? Getting control over the unexpected!’, Bastian will cover the most important features of Google search. As Google is getting smarter, he’ll also talk about the impact of new technologies on user behaviour and best ways to marry your efforts with CRO and great User Experience.

On our recent conversation with Bastian Grimm, we learnt more about him, his interesting work and his participation with 3XE Digital:

3XE Digital: Tell us about your journey in the digital world and one thing that inspired you here.

Bastian: I started in software deployment back in the day and ended up online in 1999. I was building websites at the time and at some point, got pretty annoyed about not having any visitors on those. Which was kind of my first touch point with search and actually SEO as well. I worked as an affiliate, moved in-house (amongst other things I was working for a company called Jamba / Jamster which sold mobile phone ringtones at the time; good old times!), went freelance again and now I’m heading Peak Ace AG.

3XE Digital: What will you be speaking about at 3XE?

Bastian: I’ll be touching on how search and user experience are coming more and more together as Google is getting better and better in understanding what users expect and really want. I think to create successful businesses, therefore a long lasting online business is critical. Of course CRO plays a major part in building successful businesses and their monetization strategies, so this will be the core of my talk. I’ll speak on how to integrate these practices and make it most beneficial for all parties involved.

3XE Digital: What are the 3 takeaways that you think delegates will get from your presentation on Google Search?

Bastian: The three major areas I’ll be talking about are: Convenience, Instant and Familiarity. I’ll be showing why they are relevant, how to utilize them and what they mean to your day-to-day CRO work.

3XE Digital: Which websites and people influence you on a day to day basis?

Bastian: I think it’s really hard and actually would be unfair to just pick one; I think in jobs like ours (in general, with any marketing role) it’s essential to have a trusted network. You need like-minded peers to bounce ideas or to just quickly “sense check” some of the things and thoughts that come along. Conferences such as 3XE Digital are actually a great tool to build and extent exactly this – so for me networking at events is absolutely key.

3XE Digital: How was year 2017 for you? What are your plans for this year?

Bastian: Pretty crazy to be honest – but that’s probably true for previous years as well. We almost doubled in staff again, got various awards and will now be adding just another office location in Berlin. So, it’s really going very well and we’re super happy and thankful for our clients and their trust in our work, which allows us to grow and develop further.


Don’t miss the opportunity of enriching your organic search knowledge, shared by Bastian Grimm at 3XE Digital Conversion Conference on 8th Feb 2018 in Croke Park, Dublin.

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Among various jargons and acronyms in the digital world, one that draws a lot of attention is CRO. When online space is all about optimising, we are going to look at one specific optimisation that is closely related to your final goal of online content, marketing campaigns and business revenue.

Topics Covered are:

  • What is CRO?
  • What actions form part of CRO?
  • Does CRO make a difference to you?
  • What are the Benefits of CRO?
  • One effective way to improve your Conversions!

What is CRO

CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimisation. When you’ve an online presence with a website, social media channels and marketing tools, there are viewers who come to your website through the online platforms to consume the content and decide if it is of any use to them. When readers find useful content, they take further actions that you offer, which could be a product or service offered by you. But when the content on your website doesn’t interest them (there’ll be various reasons for it!), they leave your website without continuing till the last stage of your offer. This is where CRO plays a crucial role. Conversion Rate Optimisation is the method of improving the performance of your website, that increases the percentage of visitors who convert into customers.

Actions that form part of CRO

The end goal that you wish to achieve from your website may be different, similarly, the approaches to achieve good conversion rate will differ from business to business. What you want the visitors on your website to do, is your idea of conversion. It can be purchasing a product, downloading an ebook, subscribe for the newsletter, book your service and the list goes on.

CRO makes a difference to you, if you’re:

If you’re a digital professional, online service provider, company with worldwide impact, local business with an online existence or a new entrant to the online market, Conversion Rate Optimisation has to be on your radar. While you might have great content, exceptional product or service to offer to your online viewers, unless you’re having an effective system to target your audience, every piece of content, product and service will go unnoticed by your viewers. There will be varied factors that affects your conversion rate, like, the placement of content, colour of call to action button, navigation method, etc. CRO involve ways of analysing different elements of your website’s ‘landing page’ or ‘destination page’ to come out with measurable solutions to maximise the percentage of clicks on the ‘call to action’ button, in other words, improve your conversion rate.

Benefits of CRO

As mentioned before, CRO is the process of achieving higher percentage of conversion. And while you’re in the process of getting more visitors turn into consumers of your specific goal, there will be following benefits to you:

  1. As a Digital marketer or an online business owner one of your important goals is to increase revenue of the business you’re managing. CRO helps you achieve that.
  2. To serve your customers better, you’ll make efforts to understand their requirements in a deeper way.  This will result you in improving your relationship with your readers.
  3. As you start speaking the language that your customers want to hear, you’ll end up attracting more people from your target market towards your landing page. This will result in directing your web traffic to the preferred direction and increasing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
  4. While you’re aiming for better conversion, you’re testing on the appearance and website navigation to optimize it. Doing this you’re improving the user experience that help your viewers to conveniently browse through your web pages and complete the action desired.
  5. Though focus on conversion helps in enhancing the user experience and providing right content to your target audience, it also helps in gaining customer loyalty. Happy customers like coming back for similar experiences in the future.
  6. Indirectly, Google is delighted with your performance. When viewers start finding your optimized website purposeful and they start utilizing your services, without heading back to google search to find something else that will be relevant, Google sees you as a good source in that particular search. Therefore CRO can improve your search ranking.

An effective way to improve your Conversions:

As a digital professional, you might have different pitfalls to deal with in order to improve the conversion rates of your business. There might’ve been situations when you’re unable to find reasons of the downturn in your conversions, because numerous factors affect a conversion rate. In another situation, you might have had a stagnation in the conversion rate and various attempts haven’t improved the percentage.

Focusing on the importance and need for Conversion Rate Optimisation, we’ve gather the industry leaders to enlighten you with tried-and-tested CRO tricks. Speakers from leading digital companies together to talk on effective CRO practices at 3XE Digital Conferences in Croke Park, Dublin.


If you’re new to 3XE Digital Conferences, take a look at the short video of one of our previous conferences:



Fergal McHugh who found his mojo in digital consultancy, is the Head of Strategy at leading Irish performance marketing agency – Arekibo.
Fergal is responsible for overseeing Arekibo’s innovation and growth strategies. He works with the team at Arekibo on their digital strategic approach of, what and how to offer to the market. Working with their key customers, Fergal McHugh advises on efficient methods to shape their digital strategies that will support business growth. Giving a gist of what he does, Fergal says ‘It involves a range of activities from helping customers to understand their costs, developing associated business cases, to promoting digital programmes within the customer’s organisation.’

Headquartered in Dublin, Arekibo has an extended customer portfolio in Ireland, UK and Europe. Their core services range from digital strategy, overall planning to executing large-scale digital programmes with their customers. With Arekibo’s primary focus on online, they cater to digital marketing platforms, lead-generation strategies, investor relations platforms, large corporate websites and customer portals.

Fergal mentions, ‘I think that one of the key things that distinguishes Arekibo is our focus on programmes. The work we do with our customer, plays a significant role in getting them closer to their business goals. What this means in practical terms is that, we put equal emphasis on medium and longer term digital strategies, and not just on achieving short term goals.’

Recently, we had a compelling conversation with Fergal McHugh on Arekibo and his participation at 3XE Digital as a keynote speaker for the Conversion Marketing Conference on 8th February 2018:

3XE Digital: Tell us about your journey in the digital world and one thing that inspired you here.

Fergal: I started out as developer but I quickly realised my real interests were in consultancy. For me digital is at its most interesting at the intersection between commercial, marketing and technical visions. It is about finding the right balance between these elements.

3XE Digital: What will you be speaking about at 3XE Digital Conversion Conference?

Fergal: I will be talking about digital transformation programmes, how to get them off the ground, and how to get support in your organisation. I will also be talking about the ways to anticipate and manage the organisational changes required to make them work.

3XE Digital: What are the 3 takeaways that you think delegates will get from your presentation?

Fergal: I hope they will get a sense of both, the challenges that are faced in trying to get a transformation programme funded and started, and some effective ways in which these challenges can be met. Some takeaways could include:

  1. Address real problems in B2B: In a B2B space you’re going to work with prejudice of sorts, like, what you’re doing will cost a great deal of money, with a very little return to business! It is important to tackle these concerns head on. These worries are often found in real work experiences and in many cases, they are focused on high-risk possibilities. We have to work with this.
  2. Data supports decision: A ‘data data data’ mantra is quite prevalent now. Data has a crucial role to play in winning over stakeholders but it is not the whole story. You need a compelling vision too, and you may not have a data-point for every part of it. Ultimately the role of data is to support decision making, not to replace it. For example, in a B2B space if you want to pioneer change, it will involve a certain amount of ambition and willingness to take on some risk.
  3. Big picture of Transformation: There is a need to challenge the ‘narrow’ views on transformation. For example, to implement a new best-in-class digital marketing platform that integrates all your customer details, is not just about purchasing and rolling out technology. But it also involves building teams, changing job descriptions, processes and practices. It requires real change. Of course, it is important and sensible to contain and manage the impact, but you don’t want to neutralise either of the aspects. When you want to make a difference on online channels, actual power in the organisation has to be allocated.

3XE Digital: What emerging trends will affect your business during 2018?

Fergal: Talking primarily about the Irish market here –  I think we are at a watershed moment. Confidence is regained, and firms want to be effectively positioned to take advantage of it. It’s a simple fact that a great many Irish firms are not where they need to be on digital – and they are starting to recognise this.

A certain amount of stagnation over the last eight or nine years has not helped. What we are seeing is a desire to remedy this neglect. Now, we are getting the opportunity to offer platforms and services in this market,  that had very little traction previously, because of the investment required.

For instance, in space of Digital Content Management and Digital Marketing Platforms, Irish firms are now looking at products that lead the market globally – they are no longer satisfied with ‘good enough’, they want premium.

3XE Digital: What websites and people influence you on a day to day basis?

Fergal: I think you have to get insights in whatever way you can. I like to go broad, and a great deal of what I’m interested in will not be tagged as digital. Some of what passes for ‘thought leadership’ in digital is quite superficial – it’s topical but it lacks depth. You need to dig deeper and join the dots.

The people I learn most from, are our customers. At Arekibo we are typically interacting with very senior people in the customer’s organisation and they have difficult, complex roles. They also tend to know their business and their markets inside out. Obviously, we are there to support, advise, coach and so on, but the task is as much about translation as it is about bringing in something new.

How was year 2017 for you? What are your plans for this year?

2017 was an excellent year. We acquired a significant amount of new business, here and in Europe. We made serious progress on a new strategic goal, the roll out of a digital marketing platform offering with the Sitecore Experience Platform playing a starting role. Also in 2017, we established a new partnership with a leading Dutch digital transformation agency Macaw. This partnership is a real meeting of minds and we’ve already done some great work together. I am very excited about where it is going.

2018 is all about digital platform. We are making a huge push on delivering structured digital transformation programmes to our customers. The fact is that, digital transformation can be incredibly challenging, but we want to make it easier for people. We’ll help them break the challenges into chunks and get the opportunity to demonstrate real progress.

We are predicting that digital spending, in particular spending on digital platform will be going up significantly in 2018. Some of this is linked to recovery and overcoming previous neglect as I talked about earlier. But I also think that as an industry, we are doing a better job of letting people know what is possible and I think the market is responding.

Connect with Fergal McHugh and learn the most trending conversion insights from Irish leading performance marketing agency – Arekibo at 3XE Conference, on 8th February in Croke Park, Dublin.

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In 2018 Google continues to be the world’s most popular search engine by far and its influence on the digital marketing world is immeasurable. Either directly or indirectly, Google touches just about every channel that marketers and business owners work with on a daily basis.

In Ireland and UK alone, Google handles over 90% of the search queries. So, what can the almighty Google do for you? And more specifically how it can help to turn your online business ‘lookers’ into ‘buyers’?

To avoid wasting your time and money on ineffective marketing practices, we have invited Google’s top User Experience Specialist – Emiliano De Matteis to 3XE Conversion.

In the action-packed presentation, Emiliano will share some of the latest developments at Google. Specifically, he will focus on how to get customers started with mUX improvements and will include stories from 400+ engagements for you to learn from.

As an avid technology enthusiast, Emiliano was previously consulting for the largest customers across Europe, Middle East and Africa for Twitter, Microsoft, Demand Generation and Universal McCann.

Whether you are a marketing novice, professional or a business owner – 3XE Conversion will guide you on how to relay the successful tactics developed by online giants such as Google,, Pinterest, Facebook and apply them to your own business, all the while gazing into the future of conversion innovation.

Full agenda available at:


Mel Henson is the Head of Creative at AWA Digital – an international CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) agency.

With an incredibly talented team of optimisers who research and analyse websites, AWA Digital brings together new wireframes to solve customer problems. Using her expertise, Mel Henson makes sure that online words and content get the message across in the most compelling way.

At 3XE Digital Conversion Conference in Dublin, Mel Henson will speak about mixing the best of old and new methods in content marketing. Sharing ‘before and after’ webpages of her clients, like Canon and Interflora, Mel will explain how cutting-edge neuroscience and improved marketing methods were involved in increasing CRO and revenue. She will also talk about some back-to-basics principles of copywriting to explain how the changes they made at AWA Digital worked for their clients.

We recently caught up with Mel and asked her about her role in AWA and her participation in 3XE. Through our conversation, we tried to know a little more about the fascinating life of Mel Henson and her thoughts on digital developments:

3XE: Tell us about your journey in the digital world and one thing that inspired you here.

Mel: My early career was in Direct Marketing, this was before the internet came into existence. From the start, I was fascinated by being able to test two different versions of a headline or a picture, to see which one works best. Digital lets you do that with more precision.

3XE: What are the 3 takeaways that you think delegates will get from your presentation?

Mel: I hope they’ll pick at least three tips or ‘Aha! Moments’ that they can immediately implement in their copy for results of higher sales, more leads and a better website visitor experience.

3XE: What emerging trends will affect your business during 2018?

awa-digitalMel: Voice-activated shopping through devices like Alexa (Amazon Echo) and Google Home have rapidly moved from being a science fiction to becoming part of our day-to-day life. Talking to a device is so much easier – and more sociable – than sitting glued to a screen.

In a recent survey, people went as far as to say it feels like talking to a friend, and they even say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. I predict a lot of commodity products being purchased by voice in the near future, such as “Alexa, get me some tickets for Coldplay”.

Voice-shopping adds another channel to the customer journey and we’ll need to amend our processes to make sure we can give people the best experience it’s possible to have.

3XE: Which websites and people influence you?

Mel: At AWA we get together every three months to discuss the websites we’ve optimised and share learnings. It’s really inspiring to be with such bright people who are pushing the boundaries of optimisation all the time.

On a daily basis I’m a magpie for lot of feeds and blogs. Drayton Bird, the genius who taught me copywriting, is still a major influence as well as Ogilvy Change, Smart Insights, Ted talks, Andy Maslen and Andy Bounds. I’ve recently been reading books about sales, and books about the roots of language going back to theories of rhetoric put forward by the ancient Greeks.

3XE: How was year 2017 for you?

Artificial Intelligence was a massive bombshell for me in 2017. Five years ago, we could all laugh at the clumsy efforts of robots to write copy, but now the machines are catching up.

Over the last couple of years all over the world, money has been pouring into companies that specialise in NLG or Natural Language Generation. All that investment is suddenly paying off.

Companies like Narrative Science, Phrasee, Persado and Indix are writing product copy and email subject lines that read as if a human being had tapped them out on a keyboard. Not only do machines write faster, in some cases the copy they produce performs better too. It’s going to be a game changer over the coming years.

Mel Henson is speaking at 3XE Digital Conversion Conference on 8th Feb 2018 at Croke Park, Dublin. More details

Connect with Mel Henson at





3XE Digital is excited to welcome UK’s top, revolutionary online bookmaker, Sky Betting & Gaming to the speaker panel at 3XE Conversion.

3XE Conversion will teach you about how SBG is dominating the conversion game and harnessing technology to deliver successful digital marketing campaigns on a large scale, with a larger impact. We’ll guide you on how to relay the successful tactics developed by SBG and apply them to your own business, all the while gazing into the future of conversion innovation and optimisation.

The principles behind how a business should effectively communicate to its customers have changed very little over the past 100 years. This has always been about getting the right message, to the right customer at the right time. What has changed is both the scale of the campaigns and the technology now available to businesses.

This event is designed for anybody who has an interest in digital marketing, from the novice who wants to gain an understanding of what conversion is about through to the seasoned professional looking to push the boundaries of what they can do.

Full agenda available at:


Despite the increasing popularity, Pinterest is still a bit of a mystery for a lot of marketeers. To conquer the unknown 3XE Digital is proud to welcome Frederique Hugonnet, Partnership Manager for Ireland at Pinterest to 3XE Conversion speaker panel.

  • Pinterest market value is $11 Billion+ with over 200 million of Monthly Active Users.
  • There are over 75 billion ideas on Pinterest, and 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest.
  • Over 5% of all referral traffic to websites comes from Pinterest.

Focusing on ‘Driving Online Conversion Through Visual Discovery at Pinterest’, Frederique will guide you through case studies and examples of how and when to best use imagery in your marketing mix and why Pinterest is fast becoming the platform of choice for smart marketers.

3XE Conversion takes place on 8th February 2018, at Croke Park, Dublin. Meet conversion specialists from: Google, Facebook,, Wolfgang Digital, AWA digital, Arekibo, AdWorld and many more!

For full agenda, please visit:


3XE is delighted to announce Shalini Sukumar, Lead Expert of Online Conversion at will be joining our speakers panel at 3XE Conversion on 8th February in Croke Park, Dublin.

Focusing on ‘Personalisation and Experimentation at’, Shalini will guide you through how to identify what is most appealing to consumers and how to optimise your website for large scale conversion. converts 1.5 million bookings every 24 hours in over 120,000 destinations around the world. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), has always been at the heart of the business. Over the years the company perfected its converting website visitors into repeat, loyal customers.

Driving increased conversion rates is the single highest priority for digital marketers in 2018.  Join us to find out how to implement the best practices in Conversion Rate Optimisation for your business.

3XE Conversion takes place on 8th February 2018, at Croke Park, Dublin. There are only 14 Early Bird Tickets available, book yours now.

To view full agenda please visit:


Last month, over 600 people packed into Croke Park to hear some of the best international and domestic leading lights in digital marketing at 3XE Search. And for those of you who weren’t able to attend the conference, here are our three golden nuggets to help you grow your business online.


MicrosoftVoice technology empowering everyone to do more

  • By 2020, 50% of search will come from voice.
  • Voice search queries are 3X more likely to be local.
  • Cortana and Bot momentum, arising business opportunities at lower cost – 145M monthly active Cortana users. 3x Increase of 45K to 130K developers in 8 months. >17B # of questions consumers have asked Cortana.


Wolfgang DigitalCustomer behaviour is evolving:

  • Keep the visitors engaged on your site for + 35 seconds and realise a 10% Conversion Rate improvement (but don’t keep them waiting).
  • Google Analytics doesn’t track cross device conversions. “90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal” according to Google Research. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see high numbers from social media advertising.
  • The (surprising) power of Pinterest – promoted Pins helped Tesco and other big brands to get more high-quality traffic.


ZATO PPCCan Small Medium Business (SMB) Pay-per-Click (PPC) really work?? Or are we destined to be outbid and out-budgeted by the big brands?

  • The slower the getaway car, the more important a good head start. As a start off point pick a great Search campaign structure.
  • Where money is lacking, skill must abound. Start Remarketing immediately.
  • Don’t be a Google rep – use and analyse your own data. Google rep looks for 5 minutes at account you’ve run for 3 years and tells you the solution is to raise your mobile bid ads.


We’re still confirming some of our line-up for 3XE Conversion, but we couldn’t wait to share our first wave of speakers with you. For more details please visit: