Convert Social Media Followers into Email Subscribers


Meet our speaker Teresa Heath-Wareing.

Teresa Heath-Wareing is an International Social Media & Marketing Consultant, Trainer and renowned Speaker. She is also the founder of THW Marketing a Marketing & Social Media agency, in the United Kingdom.

Teresa says, “We help businesses all over the world to improve their marketing and social media efforts so they can better connect with their ideal audience and then convert them into life long customers.

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THW Marketing help companies with effective marketing and social media strategies, that helps in driving more traffic, increasing sales and thereby accelerating business growth. Teresa, who is highly passionate about social media marketing, has built an excellent team of marketers at THW Marketing, and together they manage social media for businesses. They have helped companies understand that social media has to be an integral part of the marketing plan for achieving overall business goals.

Teresa with over 15 years of experience in marketing, is also a member of The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) in the UK. CIM is one of the largest communities of marketers that represent and professionally develop marketers.

She tells “I love how digital marketing has enabled us to learn more about our audience, bought us close to them and ways that we can connect with them. I also love the fact that you can track how well a campaign has gone or not.

Apart from writing articles for renowned marketing websites, Teresa is an author of book titled ‘Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses’.

Social Media Followers into Email Subscribers

On 14th February, 2019 Teresa will be joining us in Dublin for the 3XE Conversion & eCommerce Conference. She is a keynote speaker delivering presentation on the topic, ‘Building your email list – my step by step guide to how I grew my email list by 800 emails in 3 weeks’.

As we get ready for the conference, we were delighted to have a short conversation with Teresa Heath-Wareing. Here’s the excerpts from our talk:

What are the 3 takeaways that you think delegates will get from your presentation?

  1. Attendees will understand the importance of converting social media followers and website visitors into email addresses.
  2. They will learn how to use lead magnets to do this.
  3. And How to build a highly converting lead funnel!

Websites use conversion widgets like in-web notifications that create urgency to purchase (for example: last 2 seats lefts / 5 more people are looking at this, etc.). Do website viewers really trust these and does it help in getting conversions?

Adding any level of urgency is a great way to get visitors to convert, that is, the fear of missing out! However I do feel that there is still a lack of trust around these notifications!

Do discounts and special offers work as a conversion tactic for all industries alike?

Before deciding what offer or discount to use you need to understand your audience, what has worked well in the past or what do they normally respond well to. Fast acting discounts or bonuses can work really well.

Which Conversion Optimisation tools would you recommend?

I tend to use tools such as Leadpages, infusionsoft and Google Analytics. Here are the resources recommended by THW Marketing – Online Tools to use!

There are people in the industry who influence Teresa – they are Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn and James Wedmore.

Predicting the digital trends for 2019, Teresa sees that brands will be putting in more efforts to build their tribes. And that preferred way to communicate will be personal, more one-to-one.

Take this opportunity to meet and interact with Teresa at 3XE Conference in Croke Park on 14th Feb! This is the event schedule – 3XE Conversion & eCommerce Conference

You can check the ticket options here – Register for 3XE Conversion & eCommerce.

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