3XE Digital is excited to welcome UK’s top, revolutionary online bookmaker, Sky Betting & Gaming to the speaker panel at 3XE Conversion.

3XE Conversion will teach you about how SBG is dominating the conversion game and harnessing technology to deliver successful digital marketing campaigns on a large scale, with a larger impact. We’ll guide you on how to relay the successful tactics developed by SBG and apply them to your own business, all the while gazing into the future of conversion innovation and optimisation.

The principles behind how a business should effectively communicate to its customers have changed very little over the past 100 years. This has always been about getting the right message, to the right customer at the right time. What has changed is both the scale of the campaigns and the technology now available to businesses.

This event is designed for anybody who has an interest in digital marketing, from the novice who wants to gain an understanding of what conversion is about through to the seasoned professional looking to push the boundaries of what they can do.

Full agenda available at: