3XE Masterclasses

PPC & Excel Masterclass

Learn how to utilise excel spreadsheets and become a better PPC marketer through reporting and formulas that make analysis easy.
Topics Covered

  • Keyword Research + Excel for PPC
  • Using Google Ads Editor
  • PPC Scenario forecasting
  • Structuring Accounts by Daily Budget, Devices + Conversion Impact
  • Structuring Campaigns by Match Type + Negative Match Types
  • Using Google Analytics for PPC, Search Queries + Day Parting
  • Running Google Ads Experiments

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Online Workshop

December 3rd

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Previous 3XE Masterclasses

Email Marketing Masterclass

In this course we would propose to elevate your understanding and execution as an email marketer. We will delve into the key areas of Email marketing which require your focus to really move the needle with the results you can achieve in your Email Marketing campaigns and initiatives.
Topics Covered

  • Growing your database
  • GDPR (Data protection) requirements
  • Content & Creative best practices in Email
  • Email Automation – what and why
  • Inbound Marketing & Lead Nurturing
  • Measuring Email Marketing success

Online Workshop

October 21st


Tutor – Sandra Hennessy

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SEO Masterclass

At the end of the workshop each participant will have evaluated their own website SEO and will have the skills, tools and knowledge to be able to implement their website SEO themselves or in conjunction with their web team.
Topics Covered

  • SEO vs. Google Ads: understanding how SEO differs to Google advertising and they can complement each other. 
  • How search engines work – understanding of how Google ranks pages, the key factors taken into account.
  • The different types of search engine listings e.g. Local listing, Features listing, FAQ section etc. and how to optimise each for high ranking and engagement. 
  • How to optimise web pages and content for search engines.
  • The importance of good structure and hierarchy
  • Researching keywords – key tools and techniques used to identify target keywords.
  • Understating topic related content vs. exact match keywords.
  • Optimising page content – writing impactful and optimised content and where to place the keywords for optimal impact.
  • Meta data – what it is and why it is important
  • Internal links – Optimising internal links for usability and SEO
  • Image tagging – what an alt tag is and why it is important for SEO
  • Page speed – testing page speed and how to improve website speed performance
  • Schema mark-up: what it is and why it is important
  • External links – why links are paramount to the success of a SEO project. Developing a link building strategy. 
  • Content marketing – creating a content marketing plan and understanding how it impacts SEO
  • Tracking and monitoring – an introduction to a range of tools that will aid with the monitoring and management of their SEO including Google Search Console & Google Analytics, MOZ, Ubersuggest and Screaming Frog.

Online Workshop

November 18th

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