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Chief Executive Officer, Cloud90

Nicola Byrne

Nicole Byrne is CEO of Cloud90 who aim to match human ingenuity with the latest analytics technology. Nicole’s clients include banks, Semi-State companies, PLC’s, big four accountancy firms, global legal firms among many more corporates.

Cloud90 is human ingenuity matched with the latest analytics technology. Providing live 24/7 online/digital/social data completely analysed to your desktop, laptop or mobile phone. Cloud90 agents review each and every piece of data and analyses for risk and if the data requires action. Delivered in real time to an organisation across all functions. Every business we work with has a unique rule set for digital data and risk analysis allowing simultaneous notifications across business divisions, so that no risk goes unchecked. Clients include Banks, Semi State companies, PLC’s, big four accountancy firms, global legal firms and many more corporates. Cloud90 also delighted to work for Small and Medium businesses through RiskEye which provides online reputation protection (with insurance inside)

Nicola is also the founder and CEO of Call 11890 Ltd. Ireland’s third entrant into the Directory Enquiries Market in 2006.



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