Digital Performance Manager @ Just Eat


Cillian Walsh, Digital Performance Manager at Just Eat has a background in sports marketing with nearly 10 years experience having worked for Ultimate Rugby, he now works on another passion of his, that is food through all things digital in Just Eat.

Cillian’s presentation title for 3XE Search is ‘Navigating growth through COVID-19 with search automation’

Where he will discuss how earlier this year as we witnessed the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses of all sizes around Ireland struggled through a turbulent time of enforced closures & uncertainty. At Just Eat, we worked hard across the business to provide support packages to all stakeholders & restaurant partners affected. We also had to rethink our own approach to search advertising to find a smarter strategy that would continue to allow us to strive for channel growth. We’ll take you through the challenges we faced as a business & how we set out to overcome them using large scale PPC automation.