Facebook Algorithm Changes, at 3XE Digital


Facebook’s changed news feed algorithm has created a commotion in the digital market. Businesses are panicking as Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will give preference to posts from friends and family, over content from businesses and brands.


Local businesses, international organizations and marketers are dependent on social media marketing for brand awareness, better customer relationships, more exposure and also for improved sales. And among various social media channels, Facebook has continued to be an optimal platform for achieving business goals.

With the new Facebook algorithm in place, a post will reach fewer people if we aren’t aware of the strategies to make it work. Some marketers say that engaging content will be the solution, while some say that paid marketing will the only way to achieve results. Sighting the uproar among digital marketers and businesses, 3XE Digital Conversion Conference convinced digital expert Robert Farrell to come and share his authoritative suggestions on effective ways to respond to updated news feed algorithm of Facebook.

Robert Farrell is the Course Director of The Digital Marketing Academy of Ireland.  Previously, he worked with the Digital Marketing Institute, lectured with Dublin Business School and ran training projects with the Irish Computer Society. Robert likes to stay up to date and is a judge for the eir Spider awards, Digital Media Awards, PostGrad Awards and several others.  Never happy to sit still, he works with several Irish colleges by reviewing and approving their courses. A nerd at heart, Robert loves keeping up to date with Digital Marketing trends and is happiest chatting about them in class or at conferences.

At 3XE Digital Conversion Conference on 8th February in Dublin, Robert Farrell will conduct the workshop titled ‘Facebook – How will the changed Facebook News Feed impact your Conversion Rate’

Talking about his workshop, Robert tells ‘Facebook is changing its news feed algorithm and the digital marketing community is divided. Some believe that producing highly engaging content is the key to forming lasting relationships with audiences, while others believe that paid support is the only way to be seen in a pay to play world. Find out what this means for you and decide where you stand on the divide.’

Apart from designing content, structure and assignments for the various course offerings of DMAI, Robert Farrell manages the tutors who are again industry experts. Robert also, looks after the day-to-day running of courses at DMAI. Mentioning about the academy, Robert says ‘we’re helping people to improve their understanding of digital marketing, so that people can implement the practices in personal businesses and achieve their career goals. We do this by teaching our students the latest practices in digital marketing.’

Regardless of whether you’re studying in a classroom or online environment, DMAI offers plenty of opportunities to engage with expert tutors and fellow students.

We recently had the opportunity of listening to the knowledgeable and engaging thoughts of 3XE Digital’s keynote speaker Robert Farrell. Excerpts from the interview:

3XE Digital: Tell us about your journey in the digital world and one thing that inspired you here.

Robert: Several years ago, before getting into digital marketing I spoke with several agencies. A friend from college then gave me some great advice. She told me to find an emerging area that would be big in the future and get in early; for me that was digital marketing.

I love how digital marketing can level the playing field. It doesn’t matter whether you are a global brand or a small local company – digital marketing allows you to have an online presence and communicate with customers around the world.

3XE Digital: What will you be speaking about at 3XE?

Robert: The main focus of my talk at 3XE will be on how and why Facebook have updated their News Feed algorithm. This change will impact how brand content will be ranked and displayed, so I will be looking at what this means and how brands can respond.

3XE Digital: What are the 3 takeaways that you think delegates will get from your workshop?

Robert: Delegates attending my session will leave with:

  1. An understanding of the current trends and changes on Facebook.
  2. A clear idea of how to use a two-pronged approach to succeeding on Facebook.
  3. Up-to-date knowledge so that they can confidently speak with their clients or other stakeholders about these changes

As part of the workshop, Robert is gathering feedback from the industry and have created this survey. Please feel free to send it to your delegates and/or post to social media – results will be discussed at his 3XE workshop next week.


3XE Digital: What emerging trends will affect your business during 2018?

Robert: Our students’ user experience is a big focus for us in 2018. We are investing heavily in upgrading our existing student platform to make the user experience even more intuitive and interactive.

3XE Digital:What websites and people influence you on a day to day basis?

Robert: There are so many. Every week I tune in to ‘Winners and Losers’ from Professor Scott Galloway of L2 Inc. I also read a lot from The Drum, Social Media Examiner, Hubspot, eMarketer, Marketing Week and AdWeek. Gartner, McKinsey and the Harvard Business Review produce some really good research but it can be strategic and less tactical.

3XE Digital: How was year 2017 for you? What are your plans for this year?

Robert: Last year was a great year. We grew our student numbers significantly and improved our internal processes. This year I’ll be building on the achievements of 2017 with growth, internal improvement and I’ll also have student experience at the top of the agenda.

Robert Farrell is giving a comprehensive workshop on New Facebook Algorithms, on 8th February 2018, at 3XE Digital Conversion Conference in Croke Park, Dublin.

Find the Conference schedule here – https://3xedigital.com/dublin-feb-2018/


Connect with Robert Farrell:

Twitter: @RobertFarrell_

LinkedIn: ie.linkedin.com/in/robertfarrell1/

Check out his blogs at https://www.dmai.ie/blog.php