3XE UX & Conversion – Agenda

February 13, 2020
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Agenda is Subject to Change


Colman Walsh, 3XE Chairperson

Conference Opening

Your chairman for the conference, Colman Walsh, will open the conference and introduce the agenda and topics for the day.


Martin Greif – SiteTuners

20 Minutes to Higher Conversions

Join Martin Greif, President of SiteTuners, as he walks you through the three key questions that must be answered to achieving higher conversion rates. In this fast-paced educational talk, Martin will provide step-by-step instructions so you can immediately take action on your website and landing pages.

Learn how to apply successful relationship marketing techniques to convert more visitors into leads, subscriptions, and sales online.



Ed Melvin – Publicis

Presentation topic – TBC

Ed Melvin is Head of Strategy in Publicis Dublin, a unique creative consultancy, which believes that busness problems need creative thinking. Publicis Dublin’s work spans a range of brands and organisations, such as Vhi Healthcare, Virgin Media Ireland, Permanent TSB, Heineken, Iarnrod Eireann, SPAR and Renault. Ed has almost 20 years of experience in working in digital, design and communications. His teams work has been recognised at ICADs, Cannes, AIMs and ADFX for effectiveness.



Graham Carroll & Gavin Duff – Friday Agency

Conversion Obsession – nobody really knows what they’re doing

Graham is a founding Director of the specialist UX & Digital Agency called Friday. He has 18 years of experience working closely with organisations to help them connect with users and their customers.

Gavin is Head of Digital Performance at Friday Agency (Friday.ie) and has been working in digital marketing for 16 years. He has vast experience in search marketing, paid media, analytics, e-commerce, content and digital marketing strategy across most sectors. He is also a lecturer for the MSc in Marketing at Trinity College.




Wolfgang Digital

Presentation Topic – TBC

More details to follow



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Coffee Break

Time for a break, visit the exhibition stands, get some swag, and network with your fellow delegates.


Gareth Dunlop, Fathom

Driving conversion by solving problems

When we’re out for a beer at the weekend and someone asks us what we do for a living, we probably say we’re a UX designer, or an analyst, or a researcher or a consultant. We probably don’t say we’re a problem solver. However, the best UX and conversion professionals consider their primary responsibility to be to solve problems.

Through case studies and a smattering of theory, Gareth Dunlop will explore the role problem solving plays in design thinking, the power of problem statements, and the impact of focusing on the problem before thinking about the solution.



Andrew Fulton, Dawson Andrews

Presentation Topic, TBC

Andrew’s digital experience began in corporate finance and analytics before founding digital product studio Dawson Andrews. Since it’s launch four years ago they have become digital partners for fortune 500’s and some of Ireland’s leading ecommerce brands. Andrew brings a commercial focus that has resulted in multi-million euro’s in increased revenues for his client partners.



Kate Van Straume, MHL Hotels

Eminence Grises of Our Age

“Have you ever thought how many decisions you as a marketer influence when you operate in the background? Are your marketing strategies influencing variety of generations and cultures in a different way? Find out how being too vague or too detailed can affect your results and how consumers are becoming smarter.“

The presentation will include Information on four different generation groups and how they behave online when they book their holidays. What damage does being too vague and too detailed bring. Kate will also talk about recommendations on systems and tools to acquire more transparent information on website performance and analytics.



Dave McEvoy, Dmac Media

What the hell does Tom Hanks know about conversion anyway!

Using the medium of Tom Hanks, Dmac Media will deliver an insightful session on how we build rapport with every user and deliver stronger conversion rates. Yes, Tom Hanks will be as surprised as you are to learn he has a lot to teach about conversion but trust us when we say Tom is a closer!



Time to ask some questions



Nom, Nom, Nom!

Don’t forget to visit the exhibition stands!


Masterclass Number 1

Details of the masterclass will be confirmed shortly


Flavilla Fongang, 3 Colour rule

Neuromarketing, the Science of Purchasing Behavior: How to Use It Effectively to Attract and Convert More Prospects Into Customers“.

How do some brands or business individuals have developed an emotional connection with a large audience who believe in them and buy from them frequently without questioning the value or authenticity of their products or services? Why nowadays creating a community around your brand is more important than simply having clients? We will explore during this session, the power of brand psychology that has been used by brands such as Apple, Starbucks.



Caroline Hynes, Zendesk

What we’ve learned about a successful partnership between PMM & PM

When it comes to building and managing product, we often focus on the importance of good relationships between product and engineering. There is another relationship which is key to a product’s success, and that is the relationship between product and product marketing. Understanding how to work best together, to get the best for each team, the product and customer is crucial. I will share my thoughts on this topic and give examples of how product and PMM work together at Zendesk


Greg Fry, Content Plan

Presentation Topic – TBC

An International Social Media trainer delivering regular LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google+ and Social Business Strategy training and workshops for institutions such as the Digital Marketing Institute, Sure Skills and the Digital Skills Academy.


Talita Holzer, WaytoB

Inclusive Design is for all of us

Think about all the times when you tried to watch a video on a busy, loud cafe, or had your hands full and struggled to use your smartphone. Now imagine having these limitations every day. Whether it is a permanent, temporary or situational disability, we will all go through it at some point in our lives. 85% of people with a disability have acquired their disability over their lifetime – as the award-winning author Cindy Li once said: “we are all just temporarily abled”. Inclusive design enables designers to create different ways for people to participate online — and in society in general. This presentation will cover how and why to incorporate Inclusive Design into your company’s innovation process.



Time to ask some questions of our speakers


Conference Close

Hope you had a great day!