Editor of The Irish Times Content Studio

Gary Quinn

Since 1859, the Irish Times has been producing content that is trusted, appropriate and engaging; values that have not wavered in over 150 years.

Recently launched, The Irish Times Content Studio is a strong, ethical, editorial unit that champions brand stories across multiple platforms. They believe in the power of good storytelling, and in having the courage and confidence to bring these stories to their readers, through many channels.

3XE Digital is delighted to announce Gary Quinn, Editor of The Irish Times Content Studio. Gary has been a senior member of The Irish Times Editorial Team for over 10 years. He has worked as a consultant new media trainer for organisations such as the BBC World Service Trust, Council of Europe Media section and the European Journalism Centre in Ukraine, Serbia, Russia, Croatia, India and other countries. He has held various positions in The Irish Times in Features, on the Weekend Review, as Features Digital Editor, and played a key role in positioning the newspaper to respond to its digital future.

At 3XE, He will be taking you on their storytelling journey, which is more than just the written word, one that considers the entire 360 experience and expectation of the reader in a world that is rapidly changing. Gary will share his experiences which have taken him to all corners of the globe, in the search for stories that succeed, delivering impactful content that makes a difference, and ultimately crafting brand stories worth sharing.

He’ll be sharing real life examples and insights on May 11th at the 3XE Digital Social Media & Content Conference in Croke Park.



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