3XE Masterclasses


3XE Traffic Series

Our second series of 2021 Digital Marketing Masterclasses will focus on Traffic. The Traffic Series consists of two 3-hour sessions, in July, with each session designed to help you increase the relevant traffic to your site.

Paid Social – July 1 – Sandra Hennessy – Bedynamic

Content Marketing – July 22 – Greg Fry – Content Plan

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Tutor – Sandra Hennessy

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Online Workshop

Paid Social – July 1

Course Objectives

This training course is designed to assist participants with creating a detailed Facebook & Instagram advertising plan and have the skills and tools to be able to implement and measure it.
Topics Covered

Course Outcomes

  • At the end of the workshop(s) each participant will:
  • Understand the online customer journey and have planned ad campaigns at each stage
  • Be aware of the important of targeting warm/hot leads and how to achieve this within Facebook & Instagram
  • Know how to design and run a successful advertising campaign and be able to measure your ROAS (return on ad spend).Course Content Summary
  • Understanding the customers online journey and how to target people at each stage.
  • Understanding how to move someone form a cold lead to a hot lead.
  • Planning Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns.
  • Hands on experience using Facebook ads manager.
  • Creating cold, warm and hot audiences using the audience manager
  • Using your tracking pixel (if required) and the new event tracking tools available in Facebook ads manager
  • Using Facebook Business Manager.
  • Creating an ad campaign from start to completion.
  • A walk-through advertising report and how to customise them
  • Case Studies – showcasing relevant case studies
  • Q&A throughout.


Tutor – Greg Fry

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Online Workshop

Content Marketing – July 22

Session Overview

Ignite your Content and generate Business ROI

We have all heard the term “Content is King” before, but content with no context and reach is a pointless marketing act

 To quote Gary Vaynerchuk  – “Content is king, but marketing is queen, and runs the household.”

There are two vital components to successful Content Marketing:

  1. Great relevant content
  2. The ability to ignite that content and get it seen by the right audience.

These are the two main elements we will cover on our workshop on July 22nd.

  • Find out what content marketing mix is right for your business goals and objectives.
  • What makes great content and how to create it.
  • Why consistency is key to building and maintaining an engaged audience.
  • Repuroposing content for multiple platforms.
  • How to optimise your content for SEO.
  • Considering “micro influencers” as part of your content marketing strategy.
  • Why you should consider low cost social ads to “ignite” your best content.
  • Measuring and analaysing your Content Marketing ROI.

This will be a high energy and highly interactive session with Q & A throughout.



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Previous 3XE Masterclasses


Tutor – Sandra Hennessy

Connect with Sandra

Evolving Your Social Media Strategy

Given the current environment businesses are having to pivot a lot and their social media strategy is changing nearly on a weekly basis. How to manage the changes and how a social media strategy should evolve.
Topics Covered


This course is designed to help businesses to be able to evolve their social media strategy as their business pivots and evolves.

Course Outcomes

At the end of the workshop(s) each participant will be able to develop and roll out an evolved social media content plan.

Course Content

  • Social Audit: auditing your existing social media and setting new objectives and targets.
  • Online auditing and analysis tools
  • Understand the needs of your customers – what are their new pain points.
  • Why it is important to maintain your social media activity levels during and after lockdown.
  • Review of existing content, what can be used and what needs to change / evolve.
  • Tips and technique of how to get noticed amongst all the online noise.
  • Why going live now is more important than ever – planning a live stream. Equipment requirements.
  • Tool kit: a range of tools that will help with planning and scheduling social media content.
  • Case studies of businesses that have evolved their content for the benefit of their business and their customers.

Online Workshop

March 25

PPC & Excel Masterclass

Learn how to utilise excel spreadsheets and become a better PPC marketer through reporting and formulas that make analysis easy.
Topics Covered

  • Keyword Research + Excel for PPC
  • Using Google Ads Editor
  • PPC Scenario forecasting
  • Structuring Accounts by Daily Budget, Devices + Conversion Impact
  • Structuring Campaigns by Match Type + Negative Match Types
  • Using Google Analytics for PPC, Search Queries + Day Parting
  • Running Google Ads Experiments

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Online Workshop

December 3rd

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Tutor – Dave McEvoy

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Online Workshop

SEO – June 10

Topics Covered

Course Outcomes

At the end of the workshop(s) each participant will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of SEO and its position in digital marketing strategies.
  • Explain the difference between technical & content driven SEO
  • Differentiate between onsite and offsite tactics
  • Conduct Key phrase research and compile a Keyword list for tracking purposes.
  • Complete a site audit to establish current site standards
  • Assess individual pages in terms of SEO opportunity

Course Outline

  • SEO: An introduction, why it still matters and what you can do about it.
  • Search Engine Anatomy, what makes a good search result?
  • Breaking it down:
    • Technical SEO
    • Content Marketing
    • Link Building, the right way
  • Keyword research and how to do it well
  • Live Site Audit, We walk you through your own site audit (Technical SEO)
  • Live Page Audit (Content SEO)
  • Tools for tracking & Automation
  • Q&A Throughout

We are all content creators now – How to shoot great engaging video content on your smartphone

In this masterclass we’ll cover all you need to know to improve the video content for website, social media or blog.
Topics Covered

  • Video and Stories – The Story format is no longer confined to Instagram and Snapchat. Stories are now vital to generate traction on Twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn. What video content works best in Stories and why the Story format is here to stay?
  • What video content works best and how long should your video be?
  • How to resize your videos so they have the greatest impact on each social media platform.
  • Captions and Subtitles – Why are they vital? Learn how to create captions for your video.
  • 3 video creation and editing apps you can use on your smartphone to create great video.
  • What smartphone equipment do you need to create great content on your smartphone? A look at what microphones and lighting you need to shoot great video.
  • Tips and Tricks for broadcasting live on your smartphone.

Online Workshop

April 28

Instagram for Business

In this masterclass we’ll cover all you need to elevate your Instagram for your business. We will show you how to plan, manage, and optimize your Instagram strategy to help build awareness and generate revenue.
Topics Covered

  • Why Instagram matters – Is it really that critical in the marketing toolkit?
  • What content works well to get visibility on Instagram
  • Specific tactics on Instagram to grow your audiences, tagging, hashtagging and more
  • How to use Instagram stories in a way that suits your business
  • Leverage the power of Instagram highlights to save valuable stories content
  • The value of video on Instagram – Instagram TV, Stories, Lives and now Reels!
  • Some awesome tools to help you look like a pro on Instagram
  • Instagram Ads – reaching new audiences beyond your existing community

Online Workshop

March 3

Email Marketing Masterclass

In this course we would propose to elevate your understanding and execution as an email marketer. We will delve into the key areas of Email marketing which require your focus to really move the needle with the results you can achieve in your Email Marketing campaigns and initiatives.
Topics Covered

  • Growing your database
  • GDPR (Data protection) requirements
  • Content & Creative best practices in Email
  • Email Automation – what and why
  • Inbound Marketing & Lead Nurturing
  • Measuring Email Marketing success

Online Workshop

October 21st


Tutor – Sandra Hennessy

Connect with Sandra

SEO Masterclass

At the end of the workshop each participant will have evaluated their own website SEO and will have the skills, tools and knowledge to be able to implement their website SEO themselves or in conjunction with their web team.
Topics Covered

  • SEO vs. Google Ads: understanding how SEO differs to Google advertising and they can complement each other. 
  • How search engines work – understanding of how Google ranks pages, the key factors taken into account.
  • The different types of search engine listings e.g. Local listing, Features listing, FAQ section etc. and how to optimise each for high ranking and engagement. 
  • How to optimise web pages and content for search engines.
  • The importance of good structure and hierarchy
  • Researching keywords – key tools and techniques used to identify target keywords.
  • Understating topic related content vs. exact match keywords.
  • Optimising page content – writing impactful and optimised content and where to place the keywords for optimal impact.
  • Meta data – what it is and why it is important
  • Internal links – Optimising internal links for usability and SEO
  • Image tagging – what an alt tag is and why it is important for SEO
  • Page speed – testing page speed and how to improve website speed performance
  • Schema mark-up: what it is and why it is important
  • External links – why links are paramount to the success of a SEO project. Developing a link building strategy. 
  • Content marketing – creating a content marketing plan and understanding how it impacts SEO
  • Tracking and monitoring – an introduction to a range of tools that will aid with the monitoring and management of their SEO including Google Search Console & Google Analytics, MOZ, Ubersuggest and Screaming Frog.

Online Workshop

November 18th

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