Master ‘Behavioural Selling Strategies’ at 3XE


Adrian Marks is a serial entrepreneur, customer acquisition specialist, author and public speaker. Having built and sold two multi-million pound businesses, Adrian is an engaging, brutally honest, forward thinking speaker on sales, social media, digital marketing and business growth.

His background in behavioural selling combined with his relentless desire for commerciality provides for a profound understanding of how and why people buy, what makes people tick (and click!), and how to create compelling stories, messages and brands in this social-digital world.

Adrian’s company ‘enjoy!’ is a specialist Customer Acquisition Agency.

When enjoy! started in 1998, they believed – ‘Return on Investment (ROI) is everything; for our Clients’ success and for our own’. That remains the same even today. From an expert mix of psychologists, marketers, sales gurus, strategists and creative thinkers all driven by an insatiable desire for commerciality and results, enjoy! has grown from a small consultancy with one Client into the UK’s leading Customer Acquisition Agency.

enjoy!’s journey into digital was as much by accident with Adrian developing a series of unique Behavioural Selling Strategies™, mixing that with traditional media our modern selling techniques, when implemented, increase levels of consumer engagement, generate more enquiries and ultimately increase sales conversions providing unprecedented results.

On 8th February, at the 3XE Digital Conversion Conference, Adrian Marks is giving an insightful talk on ‘Behavioural Selling Strategies – How People Tick and Click…’ In this exciting presentation Adrian will be sharing Behavioural Selling Strategies to deliver a mix of lead generation marketing, digital strategies, social response marketing and referral marketing – all geared towards a relentless focus on return on investment.

Adrian is delighted to be attending 3XE as a keynote. He will be speaking on how people are irrational, emotional and impulsive in 90% of their decisions – yet almost always logically justify every action they take. ‘Why’ people buy and what you need to do to align your marketing and sales activity to fit this behavioural process will be at the core of this impactful, insightful, and story filled presentation.

People will be able to take away the 3 following points –

  1. To quickly implement behavioural selling strategies based on consumer behaviour.
  2. They will come away with tools to be used alongside their current marketing activity and strategies within those tools to dramatically increase their sales.
  3. Lastly, they will come away thinking differently about how/why their customers buy.

Mark your calendar to meet Adrian Marks at 3XE Digital Conversion Conference on 8th February at Croke Park, Dublin.

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