Social Media & Digital PR Manager at TinderPoint

Katy Anna Mohan

Katy Anna is a self-confessed social media head, her passion lies in creating fresh and impactful campaigns and making them work hard.

She loves to keep up to date with any new feature on social platforms and loves testing and trailing campaigns in order to get a better understanding of what’s going on in the ever evolving world of social media.

Tinderpoint builds brands through outstanding online marketing. Looking to maximise your website’s potential and translate online traffic into measurable sales? TinderPoint is a full service digital marketing agency with the expertise and commercial focus to help you get the most value from your digital marketing initiatives.Our specialists will apply their know-how to increase your visibility, monitor the health of your online business and boost your conversion rates. They cover strategy, PPC, SEO, social, content marketing, display advertising, analytics and design.

When she is not online, she is on stage, and loves performing and writing her own music too!



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“Paid Promo 2.0 – Getting Your Content in front of the right people“

The Internet is a big place that’s becoming over populated with content and so attention spans online are short!

So how can you be sure your content will be seen in amongst the rest?

In this workshop Katy will show you some quick and easy steps into targeting the right people for your content and building and expanding on that audience.

Content is only as good as the exposure it gets. The Power of Social Media is something not to be overlooked when putting your content out there in front of the world.

It’s important to understand how your audience thinks, what they like and how they engage with your content.

It is one tough job but once you get their attention sit back and watch your content soar on social!