Digital Director, Brian Sheehan shares the Key Steps to SEO Success


Meet the Digital Director of Maximum Media – Brian Sheehan at the 3XE Search Marketing Conference in Dublin.

Maximum Media is Ireland’s leading digital publishing company. Headquartered in Dublin, this media group is home to 4 of Ireland’s most popular digital lifestyle brands JOE, Her, SportsJOE and HerFamily welcoming over 10M users each month, and owns the largest social media audience of any publishing platform in Ireland.

Brian manages a team that looks after SEO, audience development, display advertising, product development, analytics and social advertising for the business.

Digital Director, Brian Sheehan shares the Key Steps to SEO Success

Key Steps To SEO Success

Brian Sheehan will deliver a keynote talk at the 3XE Search Marketing Conference on 23rd October in Dublin. His presentation topic is Key steps to SEO success

He is going to explain how Search engine optimisation is not a simple process and there are many elements at play including content, site structure and speed. This presentation will run through the crucial aspects to a lucrative traffic source.


In our recent conversation, Brian Sheehan shared his thoughts on the world of SEO and the future it holds:

Why is Search Engine Marketing so important today?

The digital marketing space has become very saturated in recent years. The fight for space on the likes of social media and the introduction of GDPR has made the task of reaching an audience more difficult than ever. SEM allows you to find your market in a cost efficient and highly targeted manner.

What are the easy fixes in SEO that can bring better results?

Improving site speed is hugely beneficial.


Which are the tools you use for Search Marketing & SEO?

Apart from Google Ads, Google Console, I have build some bespoke tools.

What websites and people influence you on a day to day basis.

I use LinkedIn regularly and follow the relevant hashtags and groups.

Your thoughts on the future of Search Marketing – What’s next?

Voice search and video search will become more prevalent.


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