Conversion and Pay-Per-Click Automation: at 3XE Digital Conversion


Anu Adegbola is a Paid Search Specialist who has been part of the industry for over 10 years. She started her career in SEO with Altogether Digital and when her interest towards PPC grew, she took her first PPC role with Vizeum. Having worked with several agencies and also on the client side, Anu Adegbola understands the digital business from both sides.

When she wished to have more control and freedom in selecting the accounts she wants to work with, Anu decided to go as a freelancer. Anu says ‘My inspiration for getting into the digital world is that I have always loved working on Excel, and as Paid Search is a data heavy industry, it allows me to stretch Excel to its limit to ensure we are seeing exactly what an account does – almost like in a 3 dimensional way.’

With her business MindSwan, Anu brings high quality insight to PPC data. As a self employed, Anu is working with OMD on the likes of NSPCC, SEE, Eurotunnel on reporting & analysis. She has also worked with DanDan Digital and

Anu Adegbola is a keynote at 3XE Digital Conversion Conference on 8th February in Croke Park, Dublin. She is speaking on ‘Conversion and Pay-Per-Click Automation’, where Anu will go through the evolution of PPC and why we need automation solutions to make our PPC activities move ahead, and allow you to be ahead of competition, while keeping up the Google updates.

In our recent interaction with Anu Adegbola, she updated us on her work and the key points of her presentation at 3XE Digital Conversion Conference.

3XE Digital: What will you be speaking about at 3XE?

Anu:  – The evolution of PPC

  • How Excel can really accentuate what your Paid Search activity is doing for your company
  • Automation, that allows you to make and implement the decisions faster.

3XE Digital: What are the 3 takeaways that you think delegates will get from your presentation?

Anu –  PPC has come a long way since it started

– Don’t underestimate Excel

– Scripts can save Christmas: allowing your campaigns to continue working, and ensuring that your money is not being wasted upon a market change, even if your eyes aren’t on it.

3XE Digital: What emerging trends will affect your business during 2018?

Anu:  Customers are reluctant to spend a lot on advertising and also in-house analysis is an emerging practice.

3XE Digital: What websites and people influence you?
Anu: Twitter (#ppcchat, #SEMrushchat), Daniel Gilbert (Brainlabs), Larry Kim (WordStream), PPCHero,  and most of the speakers have seen in the conferences I have attended.

Anu Adegbola will be speaking at 3XE Digital Conversion Conference on 8th February at Croke Park, Dublin.

Note our conference schedule: 3XE Digital Conversion, 8th Feb 2018

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Connect with Anu Adegbola:

twitter: @mindswanppc

instagram: @mindswanppc