The Future of Adblockers


Amy McManus is the Managing Director of AM Marketing. She doesn’t lead a monotonous life of routine, because a typical day in Amy’s life can be anything from meeting clients, networking or presenting proposals to speaking on stage and running workshops.

AM Marketing is a brainchild of Amy McManus that was founded in September 2013, after  she had a sweeping success in freelancing. From rebranding ferries in Poland to launching award-winning health products in Holland and Barrett, Amy’s previous marketing jobs threw her into the deep-end on a number of occasions, but the drive to help her clients’ businesses grow, has always been her constant focus.

AM Marketing is a full-service marketing agency based in Canterbury, Kent. They specialise in digital marketing services, web, video and brand identity. They are a Google Partner agency and were selected for the Google Elevator programme in 2017, which picks the top 30 ‘ones to watch’ agencies within the United Kingdom. They have an impressive portfolio of clients all over the world and have experience working on accounts such as Disney, Very, VW Group, Harrods and Carlsberg Group.

Amy McManus is a keynote speaker at 3XE Digital Conference on Conversions. At this conference Amy will boost the attendees knowledge on ‘The Ad Blockers and Conversion – What You Need to Know.’ Ad Blockers will cost the advertising industry $20 billion by 2020. She will address the challenges that come with this change – In a future world, where Ad Blockers could be used by every device, how will boundaries of online advertising change? Who survives, who is left behind and what, if anything, replaces online advertising as we currently know it? Adding to this, Amy says ‘I’ll also be looking at how businesses can reach their target markets, attract customers and convert, even when ad blockers are in use.’

Before we head to our conversation with Amy McManus, here are the highlights from 2017:

  • AM Marketing was in the Google Elevator Scheme – Placed in Top 30 UK Google Partner Agency
  • Amy McManus gave a TEDx Talk on The Ad Blocker Future
  • Amy was the IoD Young Director of the Year Finalist
  • She was also the Women of the Future, Young Entrepreneur Award Finalist
  • AM Marketing won the UK Amazon Business Award

Watch Amy McManus at TEDx:

Amy McManus’ mantra at work is to ‘either evolve or die’. She shares some very interesting anecdotes from her digital life and the emerging online trends that everyone should be prepared for:

3XE Digital: How was year 2017 for you?

Amy: 2017 was an INCREDIBLE year for us!

3XE Digital: Tell us about your journey in the digital world and one thing that inspired you here.

Amy: AM Marketing originally started as a marketing consultancy and as the need for digital services grew, we evolved, trained, qualified and went with emerging trends. As marketing changed, we changed with it. As clients came to us with new needs, we evolved to fulfill these needs. We stay ahead of the curve and I personally love the ever evolving nature of the digital world.

3XE Digital: What do you think makes AM Marketing stand out from the competition?
Amy: AM Marketing is an agency that gets to know their clients and provides bespoke services to each one. They are not a ‘sell them cheap and stack them high’ agency and do not fit their clients into set categories. AM Marketing was founded to bypass the red tape and politics that can happen within larger organisations. They are reactive, flexible and honest. As a smaller agency, you generally get a higher qualified professional managing your account. AM Marketing never allow juniors or graduates to work on accounts before they have passed their training. They always ensure the team members working on their accounts have passed all of the relevant Google exams. Every team member is an expert in their specialist field.

It also helps that AM’s Directors (Amy and Brad) are married! This allows for very frank discussions, full honesty and pushes the business forward.

3XE Digital: How has AM Marketing managed to achieve such tremendous growth success?

Amy: I would say by sticking to our core values and providing a great service. In an industry that seems completely dominated and highly-competitive, we’ve found a niche. We offer good-quality, honest marketing services that people talk about. Most of our work comes from referral and our clients generally stay with us for a long-time. We also treat our team really well and ensure we look after their physical and mental well being. People who are happy within their jobs and enjoy their work, will look after your clients.

3XE Digital: What are the 3 takeaways that you think delegates will get from your presentation?


  1. How the boundaries of online advertising are changing.
  2. How to survive in the Ad Blocker future.
  3. How to reach, attract and convert ad blocker users.

3XE Digital: What emerging trends will affect your business during 2018?

New developments in AR, VR and AI. We are already working on marketing projects within VR and AR.

For a lot our clients, the biggest trend this year will be live video. Those who haven’t already boarded the live video train need to get on quickly!

3XE Digital: What websites and people influence you on a day to day basis?

Amy: The Drum, Ad Week, Gary Vaynerchuk, Sheryl Sandberg.

I get a huge amount of positive energy from a lot of amazing women. My Facebook news feed is just full of kick ass women, for example, Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah, Michelle Obama, Malala Yousafzai, Grace Hopper…the list goes on.

3XE Digital Conversion Conference is a great opportunity to engage with Amy McManus and to hear her digital experience speak. The conference is organized at Croke Park in Dublin on 8th February 2018.

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