Key Pillars Of A Successful Conversion Optimisation Program


Deepak Lamba declares “The digital industry is dynamic. You never stop learning here!” Deepak is the Conversion Optimisation Leader at VWO, a leading optimisation platform leveraged by over 5000 brands globally.

Key Pillars of Conversion Optimisation Program | 3XE Digital Conference

VWO is used by large enterprises like eBay, Target, Lenovo, Aussie Bank and more. It offers an A/B testing and optimisation platform that helps to improve website’s UX, conversion rate and other significant metrics.

He tells us  “I came from a traditional sales background selling to large Enterprises. Entering the digital world and interacting with marketers was a defining moment in my career. I am inspired everyday by the fact that our product enables websites across the globe to deliver the best digital experience using data-driven experimentation which not only delights their customers but also has a revenue-positive impact for their business.”

Today, Deepak is heading VWO’s European region, acting as a primary contact for the prospects and clients from Europe looking to set up an experiment regime in their organisations. He combines the technical know-how with business strategic needs, and offers consultation to over 100 businesses worldwide. He helps them to set up the conversion optimisation process.

Keynote Speaker at 3XE Conversion & eCommerce Conference

On 14th February, Deepak is participating as a Keynote Speaker at our Conversion & eCommerce Conference in Dublin. He will deliver a presentation on the topic – Key Pillars of a Successful Conversion Optimisation Program.

Highlights of his presentation will be:

  1. Components that must be included in an optimisation program.
  2. Success stories of customers.
  3. Hot trends, top tricks and tips from the CRO space.

Deepak explains “Today, a plethora of success stories are available which prove that CRO has a direct and significant impact on the revenue growth. However, application of CRO in most organisations has been far from optimal, which inadvertently causes them to leave money on the table.”

“Further, suboptimal optimisation programs lead organisations to draw wrong conclusions, or statistically unsupported decisions from their A/B tests and damage what’s not broken.”

In this session, Deepak will walk us through the key pillars of a successful CRO program, covering some real life success stories of organisations that have done it right.

Deepak shares his view on a few of the conversion tactics used by companies today:

Do website viewers really trust in-web notifications and does it help in getting conversions?

Yes, it definitely does! It’s a natural human instinct to take an action quickly in a time bound situation.

Do discounts and special offers work as a conversion tactic for all industries alike?

It is true that everybody loves discounts but they do not work as a conversion tactic for all industries alike. They do work with consumers, but with businesses it is a completely different ball game.

Deepak recommends their platform, VWO (, as the most effective conversion optimisation tool.

Absorbing the good from competitors’ websites and newsletters, Deepak also looks for inspiration from LinkedIn, G2Crowd and TrustRadius.

Digital Trends in 2019

Deepak Lamba says “2019 will most probably witness Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots and Personalisation becoming major digital trends.”


Meet the genius from VWO at the 3XE Digital Conference in Croke Park, on 14th February.

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Key Pillars of Conversion Optimisation Program, VWO | 3XE Digital Conference

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