1 Day / 20 Great Speakers
6 Workshops

Croke Park, Dublin | Thursday, 18th October, 2018

3XE Search Marketing Conference

Please note that this schedule is subject to change.


Anthony Quigley

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Conference Opening

Your chairman for the conference, Anthony Quigley, will open the conference and introduce the agenda and topics for the day.

Cindy Krum, CEO & Founder of MobileMoxie

SEO in the Mobile-First World

In this presentation, Cindy will explain why Mobile-First Indexing is all about Entities, and why those are critical to the future of SEO. You will learn what are entities and why are they important in Search.

Google’s change to Mobile-First Indexing is changing results more to focus on media, maps, shopping and quick information – stuff that is valuable in voice searches that might be executed from a Google Home, Android Auto, Android Watch or any of the 400,000,000+ devices that shipped with the Google Assistant built-in in 2018.



Russell McAthy

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Russell McAthy, CEO at CUBED Attributions

Everything you think about your analytics is probably wrong

Its become cool to be data driven. Using smart analytics is allowing brands to drive improvements in their marketing activity without the need for guess work.

In this talk Russell will go through a number of ways brands are using data and show where they are not always seeing the full picture. This will range from the basics like conversion rate through to his passion topic, marketing attribution. Come to this talk to learn more about the mistakes even big brands are making and ensure that you’re set for an accurate and actionable analytics led future!


Alan Coleman, CEO & Brendan Almack, Director at Wolfgang Digital

Is Your Website a Turtle or a Tiger?

In this presentation, Alan and Brendan will explain the highlights and essential findings from the Wolfgang Digital 2019 eCommerce KPI Report. Already featured in MOZ, The Economist, Econsultancy and Inc, the research reveals which of the popular SEO activities are a complete waste of time and which are proven to boost and accelerate your conversion rates. They will also reveal the Facebook conversion stats that Google does NOT want you to see. The Wolfgang Digital directors will also share new paths to purchase, average KPI’s across a range of sectors.


Marcus Tober, Founder of Searchmetrics

When they go big, we go better: A New Take on Understanding Google Rankings

When Searchmetrics introduced its Ranking Factors studies, marketers gained key insights into what elements and strategies help them rank highest on Google. Those who heeded the data became big winners as they combined new understandings of the data with successful online strategies. Now it’s become cool for virtually every SEO company to have its own ranking factors studies.

In this presentation, Marcus Tober will show you why marketers now require actionable data that uncovers what is really important for Google if they want to win dollars and eyeballs against industry giants such as Amazon and Apple.


Cathal Melinn, Director at Digital Basics

The World’s Best Optimisation Strategy – In 7 Words

This proven reporting and optimisation framework has delivered 7 figure revenue growth beyond 55%+ PPC performance increases in just 3 months and has be distilled and simplified into just 7 words. At this talk, Cathal will cover:

– Identifying Opportunities
– Drawing Insights
– Optimising Actions .

The learning from this presentation is applicable to any industry and across any channel, not just search.




Q&A, Panel Discussion



Coffee / Tea Break

Networking opportunities and a chance to meet with some of the sponsors as well as peers (and don’t forget your long-lost digital marketing friends that you seem to only meet and chat to online these days!)

Benjamin Görler, SEO Consultant at Ayima

Bringing the fun back to SEO with Python

When it comes to SEO, do your eyes hurt after going through thousands of rows in spreadsheets?

Are you annoyed by Excel’s shortcomings which keep you in the office while others are already enjoying their Friday pint?

Let Python do the boring stuff for you so you are left with more time for the fun, “geeky“ stuff every SEO enjoys.

In this talk, Ben will go through examples of how to spot patterns in daily SEO-related tasks and translate them into Python scripts. The insights from this presentation are applicable to anyone who loves SEO, digital marketing and data science.


John Foley, Country Manager UK & Ireland at Finch

How to close the technology gap between you and the tech giants

The global players on the sell side of clicks like Google and Facebook have a huge advantage compared to the buy side when it comes to data and technology. This is why we are rapidly exploring AI and ML technologies in online advertising.

The amount of information around each click we buy is exploding and the technologies of the past are simply not enough to handle this. This is where we see a clear gap:

• The sellers of the clicks have ALL the DATA and ALL the Automation/Technology
• The buyers of the clicks have very limited data and very limited Automation/Technology

New technologies are surfacing that enables massively complex models to help optimize the outcome and help advertisers compete far more effectively. In his presentation, he will talk about how Finch is closing that technology gap with our own marketing technology platform. He will show you how Finch structure, manage and optimize campaigns and how we won two Premier Partner Awards for our results in Paid Search/Shopping.


Tom Anthony, Head of R&D at Distilled

What if ‘what’s good for users’ isn’t good for Google? Combining CRO and SEO testing

Whilst CRO A/B testing is well established, SEO A/B testing is fairly new. Over the last few years, the Distilled team have run hundreds of SEO split-test experiments across dozens of sites, and we have learned a lot. Often we have found CRO teams and SEO teams working independently to optimise different halves of the same funnel, which means missed opportunities. We have recently started running ‘full funnel’ tests, that allow us to run a single test measuring the impact on search traffic and conversion rate.
In this session, Tom will introduce SEO A/B testing, highlight some interesting results from those tests, and share some preliminary results from the new full funnel methodology.


Aisling Blake, Chief Digital Officer at Core

Search is more important than ever!

2018 has been a year for reflection for those in digital advertising. With an increased focus on the use of personal data, the negative impact of digital advertising and the short-term focus on digital channels, the role of search advertising has never been more important.
This talk will cover the top five most effective ways to use search in any brand communications, covering both paid and organic activity.


Lauren Walsh, Senior Account Manager at Google

Marketing in the Age of Assistance

Marketing has always been about informing and engaging consumers. Now you need to do more – you need to inform, engage, and assist. Learn how Google helps brands to assist consumers and to understand the value that assistance is driving for their businesses




Q&A, Panel Discussion







We want to ensure that you get the very most from your attendance at the 3XE, so we have included a number of practical workshops. During the presentations, you will find out “what’s possible” using digital technologies. During the afternoon, you have a range of workshops to choose from. These workshops are all designed to provide you with “how to” know-how. The facilitators will take you behind the hype and show you how to actually implement certain aspects of content and social media marketing.The workshops are designed to ensure that you take away a clear and practical understanding on how to put your new-found marketing knowledge to use.You can choose to attend 2 of these workshops from the options below. Of course, your colleagues may elect to attend different workshops and you can compare notes afterwards.Each workshop is 30 minutes long. Choose from 2 of the following list.

Fergal Mohan & Shane Lyons, Search Directors at Core

Search Apocalypse or New Dawn? You Decide!

Experts say SEO has never been stronger. What do you believe? During this workshop, you will be taken on a journey; exposed to views both for and against. The reality is SEO has changed hugely over the last few years for lots of reasons; from growth of mobile to the emergence of voice-led searches. This will be an open, honest, transparent look at how the SEO landscape looks in 2018 and its impact on companies and brands looking to succeed online.


Workshop #2


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David Hayes, Director of Social, Search & Performance Media at In The Company Of Huskies

Tourists, Nuns, Moustaches and Tanks!

David Hayes, Director of Social, Search and Performance at In the Company of Huskies, will deliver a workshop titled ‘Tourists, Nuns, Moustaches and Tanks!’ where he will present a number of digital case studies from their portfolio of resent multiple award-winning campaigns. David will highlight the key role that search plays in delivering effective, best in class, ‘integrated campaigns’. David will also talk about the campaign that won In the Company of Huskies the Grand Prix at the recent ADFX Awards.


Workshop #3


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Greg Fry, CEO of Content Plan

Optimising Images For Social Media And Search – A Checklist For Marketers

● Creating engaging images for social media
● Achieving consistency in cross-channel marketing campaigns
● Commercial usage rights – how not to get sued
● Tips for making your images SEO friendly
● Optimising images for google image search
● Testing your images


Workshop #4


Gareth Dunlop


CEO & Founder

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Gareth Dunlop, CEO & Founder of Fathom

Getting users to your site – getting users through your site

● In search, your priority is to get the attention of potential customers
● When they arrive on your site your priority is to give attention
● So the user need to interact, find important content and make decision on their own terms
● Find out how to help the user on their decision-making journey, joining up their motivations for searching with the content and flow you prioritise when they land


Workshop #5


Paul Donnelly

Imperic Media

Performance Marketing Director

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Paul Donnelly, Director – Digital Strategy at Imperic Media

Search Kit: Implement These Tactics Right Away

An uber practical guide to making a difference in your Google Ads campaigns straight away.
●Learn how to leverage your brand to support generic keywords
●Why putting your most valuable keywords into negative keyword lists can improve performance
●Use remarketing to sneak in the backdoor of valuable searches
●And more…




Coffee / Tea Break

Networking opportunities and also a welcome “pick-me-up“ after the workshop sessions.

Gillian Fitzpatrick, Publisher at Maximum Media

Search Engine Explosion: How to Increase a Platform’s SEO Score by 550%

In this presentation you will know the story of Her, where their traffic traditionally came from and why did they seriously revamp the SEO strategy.
You will understand the significance of massive SEO spikes around key events, the real value of evergreen content and why moving away from social has been key to their success.
Through this case study, you will learn how to increase SEO Score by 550%.


Greg Fry, CEO and Founder of Content Plan

Getting noticed, making connections & finding content in the Social Media World

One of the major challenges that businesses face in the ever-expanding digital world is ensuring that their message gets through to the correct audience, While “content marketing“ plays a major role in digital marketing, the challenge is to make this content relevant to the target audience. In this highly engaging and action-packed workshop, Greg shares his wealth of knowledge in how to really focus on the most important aspects of your digital and social media channels to create noise and interest around your particular story.


Ercus Long, SEO Manager at Holiday Autos

Scale up your SEO

With responsibility for increasing traffic to Holiday Autos (one of Ireland’s fastest growing companies), Ercus Long has an incredible amount of experience in SEO. In this exciting presentation, Ercus will clearly explain his approach to continually scaling up the SEO channel of an organisation, using a range of in-house resources, outsourcing and automation tools.




Q&A, Panel Discussion



Conference Close

Thanks for coming! Closing conference remarks by 3XE Search chairman – Anthony Quigley.

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