Brightspark helps to drive engagement through Facebook Messenger


You are reading about one of Ireland’s longest established Digital Marketing Agencies – Brightspark Consulting. It offers all the services (search and social) required to get found online, to drive leads, and to build loyalty amongst customers.

Explaining the company approach, Founder Maryrose Lyons says, “At Brightspark, we operate at the intersection of how humans use social media and how the platforms change their algorithms to drive highly targeted leads for our client’s businesses.”

“Our toolbox changes to meet an ever-evolving industry, and that’s exactly how we help you stay ahead of the curve.”

Logo of Brightspark Consulting

Founder of Brightspark Consulting

Maryrose Lyons is the woman behind the hugely successful Brightspark Consulting, who founded it in 2003. Maryrose has  great ability to spot the trends that will last, and has been successfully operating in the industry since the very beginning.

“Social media hadn’t been invented when I set up Brightspark,” she laughs.

One of the current opportunities lies in the area of Messenger Marketing and Maryrose will deliver a keynote at the conference on Irish businesses that are killing it with messenger marketing. Maryrose’s advice: “start building your Messenger list now… you can thank me later!”

Brightspark Consulting Maryrose Lyons presentation topic is Drive engagement through Facebook Messenger

Irish Businesses Killing It With Facebook Messenger

On 23rd October, Maryrose Lyons will be delivering a keynote presentation on the topic ‘Irish Businesses Killing It With Facebook Messenger’. 

Maryrose will share examples of Irish businesses who are driving Facebook engagement through Messenger. The future of social is private. Messenger marketing is a great tool for one-to-one conversations with customers at scale.

Brightspark Consulting Maryrose Lyons presentation topic is Drive engagement through Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Marketing Guide

Of the 70 million businesses on Facebook, less than 1% are using Facebook Messenger as a marketing tool. 

To know what is Facebook Messenger Marketing and what are chatbots, there is an excellent article by Brightspark. 

This is the link to the Facebook Messenger Marketing Guide shared by Brightspark Consulting.

You can be one of the first businesses to take advantage of Facebook Messenger Marketing! Join us at the 3XE Search Marketing Conference on 23rd October in Dublin, where Maryrose Lyons will be one of our esteemed speakers. 

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