Get the Digital Basics right!


Cathal Melinn is a Search and Analytics Specialist.

Working in digital marketing for about 14-15 years, Cathal is also an international digital marketing trainer, teaching digital marketing in UK, Austria, Switzerland, Cyprus, Hong Kong and Ireland.

“As a commercial digital marketing director, my main purpose is to make more money for my clients. As a digital marketing trainer, I make it easy to understand complex digital marketing concepts and have a long track record of driving revenue for all kinds of firms online”, says Cathal Melinn, Director at Digital Basics.

Digital Basics is a marketing consultancy that provides strategic guidance to organisations, that helps them drive maximum efficiency from their existing digital marketing activities.

Cathal’s  business focuses on commercial analytics and media strategy. He ensures the fundamentals of digital marketing are correctly applied and that increases revenue for his clients.

As a marketing consultant, his list of clients include: Alcon – Novartis, Aer Lingus, Digital Marketing Institute, Medtronic and Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM).

Cathal explains, “My learning has been that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can achieve 80%+ of your KPIs by doing the basics right; I’m very much focused on instilling the basics to my clients’ digital activities and to my students.”

Cathal Melinn is coming as a Keynote Speaker at 3XE Search Conference on 18th October, 2018.

His presentation topic is ‘ The World’s Best Reporting and Optimisation Framework: In 7 Words!

The talk will show people how to use their Analytics data to find the good stuff, weed out the bad and optimize for more conversions. Recent applications of this technique led to 55% growth in PPC revenue in just 3 months and from a significant 7 figure dollar revenue base, so it’s proven to drive success, fast.

We asked Cathal what will be the 3 takeaways that attendees will get from his presentation and he says –How to identify Opportunities from Analytics, How to Draw Insights from Your Findings and How to Optimize for More Sales.”

There are channels and people who influence him on a day to day basis. Like, he prefers to read Search Engine Land ( and PPC Hero ( everyday. He also keeps an eye on whatever’s trending on his LinkedIn Network.

Cathal shares “I am a fan of Avinash Kaushik, Tara Hunt, Jill Rowley, Brad Geddes, Ekaterina Walter, Larry Kim and Rand Fishkin in the digital world – they’re really great thinkers & strategists.”

Cathal began working as a copywriter for radio & print, back in 2001, before moving into digital creative in 2002. He joined Yahoo! as a PPC strategist in 2005, worked in the UK & Ireland with financial services clients until 2010 when he started working in digital marketing agencies.

After spending a few years on the agency-side of digital marketing, he started lecturing at premier marketing institutes. Next up, he became digital media manager for the Digital Marketing Institute.  And then he was Search (PPC & SEO) and affiliates manager for Aer Lingus, until recently when Cathal started his own company called Digital Basics.

Leaving us with a lingering thought, he says “I always think Digital Marketing channels are like sports teams, you might have your star player but if the team isn’t working together, it’s much harder to succeed. You’ll often hear people say: you can’t expect to win if you don’t do the basics right.”

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