Websites that are Examples of Good User Experience (UX)


Many factors add to a good User Experience (UX) – it should be easy to navigate, aesthetically appealing, display relevant content, hassle-free in completing transactions, trustworthy and many more things. Above all, it should understand humans.

Gareth Dunlop of Fathom says “UX design expresses itself with an obsessive attention to detail, never missing up an opportunity to delight – at its heart it is insight driven creativity”

Treasa Flynn from Matrix Internet tells “UX design is an approach to building products that are created with the customer in mind. A method that takes into account all aspects of the end users interaction with a product or service. Not just the functional requirements (usability and accessibility) are considered, but the emotional needs (delight and satisfaction) of the customer becomes part of the decision making process.”

To understand what features can make a website delightful to use, we spoke to the expert UX and Design professionals. They handpicked their favourite websites that offer good user experience.

Let us take a look at the best examples of websites offering good UX :

Wetransfer – Simplicity

WeTransfer, a good User experience website

Treasa Flynn, the Head of Design at Matrix Internet says “the interaction is simple and intuitive. It delivers one service simply with no complexity. But also ticks the box for the emotional needs of the customer by providing feedback when the interaction is completed via fun animated gifs, simple but effective.”

Airbnb – Trustworthy and Pleasing

AirBnb, a good User experience website

Treasa Flynn’s other favourite is AirBnb. She tells ”As a concept, Airbnb should not work. Who lets strangers into their home? It is counter-intuitive to all we are taught. However, this disrupter has rocked the world and is an unbelievable success. Not just because of the intuitive digital interface, but because the business model works. Trust is central to the whole user experience, from those who share their homes to those that book and pay online. A truly user-centric solution.”

AirBnb has also appealed to the Design Director at, Goran Peuc. He explains “The primary reason they are winning the game is user experience. I never ever want to book a hotel again, because the mere thought of going to some hotel website, as opposed to going to AirBnB website, makes my blood curdle. AirBnB made it a delight to book accommodation, whereas your typical hotel website is cringe inducing.”

Tesla – Perfect replacement to Offline purchases

Tesla, a good User experience website

Another one that impresses Goran is Tesla – “they are betting their whole sales nowadays on their website, since they are closing lots of brick and mortar stores. So the site better be amazing.”

Bird and Blend Tea  – Attention to Detail

Bird and Blend Tea, a good User experience website

Jono Alderson is a Marketing Technologist, who leads the Special Ops at Yoast. Delighted with his experience, Jono tells “I recently bought some tea (exciting, I know!) from Bird and Blend Tea, and really enjoyed how well the website reflected their brand values and style. They’d paid attention to every detail, from the first touch point, right through to the way the product is presented.”

D BrandPersonalised

D Brand, a good User experience website

Jono bought a vinyl skin for his laptop and says “every touchpoint – their emails, packaging, tutorials – was delightfully crafted. I recommend both brands to everybody, now, because they were genuinely delightful to buy from.”

SkyscannerRelevant Content

Skyscanner, a good User experience website

Gareth Dunlop is the CEO of UX Design Agency in Belfast – Fathom. Gareth informs “UX Design is how we make our users feel when they interact with our stuff.  In essence it relates to how well we are treating them. It manifests itself in a culmination of language, visual language, flow, design, and interaction.” Picking two of his favourites, Gareth tells Skyscanner and  Travel Republic are websites with good UX.

Travel RepublicBuilding with Reviews

Travel Republic, a good User experience website

Travel Republic is a holiday booking website that has great reviews by its users for good pricing, easy booking, exceptional service and also amazing website.

RevolutEasy to use

Revolut, a good User experience website

The Founder of Friday Digital Agency in Dublin, Graham Carroll chose convenience over heavy designing. He says “Revolut, the online wallet – their website is easy to use and on boarding is intuitive and frictionless. Their app is also really easy to use.”

MediumSmooth with minimal design
Medium, a good User experience website

Graham tells us “I love the minimal design and it’s so easy to read and create content. Also, its algorithm works brilliantly and its model for rewarding and promoting better content is great.

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