Founder of Lilach Bullock Limited

Lilach Bullock

Lilach launched her first business, asklilach, in 2006, kickstarting a whirlwind career that has taken her around the world and across the web. She started off by helping clients use social media, which was then emerging, and was swift to spot its huge potential.

In 2009, She decided to sell her business so that she could focus on giving one-to-one advice to clients and helping them build their business online and reach their full potential.

Relishing the thrill of social media and online marketing, Lilach went on to found an international digital marketing agency. It was an amazing experience that taught her many of the skills and tricks that she still uses today with her clients.

Around the same time, Lilach began building up a multi-site blog and online marketing portfolio that was soon attracting over 600,000 visitors a month.

Forbes listed Lilach as one of the Top 20 Women Social Media Influencers and Career Experts made her their Number 1 Digital Marketing Influencer. She was also named the Social Influencer of Europe by Oracle.

Lilach’s career has taken her to 10 Downing Street and her words have featured in Forbes, The Telegraph, Wired, The Sunday Times and The Guardian. Lilach is a well connected and highly influential entrepreneur.

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