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You are reading about one of Ireland’s longest established Digital Marketing Agencies – Brightspark Consulting. It offers all the services (search and social) required to get found online, to drive leads, and to build loyalty amongst customers.

Explaining the company approach, Founder Maryrose Lyons says, “At Brightspark, we operate at the intersection of how humans use social media and how the platforms change their algorithms to drive highly targeted leads for our client’s businesses.”

“Our toolbox changes to meet an ever-evolving industry, and that’s exactly how we help you stay ahead of the curve.”

Logo of Brightspark Consulting

Founder of Brightspark Consulting

Maryrose Lyons is the woman behind the hugely successful Brightspark Consulting, who founded it in 2003. Maryrose has  great ability to spot the trends that will last, and has been successfully operating in the industry since the very beginning.

“Social media hadn’t been invented when I set up Brightspark,” she laughs.

One of the current opportunities lies in the area of Messenger Marketing and Maryrose will deliver a keynote at the conference on Irish businesses that are killing it with messenger marketing. Maryrose’s advice: “start building your Messenger list now… you can thank me later!”

Brightspark Consulting Maryrose Lyons presentation topic is Drive engagement through Facebook Messenger

Irish Businesses Killing It With Facebook Messenger

On 23rd October, Maryrose Lyons will be delivering a keynote presentation on the topic ‘Irish Businesses Killing It With Facebook Messenger’. 

Maryrose will share examples of Irish businesses who are driving Facebook engagement through Messenger. The future of social is private. Messenger marketing is a great tool for one-to-one conversations with customers at scale.

Brightspark Consulting Maryrose Lyons presentation topic is Drive engagement through Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Marketing Guide

Of the 70 million businesses on Facebook, less than 1% are using Facebook Messenger as a marketing tool. 

To know what is Facebook Messenger Marketing and what are chatbots, there is an excellent article by Brightspark. 

This is the link to the Facebook Messenger Marketing Guide shared by Brightspark Consulting.

You can be one of the first businesses to take advantage of Facebook Messenger Marketing! Join us at the 3XE Search Marketing Conference on 23rd October in Dublin, where Maryrose Lyons will be one of our esteemed speakers. 

Check the Event Schedule for more details and you can register using the Early Bird Offer.


Meet our speaker Teresa Heath-Wareing.

Teresa Heath-Wareing is an International Social Media & Marketing Consultant, Trainer and renowned Speaker. She is also the founder of THW Marketing a Marketing & Social Media agency, in the United Kingdom.

Teresa says, “We help businesses all over the world to improve their marketing and social media efforts so they can better connect with their ideal audience and then convert them into life long customers.

TWH Marketing Limited Logo

THW Marketing help companies with effective marketing and social media strategies, that helps in driving more traffic, increasing sales and thereby accelerating business growth. Teresa, who is highly passionate about social media marketing, has built an excellent team of marketers at THW Marketing, and together they manage social media for businesses. They have helped companies understand that social media has to be an integral part of the marketing plan for achieving overall business goals.

Teresa with over 15 years of experience in marketing, is also a member of The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) in the UK. CIM is one of the largest communities of marketers that represent and professionally develop marketers.

She tells “I love how digital marketing has enabled us to learn more about our audience, bought us close to them and ways that we can connect with them. I also love the fact that you can track how well a campaign has gone or not.

Apart from writing articles for renowned marketing websites, Teresa is an author of book titled ‘Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses’.

Social Media Followers into Email Subscribers

On 14th February, 2019 Teresa will be joining us in Dublin for the 3XE Conversion & eCommerce Conference. She is a keynote speaker delivering presentation on the topic, ‘Building your email list – my step by step guide to how I grew my email list by 800 emails in 3 weeks’.

As we get ready for the conference, we were delighted to have a short conversation with Teresa Heath-Wareing. Here’s the excerpts from our talk:

What are the 3 takeaways that you think delegates will get from your presentation?

  1. Attendees will understand the importance of converting social media followers and website visitors into email addresses.
  2. They will learn how to use lead magnets to do this.
  3. And How to build a highly converting lead funnel!

Websites use conversion widgets like in-web notifications that create urgency to purchase (for example: last 2 seats lefts / 5 more people are looking at this, etc.). Do website viewers really trust these and does it help in getting conversions?

Adding any level of urgency is a great way to get visitors to convert, that is, the fear of missing out! However I do feel that there is still a lack of trust around these notifications!

Do discounts and special offers work as a conversion tactic for all industries alike?

Before deciding what offer or discount to use you need to understand your audience, what has worked well in the past or what do they normally respond well to. Fast acting discounts or bonuses can work really well.

Which Conversion Optimisation tools would you recommend?

I tend to use tools such as Leadpages, infusionsoft and Google Analytics. Here are the resources recommended by THW Marketing – Online Tools to use!

There are people in the industry who influence Teresa – they are Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn and James Wedmore.

Predicting the digital trends for 2019, Teresa sees that brands will be putting in more efforts to build their tribes. And that preferred way to communicate will be personal, more one-to-one.

Take this opportunity to meet and interact with Teresa at 3XE Conference in Croke Park on 14th Feb! This is the event schedule – 3XE Conversion & eCommerce Conference

You can check the ticket options here – Register for 3XE Conversion & eCommerce.

Teresa Heath-Wareing, THW Marketing on Converting Social Media Followers into email subscribers | 3XE Digital Marketing Conference













Here are the links to connect with Teresa Heath-Wareing, online:



It’s official! Ireland’s foremost satirist, social media legend and one half of the Rubberbandits – Blindboy Boatclub will be appearing for an hour long masterclass session at 3XE Social & Content on 11th May in Croke Park, Dublin.

From calling Holy Communion “haunted bread” on The Late Late Show to extolling the virtues of getting wrecked on bags of glue, the Rubberbandits have been arguably the most subversive and original comedy act to come out of the Emerald Isle in the past decade.

Given that Horse Outside, the video that launched the Rubberbandits, has over 17 million views on YouTube – Blindboy’s keynote is guaranteed to appeal to a wide audience of digital marketers, content managers and social media enthusiasts. And it sure to be HILARIOUS too.  Who knows what will happen…

Join Blindboy Boatclub at the single most important social media and content marketing event of 2018 for digital marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners – 3XE Social & Content conference.


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You may be stuck at home, building snowmen or snuggled under the duvet, hiding from the bitterly cold ‘Beast from the East’ and briefly contemplating why there isn’t a crumb of bread to be found in the shops, in between binging on Netflix.

You may also be contemplating how useful social media was this morning. Schools announced they were closed on social media so everyone was waiting with baited breath for the announcements. Even Aviva, Ireland’s biggest insurance company, announced it would be closed today on Twitter to its employees. Weather updates happen first on social media.

When Mother Nature is not behind the wheel of destruction, it’s violence or other events ripping apart communities. In the midst of chaos, social media can be the unsung hero.

Did you know there are now over 3 billion social media users in the world – about 40% of the human population? No matter what you sell and who you sell it to, social media and content marketing has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. Truly successful and meaningful digital strategy is so much more than hunting for engagement, likes, shares and retweets, and 3XE Digital is here to prove it.

We are flying in 20 global leaders, specialists and educators to Croke Park on 11th May for the single most important social media and content marketing event of 2018 for digital marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners – 3XE Social Media & Content Marketing Conference.

You will learn the latest developments and best practices in:

  • Extending customer lifetime value.
  • Social media.
  • Content marketing.
  • Growth marketing.
  • Personalisation, tracking & attribution.
  • Utilising data & analytics.
  • Audience engagement.

Position yourself ahead of your competition and join 600 senior marketers and creators at 3XE conference designed to empower you with business-elevating ideas.




Featured image source: Motorito


Facebook has, over the past 3 – 4 years, transformed both themselves and the business world, by re-configuring themselves to be one of the primary advertising platforms for all types of businesses.

Worldwide, there are over 2.01 billion monthly active Facebook users, (17% increase year over year). Yet many businesses are still unaware of the advantages of connecting with their customers on social networks, and some still fear it due to their lack of understanding. Approximately, 93% of buying decisions are based on social media, with 72% of consumers are more likely to stay engaged with brands because of social media.

If you are spending any part of your marketing and advertising budget with Facebook (and you should!), then we strongly recommend to see Paola Gulian’s, Senior Social Campaign Manager at Ayima a must-see presentation at 3XE Search, 19th October 2017, Croke Park Dublin.

Based in the heart of London, Paola is one of the most sought-after digital marketing professionals on the scene. She is excited to connect with 3XE crowd and explain how to optimise your Facebook advertising campaigns. She will provide you with the latest Facebook advertising methodologies, and will share with you a list of actions that you can take back to your own business that can be implemented by your team.

Paola is not selling Facebook – she lives and breathes it each and every day! For further details and full speakers line up visit


‘Pure practical content’ will be at the top of the agenda when smartest international and local minds in digital marketing gather in Dublin next month for the Content, Inbound & Social Media Marketing conference.

World class digital marketing experts will be covering a wide array of topics, such as conversion optimization, email marketing, copywriting, landing pages, PPC, analytics, content marketing and much more. It is truly, a unique opportunity to completely change your marketing game for the better:

  • Model what the best are doing and boost profits for any business you work on
  • Make authentic connections with handpicked line up of speakers and the industry professionals
  • Workshops participation – if you are really serious about skill building

Organised by 3XE Digital, the event will take place on Wednesday, May 17 at the Ireland’s greatest amphitheatre – Croke Park. Having been launched in 2015, the 3XE’s digital marketing conferences are now a global congregation that expects to host over 2000 marketing professionals this year.

The Content, Inbound & Social Media Marketing conference is your direct access to the latest knowledge, the most effective techniques, and the innovation technology in digital marketing – and your ticket to a new successful digital marketing future for your business.

Companies expected in attendance include: Google, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, The Times, HubSpot, Three, Nestle, PwC, Oracle and many others.

For full line up of speakers and bookings, please visit


It was going to be a glorious age. A pristine age. An age without advertising. Social media was going to kill everything from TV commercials to display advertisements. People were going to ‘engage’ and have ‘conversations’ with brands instead.

Too bad it was completely wrong.

Who do people follow on social media? Celebrities, sports teams, politicians and political causes, and news sources. Not brands. For most companies, only a small percentage of current and potential customers will want to follow them on social media.

Samuel Scott, Director of Marketing and Communications for AI-powered log analysis software platform and a global marketing speaker on integrated, traditional and digital marketing examines in his latest blog post, with whom do people interact and how social media can actually be helpful to your business.

Samuel Scott based out of Tel Aviv, Israel and is to join the international speaker panel at the next 3XE Conference: Content, Inbound & Social Media Marketing on 17 May 2017 at Croke Park, Dublin.

3XE organise essential events for professional marketers at all levels, looking to upskill their expertise while planning and implementing innovative marketing campaigns.

We’ll introduce you to some of the best subject matter experts available in digital marketing today. You’ll be massively engaged through listening, learning and networking. Our promise to you is that you will get to meet each of the speakers and find out about their path to success. You’ll understand how you can apply your learnings into your own business.

For full list of speakers and bookings please visit us at


Mindshare have released their report for 2017 looking at the technology and cultural trends which are expected to accelerate over the coming year. With digital marketing continuing to evolve at a frightening pace, consumer use of technology will have a massive impact on how marketers attempt to connect with their target audience.

Some of the trends identified in the report offer brands massive opportunities when it comes to engaging their consumers through personalized experiences, which can offer utility and fuel imagination.

However, it is also important to note that although consumers continue to welcome technology which makes their lives easier, there are strong concerns about the amount of time spent using technology. These concerns generally center around online privacy, online bullying and diminishing social skills. As such many are looking to regulate their use of technology and online platforms. Many are doing this by reducing the amount of data which they buy and actively reducing their time spent on social media.

Another interesting trend is that of “Tunnel Vision” with concerns about the increased levels of personalisation in the advertising content they receive. Almost half of the 3000 respondents believe that it negatively influences indiviudal thought while a massive 37% believe that it worsens division in society.

Mindshare CEO, Helen McRae, stated in that

“2017 will be about “a rebalancing, as well as a deepening of our relationship with technology. As our relationship with technology becomes ever deeper, growing numbers of people in 2017 will question the place it has in their lives, either through ‘digital dieting,’ or through concerns about the ‘tunnel vision’ effects of personalisation.

At the same time we’ll see more intuitive use of technology through voice interactions, and growing numbers of people who are eager to use automation to make their lives flow more smoothly.”



Download Mindshare Trends 2017 Report


Want to learn more about marketing in the new age of digital? Join us at the 3XE Digital Data, Mobile & Social Media Marketing Conference taking place on February 9th, in Croke Park.


Marketers know that it is essential to constantly be learning and testing new ways to optimise campaigns. You realise the enormous effect which one key bit of information or tip can have on your campaigns. Therefore, we don’t have to explain to you, the value which you can gain from attending a one-day event involving some of the leading minds in digital marketing, not to mention over 600 marketing professionals who will also be in attendance.

However sometimes convincing the boss can be a bit more difficult, to ensure that you don’t miss out on your chance to network and learn from the people shaping the landscape in which you operate, we have created an email template which can be sent to your boss, hassle free.

Simply copy, paste and customise the email below as you see fit.

3XE Email Template 

Subject: 3XE Digital Marketing Conference


I am writing to request approval to attend the 3XE Search & Social Media Marketing Conference on October 13th in Croke Park, Dublin (full details are at 3XE have been running Digital Marketing conferences for a couple of years and have managed to get some of the very best, award-winning marketers, from Ireland,  the USA, and UK to present their expertise to the Irish digital marketing industry. This appears to be the largest gathering of digital marketers and industry experts in Ireland.

The next 3XE event takes place on October 13th and includes presentations and hands-on workshops (the workshops should enable me to test some of the key takeaways from the sessions). I will get the chance to choose two of these workshops which will be run by companies such as Google, Microsoft and  the Digital Marketing Institute. The conference appears to have been designed to optimise attendees learning so that they come away with actionable insights.

The conference is also Ireland’s fastest growing digital marketing event with over 600 delegates. This should provide me with loads of opportunities to network, share ideas and hopefully build partnerships with people who could prove to be important to our business growth. From the research I have done into the upcoming conference, I think it will help with these projects/regard to these aspects of my job:

Add project/initiative

Add project/initiative

Add project/initiative

Standard Conference Ticket Cost: 245 Euro per ticket

Standard Ticket for Me and a Colleague: 195 Euro per ticket

The standard ticket deadline ends on the 30th of September at which point the price rises. I would like to register before the price rises if possible. I’ll be sure to submit a post-conference report or write a blog post that will include an executive summary, major takeaways, tips and pictures from the conference. You can learn more about the event at

Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to your reply.




The digital revolution that has taken place across all aspects of marketing is most succinctly characterised by the loss of brand control experienced by marketers.

Brands were keen to adapt to social media due to its low-cost nature when delivering against campaign objectives. However, many professionals failed to note the egalitarian nature of social media channels, directly contrasting more traditional forms of marketing up to that point.

The brands that initially reaped the greatest benefits from social media were those who truly bought into the concept and developed strategies to enhance their consumers experience online. Marketers today are still facing many of the same issues, I will look back at some past cases to look at the strategies which some of the most successful brands on social media have utilised.

Back in the naughties, Web 2.0 technologies spread across the globe seemingly overnight.  Many experts in the marketing industry viewed social media as the holy grail, a way to truly build strong and enduring relationships with their customers. These same social media channels offer organisations and brands the opportunity to engage and listen in on their target audience. Customer relationships can be further enhanced by collecting in-depth information which enables micro-targeting and customised messaging.

Despite offering these opportunities to marketers, social media biggest impact initially was to level the playing field, reducing the role and impact of brands to just another actor in the network, fighting to be heard. In a forum which was built on communication and the sharing of information, many brands were initially viewed as invasive and their attempts to sell their product/service was rejected out of hand.

The biggest challenge facing marketers initially is the concept of peer to peer communication inherent in social media. Transforming traditional marketing strategies in the social media forum is only likely to alienate your consumers.

Effectively utilising social media requires marketers to accept a level of co-creation with their target audience. Unsurprisingly this can be a difficult balancing act, the change from solo creators to active moderators of brand content can be a nerve-racking transition. Being overly restrictive comes across as being inauthentic thereby reducing engagement, while too little restriction can lead to your brand being perceived in a way which is at odds with the desired image.

It is clear the marketers are still struggling with similar problems, problems ich are only exacerbated by the changes in technology and the increasing complexity of the consumer buying process. Research recently carried out by IBM indicated that under half of marketing managers surveyed believed that they were fully prepared to manage the challenges presented by social media. In spite of this, marketing managers are devoting more resources than ever to these channels. CMO survey research shows that marketing departments are planning on doubling their social media spend over the next five years.

These two studies provide an interesting picture of the current social media landscape. However, important lessons can be learned from brands who successfully navigate the digital minefield. The most effective social media strategies are able to integrate consumer-focused content into their marketing mix, thus providing compelling and authentic brand stories.

Proctor and Gamble provide an excellent example of the power of social media, they co-created content in the form of a video response campaign on YouTube. They were able to effectively reposition the Old Spice brand and open it up to an entirely new audience.


Mountain Dew created a campaign which looked to tap into the collective intelligence of their consumer communities. As part of the campaign, fans generated new flavour ideas which Mountain Dew then went produced in small quantities. The flavours were then sent off to fans with camcorders and they were encouraged to upload videos discussing the experience with the brand a product. This created enormous engagement and put their brand at the centre of the cultural conversation. This campaign although carried out in 2009 contained two elements in particular which are two of the biggest keywords for 2016, video content and brand influencers.


Video is set to dominate social media platforms for the forcible future. A Cisco white paper predicts that by 2019 almost 80% of all consumer traffic will be dedicated to video consumption. To be successful it is important to provide an integrated experience for consumers across channels which tells the story of the brand in an organic way.

Mountain Dew also effectively utilised brand influencers as part of their campaign. This is seen as being extremely important over the coming year with 95% of marketers stating that influencer marketing boosts awareness while 75% believe it generates sales leads. An influencer should be in essence the anthropomorphized image of the brand, having all of the traits which you want your consumers to see in the brand.

In order to build strong relationships if is more important than ever to listen to your target audience. Even more importantly, with consumer buying behaviour becoming ever more complex, marketers need to effectively track consumer movements across devices like never before. You will see greater and greater benefits as tracking technologies become more refined.

Despite its challenges, social media is a fertile ground when incorporated within strategies aimed at creating an integrated user experience which provides extra value to the consumer outside of the product or service being sold

Want to learn more about social media in the new age of digital? Join us at the 3XE Digital Data, Mobile & Social Media Marketing Conference taking place on February 9th, in Croke Park.