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PPC & Excel Masterclass

Learn how to utilise excel spreadsheets and become a better PPC marketer through reporting and formulas that make analysis easy.

  • Keyword Research + Excel for PPC
  • Using Google Ads Editor
  • PPC Scenario forecasting
  • Structuring Accounts by Daily Budget, Devices + Conversion Impact
  • Structuring Campaigns by Match Type + Negative Match Types
  • Using Google Analytics for PPC, Search Queries + Day Parting
  • Running Google Ads Experiments


  • See how PPC keyword research can be made easier using Excel to plan your campaigns and ad groups
  • Using Google ads Editor to create and Manage Campaigns
  • Estimate PPC performance outcomes with metric-based forecasting scenarios
  • Using Metrics and Performance Data to Structure Campaigns and assign budgets based on forecasts
  • Using Positive Match type to increase or restrict reach, use negative match types to control campaign/ad group reach
  • Using Google Analytics to deep dive into PPC performance, revenue per user,  discover new keywords and optimize day parting with bid adjustments
  • Use Google ads Experiments to test hypotheses and mitigate against risk

About the Tutor

Cathal Melinn is a well known digital marketing director, commercial analyst & ecommerce specialist with over 14 years experience. He’s an MS Excel, analytics and revenue generating insights whizz with extensive local & international experience working with top B2B & B2C brands across multiple verticals. Over his career, Cathal has worked with many brands including HSBC, Amazon, Apple, Red Bull, Dell, Vodafone, Compare the Market, Aer Lingus and Expedia.

Cathal is an experienced and respected international course lecturer and digital trainer across a number of digital disciplines including paid and organic media, analytics, strategy and planning, reporting and optimisition for digital professionals in over 80 countries (from beginner to advanced).


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December 3




Cathal Melinn

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