Cut Through The Crap With These Top 5 Marketing Analytics Tools



Using your data effectively, and interpreting that data, is an essential element of successful marketing. There are some excellent data and analytics tools available to help you to target your audience and optimise your campaigns. The problem is that there are so many marketing tools out there that it can be difficult to know which one will be the most effective in helping to achieve each objective. In this article, we list our Top 5 Analytics Tools that we think you should be using (or at least considering) to measure your marketing campaigns.


Google analytics


Google analytics is one the most widely known and important tools for every marketer. This platform provides companies with vital information surrounding the performance of your website and the elements which your customers choose to interact with the most.

This platform, allows you to gain comprehensive demographic data about your audience, measures engagement, helps to determine where your website audience is coming from and shows you which elements of your website and content are most frequently visited. Many first time users have found the Google Analytics interface to be quite confusing and overwhelming, however Google are continually looking to improve the platform by updating its features and interface.

New to Google Analytics? Need to polish up your knowledge? The Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics for WordPress will provide comprehensive information on how to set up, optimise and successfuly run Google Analytics to suit your campaigns.


Clicky Web Analytics


Clicky Web Analytics can best be described as a more user-friendly version of Google Analytics. Unlike other web analytics, Clicky gives you real-time information and even allows you to monitor the actions of users currently on your website. Clicky also has on-site heat maps which are extremely functional and can be placed on your website by installing a short code. Clicky has another great feature where it shows you where your website ranked when specific users clicked on your link.




Buffer is a fantastic tool for analysing social media posts and shares. Buffer has a free plan which gives you access to information from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, allowing you effectively analyse your social media strategies. Buffer also allows you to schedule your social media activity well in advance. You can build your own publishing schedule or leave it up to the Buffer tool itself to decide when it the best time to publish your content. One drawback which Buffer has when compared to Hootsuite for example, is that you cannot reply, favourite or respond to content through the platform itself.

Buffer provides some great statistics which can show you if you are achieving your social media goals. You can easily tell if you are making the most of your social platforms or if more is required to truly engage with your target audience.



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Cyfe is an all-in-one business dashboard app that helps you easily monitor all your business data from one place. Cyfe has been consistently picked as being one of the most useful tools for businesses looking to amalgamate all their metrics into one easy to use dashboard. This tool allows you to monitor several websites across different platforms, giving marketers a greater scope with which to analyse and improve their strategies. Through the app’s separation of dashboards into intuitive groups, marketers can focus on one specific element of their marketing plan, such as social media or finance.


Facebook Audience Insights


Facebook Audience Insights is a great tool when carrying out market research and looking to measure the effectiveness of content. This platform allows the user to view specific demographic information, and this is only the beginning. Audience insights can help to create targeted content based on the interests/occupations/location of specific audiences. This tool also enables you to break down the audience of your competitors based on interests.

These days effective marketing require strategies which are driven by data. The number of free resources available means that marketers have no excuses to not ensure that their campaigns are more focused and tailored to specific audiences.

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