Let’s Close that Technology Gap!


John Foley is someone who understands the online business extremely well. Having worked on both sides of the client-agency relationship over the past 8 years, John is an expert at removing complexities of paid search campaigns.

John Foley is the Country Manager (UK & Ireland) at Finch, who strongly believes in the benefits of automation. He assures, “Not only does automation free up resources to focus on strategic execution and other areas of the business, it actually increases revenue!”

Finch is a marketing technology platform that automates, simplifies, and optimises their client’s key business objectives—turning the complexities of paid media into their competitive advantage.

Finch is a Bing Elite Partner and a Google Premier Partner.

They have been recognized as best in class within the Google Premier Partner Awards for “Best Shopping Performance” in EMEA 2017 and “Best Search Innovation” in North America.

John tells, “We manage £300 million in Google Ads alone and our average client monthly ad spends ranges from £7.5k – £300k.”

3XE Search Marketing Event in Dublin

John Foley is participating at the 3XE Search Marketing Event on October 18th, 2018. As a keynote speaker, he is delivering a presentation on the ways to close the Technology Gap between online businesses and technology giants there!

Let's Close the Technology Gap with John Foley, Finch | 3XE Digital Conference

He explains “The global players on the sell side of clicks like Google and Facebook have a huge advantage compared to the buyer’s side, when it comes to data and technology. This is why we are rapidly exploring AI and ML technologies in online advertising.

The amount of information around each click we buy is exploding and the technologies of the past are simply not enough to handle this. This is where we see a clear gap:

  • The sellers of the clicks have ALL the DATA and ALL the Automation/Technology
  • The buyers of the clicks have very limited data and very limited Automation/Technology”

How to close the technology gap between you and the tech giants

New technologies are surfacing and that are helping advertisers to compete far more effectively. It also enables massively complex models to optimize the outcome.

“In my presentation I want to talk about how Finch is closing that technology gap with our own marketing technology platform. I will show you how we structure, manage and optimize campaigns and how we won two Premier Partner Awards for our results in Paid Search & Shopping.”

When we asked John what is one common mistake they come across in paid search campaigns, he says, “any business is neutering a campaign’s performance by having too many keywords in one ad group.”

John finds https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/ as a space for day to day influence.

Talking about the future of Search Marketing, John Foley says “There will be monetization of voice search where Bing will be a big player.

Meet John Foley at the 3XE Search Conference on October 18th in Croke Park.

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