1 Day / 20 Great Speakers
6 Workshops

Croke Park, Dublin | Thursday, 18th October, 2018

3XE Search Marketing Conference

Please note that this schedule is subject to change.


Anthony Quigley

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Conference Opening

Your chairman for the conference, Anthony Quigley, will open the conference and introduce the agenda and topics for the day.

Cindy Krum, CEO & Founder of MobileMoxie

SEO in the Mobile-First World

In this presentation, Cindy will explain why Mobile-First Indexing is all about Entities, and why those are critical to the future of SEO. You will learn what are entities and why are they important in Search.

Google’s change to Mobile-First Indexing is changing results more to focus on media, maps, shopping and quick information – stuff that is valuable in voice searches that might be executed from a Google Home, Android Auto, Android Watch or any of the 400,000,000+ devices that shipped with the Google Assistant built-in in 2018.



Russell McAthy

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Russell McAthy, CEO at CUBED Attributions

Everything you think about your analytics is probably wrong

Its become cool to be data driven. Using smart analytics is allowing brands to drive improvements in their marketing activity without the need for guess work.

In this talk Russell will go through a number of ways brands are using data and show where they are not always seeing the full picture. This will range from the basics like conversion rate through to his passion topic, marketing attribution. Come to this talk to learn more about the mistakes even big brands are making and ensure that you’re set for an accurate and actionable analytics led future!


Jeff Moran, European Skills Leader & Training Specialist at IBM

Technical SEO to Virtual Sales

Virtual Sales has become the dominant sales model for B2B, Tech, SaaS, and some B2Cs. Virtual sales is sales that is handled remotely.

In this presentation, Jeff Moran will explain what good technical SEO looks like and how can that lead to more virtual sales.




Alan Coleman, CEO at Wolfgang Digital

We Need to Do More Structured Data Implementations!

In this presentation Alan Coleman will share the growing fundamental importance of Structured Data and the ongoing need for better, more user-centric content and an understanding of the systems that parse and index our very behaviours as Big G ups its game and its complex algos seize even more power and influence over our time-poor, choice-rich, device-obsessed, easily-distracted minds.


Marcus Tober, Founder of Searchmetrics

Are SEO Ranking Factors Damaging the SEO Industry?


Cathal Melinn, Director at Digital Basics

The World’s Best Optimisation Strategy – In 7 Words

This proven reporting and optimisation framework has delivered 7 figure revenue growth beyond 55%+ PPC performance increases in just 3 months and has be distilled and simplified into just 7 words. At this talk, Cathal will cover:

– Identifying Opportunities
– Drawing Insights
– Optimising Actions .

The learning from this presentation is applicable to any industry and across any channel, not just search.



Coffee / Tea Break

Networking opportunities and a chance to meet with some of the sponsors as well as peers (and don’t forget your long-lost digital marketing friends that you seem to only meet and chat to online these days!)

Greg Fry, CEO at Content Plan

Getting noticed, making connections & finding content in the Social Media World

One of the major challenges that businesses face in the ever-expanding digital world is ensuring that their message gets through to the correct audience, While “content marketing“ plays a major role in digital marketing, the challenge is to make this content relevant to the target audience. In this highly engaging and action-packed workshop, Greg shares his wealth of knowledge in how to really focus on the most important aspects of your digital and social media channels to create noise and interest around your particular story.


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Digital Marketing Considerations For Your New Website

Arekibo is one of Ireland’s leading full-service digital agencies. With extensive experience, advising clients on how to plan and transform their online presence, team at Arekibo will discuss some of the critical digital marketing considerations during the design and development of a new website, including on-page SEO, technical SEO and best practices of off-page SEO.

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Q & A, Panel Discussion







We want to ensure that you get the very most from your attendance at the 3XE, so we have included a number of practical workshops. During the presentations, you will find out “what’s possible” using digital technologies. During the afternoon, you have a range of workshops to choose from. These workshops are all designed to provide you with “how to” know-how. The facilitators will take you behind the hype and show you how to actually implement certain aspects of content and social media marketing.The workshops are designed to ensure that you take away a clear and practical understanding on how to put your new-found marketing knowledge to use.You can choose to attend 2 of these workshops from the options below. Of course, your colleagues may elect to attend different workshops and you can compare notes afterwards.Each workshop is 35 minutes long. Choose from 2 of the following list.

Workshop #1


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Wolfgang Digital Team

Why Your Facebook Marketing Isn’t Working

In the action-packed presentation, team at Wolfgang Digital will share some of the latest developments in Facebook. They will explain how to optimize your Facebook advertising campaigns, provide you with the latest Facebook advertising methodologies and will share with you a list of actions that you can take back to your own business that can be implemented by your team.

Workshop #2


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Team from Arekibo

How to Migrate Your Website Without Destroying Your Organic Traffic

The very thought of moving a website leaves most webmasters in a cold sweat. After all, we’ve all heard horror stories where websites made mess of a site migration and saw their Organic Traffic plummet overnight.

Join the team as they talk you through the unique challenges associated with migrations and the measures you can take to make sure things run better than smoothly.

Workshop #3


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Workshop #4


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Greg Fry, CEO of Content Plan

Optimising Images For Social Media And Search – A Checklist For Marketers

● Creating engaging images for social media
● Achieving consistency in cross-channel marketing campaigns
● Commercial usage rights – how not to get sued
● Tips for making your images SEO friendly
● Optimising images for google image search
● Testing your images

Workshop #5


Jack Murray

All Good Tales

CEO & Founder

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Jack Murray, CEO & Founder at All Good Tales

Storytelling for search – How to be so compelling the world finds you.

Does it ever feel like a struggle to get the world to care about what you’re talking about? Next time, remember this:

Those with the best stories succeed.

Communications is changing, we now live in a golden age of storytelling.

Great stories solve big problems and overcome the most difficult of obstacles. Great stories defeat apathy by exciting people’s most basic needs. Great stories overcome distraction by grabbing attention. Great stories are a magnet for more.

In this workshop, Jack will bring you from press releases, technical articles and boring reports to engaging, emotionally intelligent stories that resonate with audiences, and ensure that the world will find you.

Workshop #6


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Coffee / Tea Break

Networking opportunities and also a welcome “pick-me-up“ after the workshop sessions.



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Special 3XE Keynote Address



Q & A, Panel Discussion



Conference Close

Thanks for coming! Closing conference remarks by 3XE Search chairman – Anthony Quigley.

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