Russell McAthy

Russell McAthy has been working in digital for over a decade with data analytics at the heart of his career. Working with businesses from startup to FTSE100 he has guided teams to improve their marketing performance through data led insight.

Following positions in-house, agency and consultancy side, he now leads a team as CEO in building a marketing attribution platform. CUBED is supporting a new view of digital data to enable brands understand how consumers truly interact with their marketing activity both on and offline.

Presentation Topic at 3XE Search Conference | October 18th, 2018 Everything you think about your analytics is probably wrong

Its become cool to be data driven. Using smart analytics is allowing brands to drive improvements in their marketing activity without the need for guess work.

In this talk Russell will go through a number of ways brands are using data and show where they are not always seeing the full picture. This will range from the basics like conversion rate through to his passion topic, marketing attribution. Come to this talk to learn more about the mistakes even big brands are making and ensure that you’re set for an accurate and actionable analytics led future!

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