Mind the Design Gap, it’s increasing!


UX Design expert from SAP

Goran Peuc is a UX Design veteran! He has been working in the digital design industry since the late 90s, from the era of dial-up modems and the horrible pixelated internet, up until the present. Goran is the Design Director at SAP.

He leads and mentors a team of designers who are engrossed in cool cutting edge projects, all through the day. Goran explains “We are one of those renegade teams in SAP that does not work on classical financial applications, or logistics or similar, we do wicked special projects.

SAP at 3XE UX Conference 2019

SAP is a company that needs no introduction. They are the global business software makers, working with almost every industry worldwide. Goran informs “at the moment more than ⅔ of the world’s GDP is moved through our systems in one way or the other.

Major part of his career Goran has spent in various high calibre design & advertising agencies, catering to the digital needs of the clients.

When we asked Goran about his journey in the world of design, he had an interesting story to share. He tells “Seeing that I’ve been doing this for over 20 years now, with the start in 90s, the story is far long to tell. Sufficient to say that this career is the only career I’ve pursued in life, ever since I was around 18 or so. I’ve been through various agencies, startups, companies of all sorts & flavours, and in the past 6 years I’ve been at SAP.”

“One thing that inspires me in this whole digital field is the ability to make something out of nothing, and then give this to the users. Think about it, all other industries convert one thing into another. Even art, painters, they have to convert raw paint into a painting. Digital industry starts with absolutely nothing, and creates something, and then users get to use it. To this day, I find that mind blowing. A group of people can come up with an idea for a website, and some time later, it’s alive, out of nothing.”

Keynote Speaker at 3XE User Experience & Design Thinking Conference

We are welcoming Goran as a Keynote Speaker to our upcoming conference on User Experience and Design Thinking, on 16th May.

Goran’s talks are related to the concept of meta-design, where designers create designs in the lifestyle oriented way.   

His presentation topic at 3XE Digital will be ‘The Design gap is increasing’. In this talk, Goran will share the differences between designed products and non-designed products; he will explain how this gap is increasing and what consequences this has had on the world around us, let alone what will it do in the future.

As we keep building increasingly better products which are more effectively designed than the last generation, the gap between non-designed products and well-designed products keep increasing. This already has a huge impact in our society, and it will have an increasingly bigger affect as the time marches on. We need to have a conversation what to do about the enormous inequality stemming from the increase of the design gap.

As Goran says, the takeaways from this talk will be:

  1. Design Gap is a thing.
  2. We should work to reduce it, not widen it.
  3. We have already created two spheres of society, we should aim to bring them back.

Role of Creativity in UX Design

Goran says the fundamental issue here is how to define creativity! But, the major role creativity has in UX design is recognising patterns that aren’t obvious, and solving problems using cross-discipline tools & methods. He adds, “For instance, a hammer doesn’t always have to be used to hit a nail. There are other “creative” uses for a hammer, and likewise, many other things can be used to drive a nail down.”

He warns “Mind you, UX design is agnostic, it does not necessarily mean ‘pleasant UX’! We can, and often do, create experiences that are not pleasant, in order to produce a desired result.” He says UX design is a subjective feeling that people have while using a product.

Goran Peuc, Design Director from SAP, at 3XE UX Conference 2019













To go through industry updates online, Goran finds the design-related subreddits on Reddit to be helpful. But he ponders and tells, there isn’t any one website that influences him more other than Google.

Apart from his family, who have the biggest influence on his daily life, Goran thinks at this moment he looks up to Sam Harris, and prof. Glen Weyl with his RadicalxChange initiative.

There’s a lot to know and learn from Goran Peuc, who has helped in making digital space friendly, simpler, relevant and impressive with his designs. Join us on 16th May in Croke Park where Goran Peuc will be on the main stage to share insights on design thinking and user experience.


Event Schedule – 3XE User Experience & Design Thinking Conference, 16th May 2019

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Life of a Marketer - Goran Peuc, UX Design Director SAP