VP of Client Success – Europe at Finch

Karoliina Heinonen

Karoliina moved to Finch to lead the European client success team after four years at Google. Finch’s cutting edge automation technology combined with the agility of a quickly developing company with even faster growth rates than Google cajoled her into joining the global team. From her time at Google, Karoliina has learned that digital requires the right amount of reliable automation technology and great level of human expertise in order to drive software that matches business goals, growth and overall success in Conversion Marketing. At Finch she has seen this in action with her clients and those of her team.

Originally from Finland, Karoliina has lived in Dublin for almost 5 years. Her broad international education and experiences includes two master’s degrees with studies at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences and National University of Singapore. Before moving to Dublin almost 5 years ago, she’s been resident in 4 countries including UK, Singapore and Canada. During her free time she trains for her second marathon.



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