SEO Manager at Holiday Autos

Ercus Long

Ercus Long is the go-to guy when it comes to building SEO strategies. He currently works within the travel technology vertical at Holiday Autos where he’s mastered the art of explaining SEO in simple terms to illustrate ROI and gain companywide buy-in for large SEO projects.

With 7 years’ working as an in-house specialist, Ercus has a wealth of experience creating, prioritising and executing SEO strategies. In particular, he understands how to deliver big results with restricted resources. He achieves this by evaluating in-house resources, outsourcing and implementing automation to scale processes. His wealth of experience expands across travel, ecommerce and finance verticals.

In his spare you can find Ercus walking his dog Hank and building affiliate websites (AKA get rich quick schemes!) to test and learn SEO in a live environment.

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