Data-Driven A/B Tests to understand User Behaviour


Carrying over 10 years of experience in data-driven growth, Rudger with his team of developers and digital optimizers help companies with various aspects of digital optimization.Rudger de Groot is the founder of a marketing agency based in eastern part of the Netherlands – Mintminds Digital Optimizers.

Rudger tells us “My Job is combination of project management, user research and running data-driven data drive experimentation programs for our Clients.”

Telling a little more about his journey into the digital marketing space, Rudger shares “13 years ago I started at Conrad Electronic which was one of the first and biggest Mail order companies for consumer electronics, similar to Maplin. Main focus back then was creating catalogues of over 900 pages using the old-school data entry method. Anyway, website got important (who would have thought!), so I taught myself in online marketing and finally data driven experimentation. In my final years at Conrad I was responsible for the experimentation program that was active in the Benelux, Germany and Austria. He laughs and says “I liked experimentation because on paper it should make meetings much shorter, as we make decisions based on data.”

Data driven A/B Tests to understand user behaviour | 3XE Digital Conferences

The agency Mintminds offer various services depending on the goals and challenges of their clients. Sometimes clients will completely outsource research and experimentation, on other occasions they serve as a coach, assisting the client’s in-house team to do everything more efficiently.

Data-Driven A/B testing at 3XE Conversion Conference

Rudger is joining us at the upcoming 3XE Conversion & eCommerce Conference as a keynote speaker. His presentation topic is ‘What our customers learned and earned from data-driven experimentation!’

He will talk about the rigorous data-driven A/B testing process combined with proper user research that can ensure a better understanding of user behaviour. This ultimately leads to better performance of the company and improved conversions. Rudger says “I will share our story, how we achieved sustainable growth through experimentation for our customers.”

Key takeaways from the presentation

The highlights of Rudger’s presentation will be:

– He will offer tips that will improve the quality of your tests

– A different perspective on results of user research

– Why we must respect behavioural differences

Rudger will also share a case study to explain the impact of conversion widgets like in-web notifications. He briefly states that getting conversions through these widgets depend largely on the website of the company and product or service offered by them.

When we asked ‘Do discounts and special offers work as a conversion tactic for all industries alike?’

For some products and visitors it’s not about the price, and a discount can have a negative impact. I just remember that Hazjier Pourkhalkhali has a nice example of this case which he presented at Opticon last year.

Digital Trends for 2019

There will be bigger adaptation of cloud workers to help in deploying a/b tests, as more and more sites need to make the shift towards server side of testing.

Which Conversion Optimization tools would you recommend?

Again depends on budget, goals, challenges and the likes. You should ask which ones us optimizers don’t like when we are at the bar :)

Websites and people influence Rudger on a day to day basis.

‘I like reading and sometimes participating in the slack channel from Conversion World and Manuel’s Podcast Conversion Nations. I’m finding myself a lot on Youtube; the topics are very very broad: Statistics, Optimization, Cars, Grilling, Documentaries etc.’

Meet Rudger de Groot at 3XE Conversion and eCommerce Conference on 14th February, 2019.

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Data Driven A/B tests by Rudger De Groot | 3XE Digital Conference

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