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3XE Conversion & eCommerce Conference

Croke Park, Dublin | Thursday, 14th February 2019


Please note that this schedule is subject to change.


Felicity McCarthy

Felicity McCarthy, MC for 3XE Conversion

Conference Opening

Our MC for 3XE Conversion is Felicity McCarthy founder of sparkdigital.ie. Felicity McCarthy has over 18 years experience in digital marketing, having worked in International Marketing Roles for Facebook, eBay & Dell. Felicity now runs her own business, Sparkdigital, whose impressive client list including Daft.ie, Irish Times Training, Facebook EMEA, Pinterest UK, Grant Thornton Ireland, dylan hotel, AIB Startup Academy, Azon Recruitment Group, Bank of Ireland, IDA Ireland, Microsoft Ireland, 123.ie, Gigaset Europe & TopOil to name just a few.

Samuel Bevan, Global Online Sales at Snapchat

How to scale your business using Snapchat

– What is Snapchat

– How to drive performance on Snapchat

– What success looks like on Snapchat

– Example of how our existing clients utilise Snapchat



Paul Rouke

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Paul Rouke, Founder & CEO of PRWD

Walking the Walk Towards True Customer Centricity

Nearly every business claims they are “customer-centric“, yet reality proves they’re far from it. A product-led, rather than customer-led, company culture and mindset is what most businesses and most employees live with every single day. At the core of intelligent, strategic conversion optimisation is a customer-centric mindset. Most importantly, customer centricity is the one thing that transcends any business, of any size, around the world – no matter how many A/B tests you can run and how much you spend on acquisition. In my talk I will share and explain what is the number 1 approach we have used at PRWD for over 15 years to help our clients around the world become customer-centric.


Mogens Moller, CEO & Co-Founder of Sleeknote

How to Compete Against the Big Fish

Every day, big online businesses are taking over more and more of the market. For smaller businesses, this can mean a lot of frustration and disappointing sales.

In this talk, Mogens will reveal some of the often hidden and overlooked methods smaller businesses can use to beat the bigger fish.

Attendees will go home with a lot of concrete guides and takeaways they can test in their own business right away.


Neil McKay, CEO of Endless Gain

Biometrics: The Future of Optimisation

Every single decision we take is driven by an emotion or an instinct. The question is, which emotions are driving your customers? Because depending on which one, it’s either driving them to stay, complete the purchase or leave.

In this session, Neil will give you an insight into how Biometrics is helping the CRO sector to evolve into one that optimises for customers emotions and not just for website usability.





Beth Quigley & Roisin Linnie, Wolfgang Digital

From Vanity to Sanity: Driving Profit Through Facebook & Google

The presentation will be a case study about their work with Littlewoods Ireland, where Wolfgang Digital looked beyond vanity metrics like revenue and focused on what was driving profit. Roisin and Beth will discuss how they built a fully integrated digital strategy optimised towards driving profit for Littlewoods Ireland.




Q&A, Panel Discussion



Coffee / Tea Break

Networking opportunities and a chance to meet with some of the sponsors as well as peers (and don’t forget your long-lost digital marketing friends that you seem to only meet and chat to online these days!)

Guido Jansen, Digital Customer Experience manager

Building your Optimization Dream Team

In this session Guido will share his experience in building in-house Conversion optimization teams: what platforms, people and processes do you need?

Teresa Heath-Wareing, Director at TWH Marketing Limited

Building your email list – my step by step guide to how I grew my email list by 800 emails in 3 weeks

• She will take you through how to build a highly converting lead magnet funnel

• Her top tricks and tips to help conversion at each step

• How she used Facebook adverts to promote the lead magnet

• How to put together a landing page that converts


Ian Rhodes, Founder of Ecommerce Growth Company

Retention, please? How are you motivating your existing customers to shop again?

– Learn smarter email marketing strategies for your existing customers

– Master your post-sale communications (the bit we often forget about)

– Discover what you can do to retain customers that Amazon can’t

– Deliver a truly VIP experience for your best customers


Chris Out, Growth Hacking Expert at RockBoost

How to Build a Top 1% Growth Team 3x Faster than your Competition.

Discover insider secrets on how to successfully build a high-performing growth team. How can you leverage CXL Institute, Kolbe tests and other online resources to genuinely impact your bottom line? Which skills truly matter for fast growth, and which are the nice-to-haves?


Chris Simmance, Chairman at Under2 Ltd & Optus Digital

2 Seconds is the New Slow: Speed up websites for better conversions

– Site speed optimisation tips

– Why the web is broken

– How tracking tags break load times

– What a slim website looks like.




Q&A, Panel Discussion







We want to ensure that you get the very most from your attendance at the 3XE, so we have included a number of practical workshops. During the presentations, you will find out “what’s possible” using digital technologies. During the afternoon, you have a range of workshops to choose from. These workshops are all designed to provide you with “how to” know-how. The facilitators will take you behind the hype and show you how to actually implement certain aspects of content and social media marketing. The workshops are designed to ensure that you take away a clear and practical understanding on how to put your new-found marketing knowledge to use. You can choose to attend 2 of these workshops from the options below. Of course, your colleagues may elect to attend different workshops and you can compare notes afterwards. Each workshop is 30 minutes long.
Workshop Details

Workshop #1


Greg Fry, Content Plan

7 tactics to convert your social media audience into sales

Greg Fry is an Internationally renowned Social Media trainer who delivers regular LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google+ and Social Business Strategy training and workshops for institutions such as the Digital Marketing Institute, Sure Skills and the Digital Skills Academy. In his workshop he will discuss the best social platforms to invest time and money in and how to improve your conversion optimization rate.


Workshop #2



Joe Ronan & Katie McCullagh, Google

Driving Conversions with Performance Video

Joe Ronan and Katie McCullagh from Google will be delivering a workshop on Driving Conversions with Video Performance. By 2021 Google expect video to make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic. Even right now in the UK there are more digital video viewers than smart phone users. It’s becoming increasingly important for marketeers to leverage video to reach users in the moments that matter and drive action. Through advances in machine learning, automation and targeting capabilities it’s possible today to engage your audience, make it easy for them to convert and most importantly prove that it works.


Workshop #3


Chris Simmance, Under 2

Finding hidden site speed gems and ways to fix them

If you are not worried about the speed of your site, you should be. If you have a slow site your potential customers will get bored or frustrated and leave without making a purpose. Site speed expert, Chris Simmance from Under 2 will explore a few websites live and show tools used to spot issues as well as tips on what to look for that most people miss.


Workshop #4


Kevin Moore & Gustavo Pelogia, Wolfgang Digital

The Biggest Search Marketing Myth – Busted!

Learn How to Profit from Double-Domination Integration’

Kevin Moore & Gustavo Pelogia from Wolfgang Digitial will explore one of the biggest Search Marketing myths of the past decade – that once organic dominance is obtained, then you can turn off your targeted ad campaigns.

Kevin & Gustavo willl show you how to measure the impact of integrating your SEO & PPC strategies to dominate your key value search terms and turning your siloed ‘Search Strategy’ into a ‘Double Domination Strategy’, ultimately delivering a consistent brand message and increasing your online revenue.’


Workshop #5


Dhruv Juyal, VWO

Winning with CRO: Seeing is Believing

Join Dhruv Juyal from VWO for a live demonstration of how you could win more business with CRO. During the workshop we will cover:

– The benefits of a connected, unified view of the individual visitor

– Deep dive into Track, Analyse, Plan, Test, Target methodology

– How to A/B tests at scale without reducing performance

– Practical demo of a process driven optimisation program


Rudger de Groot, Founder of Mintminds Digital Optimizers

What our customers learned and earned from data-driven experimentation

Rudger assists companies across Europe with CRO strategies and testing activities, for example he works with Ryanair, De Bijenkorf (Dutch Retailer) and Ewe (Dutch Gas). No matter the tool or analytics platform, CRO and A/B testing can only succeed if the right process is in place, the right test setup is determined and all relevant test data goes into an analytics platform


Deepak Lamba, Conversion Optimisation Leader

Winning with CRO: Key Pillars Of A Successful Conversion Optimisation Program

– key pillars of a successful CRO program

– real life success stories of orgnisations that have done it right

– tip & tricks to improve your CRO

– hot trends from the CRO space


Dan Wilkinson, PPC Marketing Consultant at Pro PPC

Top 7 Tips on How to use Google Analytics to improve your PPC Campaign

Dan is a ‘Pay per click’ & ‘Conversion Rate Optimisation’ expert & public speaker.

He consults with businesses wanting to grow their online presence with a predictable & measurable system that can be managed. While achieving this, he likes to make sure their online campaigns are as successful and profitable as possible. He uses PPC & CRO to achieve just this.




Q&A, Panel Discussion



Conference Close

Thanks for coming! Closing conference remarks by 3XE Chairperson, Felicity McCarthy.

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