Mobile Marketing is the Only Game in Town


Mobile advertising jumps to 52% of the total digital advertising spend in Ireland and it has experienced a growth of 63% in 2016, according to the recent PwC and industry body IAB Ireland report.

Nuala Nic Ghearailt, Manager, PwC, said: “The digital advertising sector in Ireland continues to show very strong growth. Mobile is clearly outstripping desktop spend”.

The main areas of growth in ad spending came from search, native, social media and video advertising as the survey suggests.

As consumers continue to spend increasingly more time on smartphones, it is a safe prediction that the mobile ad spend tendency will only see an increase in the following years. One can only wonder what impact it will have on the ecommerce, as slamming the desktop advertising leaves with a rather limited stock display options for mobile devices, which already suffer from inconvenience of executing a purchase.

Where should your company concentrate their advertising budgets on? What strategy will give you the highest return on your capital? How to reach your perfect target audience?

3XE Digital selected the most relevant industry professionals which will not only provide answers to any questions you may have, but also will teach and inspire you through series of talks, concrete examples and workshops on how to leverage digital marketing strategy and maximise your marketing impact.

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(Photo credits: Pixabay)