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David Ly Khim is a Senior Growth Marketing Manager at HubSpot. He works with the product team on new user acquisition initiatives in-product to diversify their acquisition channels.

Founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006, HubSpot is a developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing and sales. It provides marketing, sales and customer service softwares to help businesses grow.

David was a keynote speaker at a previous 3XE Conference. His presentation was on topic cluster content strategy and how that will take your SEO to the next level.

The highlights of his presentation were:

  • How consumer search behaviour has changed
  • Why you need to adapt to this change
  • How to adapt your website SEO by improving your internal linking

Talking about the importance of Content and Social marketing, he tells “It depends on the business, but if customers and prospects are engaging with you on social media, it’s very important to use that channel.”

At the end of this article, find the presentation video of David Khim. 

David listed out two benefits, when Content Strategy and Social Marketing is done rightly –

  1. Develop customer loyalty – When customers ask questions, respond and be helpful.
  2. Develop a customer-centric grand – When prospects see that you’re helpful and engage with your customers, they’ll trust you more and may consider your services or products in the future.

Social Media is a revenue-generating tool

David explains, “Social media is a revenue-generating tool in that it should be used to engage and have a conversation with your customers and prospects – not to sell or directly market.”

‘Your customers may reach out to you for help through many channels including social media and you should be there to respond and help. This will improve customer loyalty and show prospects that your company is focused on being helpful.’

‘Business success is determined by customer success and happiness.’

Budgeting for Social Media

He adds that each company is different and it is important to test the paid media channels. “Social media might be a good channel for some companies but not others. If you see that it works for you, optimize your ads and double or triple down on that channel.

How important is ‘content’ for paid campaigns?

This depends on your goals. If your goal is to generate leads and nurture them, and you’re comfortable with the length of the sales cycle, then content can be amazing for paid campaigns. However, I suggest testing this. If you have an online product, you might want to test running paid ads to your product page and see how that performs. The cornerstone of any advice I give is to test and validate before committing.

What websites and people influence you on a day to day basis?

That’s a long list but a few that come to mind right now are:

Your thoughts on the future of social media and content marketing.

It’s going to become more and more challenging. Not only because social and content spaces are saturated but also because networks are changing and it’s becoming more difficult to get found.

For example, Google now has featured snippets. People don’t need to look at the top 10 search results, they might just see the featured snippet and have their answer. But everyone is vying for that one featured snippet. Similarly, Facebook recently changed their algorithm to show less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media.

But the principles still stand: if you can create amazing content for your audience, have a strong promotional plan in place, and thoughtfully engage with customers, you’ll get found.

You can also find a blog by David Khim on Content Strategy where he talks about topics over keywords.

To connect with and know more about David Khim, you can find the details on his speaker profile.


Tady Walsh is a UX Development lead at Arekibo. With over twenty years of experience in the industry, Tady is a veteran of the first browser wars.

An expert in frontend technologies, Tady also comes from an artistic background, therefore, he knows how to take a good design and turn it into a user friendly interface. His expertise in website accessibility requirements and ensuring that front end experiences are usable by all, have been an asset to Arekibo in his 11 years with the company.

Arekibo, which is a leading Irish performance marketing agency, is headquartered in Dublin. Arekibo designs and develops digital solutions for clients across Ireland and Europe.

Tady Walsh was one of our keynote speakers at the 3XE Social Media & Content Marketing Conference, where his topic of presentation was ‘Nothing worse than a bad KISSer’.  At the end of this article, find the video of Tady’s presentation where he elaborates on the 3 key areas:

  1. How users see social media.
  2. What works and what doesn’t.
  3. How to be more effective in presenting certain forms of information to their users.

Social media strategies are based around short term engagement, aiming for the viral and hoping for long tail returns. Examining exactly how we engage with users in a social media environment, Tady took us through some of the pitfalls of targeting short term returns and how to reassess our approach.

Tady spoke about the common mistakes that we do, and helped us see from a customer’s perspective, how and why these strategies don’t always succeed. Keeping it Sweet and Simple (KISS) doesn’t need to be hard.

In a recent conversation with Tady, we had the opportunity to learn what are his thoughts on social media:

What are the benefits of Social Media & Content for a Business?

The primary two benefits for me would be immediate interaction and sentiment engagement. Users have immediate access to a business, in ways they never had before. Businesses who engage with their users on social media will have a much greater service impression among their user base, than businesses who don’t. Being seen to be responsive is almost as important as actually being responsive.

Sentiment engagement immediately lets the business know if something is going well or, as is often the case, something is going wrong among their user base. Being able to read and engage with this sentiment within minutes of it happening, can form the public perception of that business. The earlier we are informed of positive or negative events, the easier we can manage them and public expectation around them.

Would you consider Social Media as a revenue generating tool in the marketing mix?

Absolutely, if done well. Sometimes, it depends on what your target market is and who you want your customers to be. But for the most part, engagement spreads confidence and trust spends money.

What will be your suggestion on budgeting for social media?

This is relative to the size and scale of the company or the product but I would suggest as much as you can afford. Realistically there is currently no better way to engage with your customers on a one-on-one basis than through social media channels and that engagement is worth every cent invested.

I used to work in retail and my boss would always have a huge problem that I never upsold a customer (sold them extras, go for the higher spec model, etc.) My point was that if I spent the time and care on making sure the customer got exactly what they wanted, then they would more than likely come back to me again for future sales and, if handled correctly, would become a long term client. I was almost always proven right. I think social media channels now afford us the opportunity to engage with our customers on both a local, national and international level. Never underestimate the value in making your customers “feel good” about having gotten a quick response.

How important is ‘content’ for paid campaigns?

Crucial. The wrong content can mislead, misdirect and misinform your customers. People don’t like to be taken for a ride so not delivering on a promise is one of the cardinal sins of social media publishing. Content needs to be considered and well constructed. Then the interaction needs to entice, inform and engage the customer base. Fail on any of these points and your content isn’t worth the digital ink it’s written with and your money might as well be flushed down the toilet.

What websites and people influence you on a day to day basis?

I’m still a nerd at heart so The Verge is my go-to website. The Guardian is a good overall world newspaper too, so I tend to read that. There are too many people to mention any by name specifically, but pretty much if they’ve written for the Advent Calendar, then they’re worth following. Instagram is also my preferred social media platform, so I like photographers like Dan Rubin and Craig Mod.

Your thoughts on the future of social media and content marketing.

We’re facing a difficult time in dis- and mis-information in the new world of Fake News. This coupled with Facebook’s difficulties with Cambridge Analytica leave the far future of social media foggy to predict.

The one thing that is certain is social media is here to stay, no matter what format it takes. There will be another Facebook, another Google, another Twitter, another Instagram, we just don’t yet know it’s format or what it will do. It could be out there, right now, getting it’s first five users and looking for VC funding as we speak.

As to what exists at the moment, it’s so very hard to say. I think users and maybe even the next generation of users (our children) will have more of a say in defining social networks than we did. There’s an effort to disconnect by users and the incredible broken confidence in Facebook at the moment, coupled with Twitter’s unwillingness to police itself properly, means that it’s hard to see them continuing in their current format past the next decade. But it really is very hard to say.



For our businesses, you and I have been busy creating, publishing and distributing various formats of content. And it is only normal to go crazy thinking about killer content ideas, that will attract readers attention and generate potential leads. Read this article for an effective way to deal with such situations.

We invited Ian Cleary, an internationally recognised thought leader on content marketing and social media to our 3XE Social & Content Conference. Ian Cleary is the founder of RazorSocial. Through his agency, Ian helps in creating amazing content that drives relevant traffic. He also helps to promote content, build relationships and sales.

Here, are a few of the conferences he addressed as a keynote speaker –

Content Marketing World (5 years in a row) – Ohio,  Social Media Marketing World (5 years in a row) – San Diego, Martech – London, Boom Social – Florida, TBEX – Stockholm, Cancun and Toronto, SEO Zone – Istanbul, Content Marketing Day – Oslo and the next stop was 3XE Social & Content Conference on 11th May 2018 in Dublin.

At the 3XE Social Media & Content Marketing Conference, Ian Cleary shared the strategy that resulted in millions of visitors and thousands of shares for his website. He provided a framework that you can implement within your business, to drive more traffic to your website and increase the number of shares.

“Your customers want you to provide value before you pitch, and content marketing is a great way of providing that value.” – Ian Cleary, RazorSocial.

3XE Social Media & Content Marketing Conference

Ian Cleary is founder of the content marketing agency RazorSocial where he provides consultancy and training.  He is also founder of the email outreach tool OutreachPlus which helps businesses to automate and simplify the sending of highly personalised emails to generate leads, traffic and PR.  He’s an inbound and outbound marketer!

Majority of the trainings by RazorSocial, are done online to an international audience. They have recently worked with companies such as British Council, Black and Decker, Social Media Examiner and their work has been featured on New York Times, Fox News,, Forbes, VentureBeat and Inc.

Through OutreachPlus, they provide a tool specifically designed to help companies to drive more traffic and sales to their business using personalised email.  Ian tells, “You use an email marketing tool to send the same email to everyone. You use OutreachPlus to send highly personalised emails to a targeted audience to build links to your website, generate leads, get press mentions and to build your authority.”  

Here are the excerpts from our chat with Ian Cleary about social media and content marketing:

What are the benefits of Social Media and Content Marketing for a business?

Talking about Content Marketing for a business, I’ll say –  great content targeted at the right audience drives relevant traffic to your website and some of this can be converted to customers. Great content builds valuable links to your website which increases your authority which, in turn, drives more traffic.

And then, Social Media is a great place to get your message out to a large audience and put a face to your brand. Social media is a distribution channel for your great content which can drive traffic back to your website for more potential sales. It is also an effective tool for building awareness of who you are and what you do.  If people don’t know of you they can’t buy from you.

Would you consider Social Media as a revenue generating tool in the marketing mix?

It depends on how you approach social media.  If you create valuable content to a very targeted audience you can drive relevant visitors to your website and convert some of them to customers over time.  You will typically have a very low conversion rate for this approach. But, if you build a community of highly engaged people that are your ideal customers you can generate a lot of revenue from social media.  For example, create a community through a Facebook group. Increasingly it’s becoming harder to generate traffic/sales from Facebook pages, Twitter accounts etc so we need to rethink how we do social.

What will be your suggestion on budgeting for social media?

Set aside a budget for ads and build high converting funnels.  Both go hand in hand.

How important is content for paid campaigns?

People want you to provide value first before a sales pitch.  Content for a business is crucial to provide that value.

What website and people influence you on a day to day basis?

Mark Schaefer is a really smart Marketer that I like to follow.

I always like to keep top of what’s happening in the content marketing industry with Content Marketing Institute.

Social Media Examiner always great for the latest in social media.

Jon Loomer keeps me up to speed on Facebook Ads

Socially Sorted is for all things imagery and video related to social media

With Convince and Convert, Jay Baer and his team do a great job at demonstrating how larger business use social/content marketing to their advantage

Your thoughts on the future of social media and content marketing for businesses

Social media will all be pay to play unless we build real communities.  

Broadcasting messages through Facebook or Twitter will continuously get less and less reach, but building highly engaging communities will be a more cost effective and profitable way to handle social.

For content marketing the goals posts are moving because so many brands are doing content marketing now.  You need to think of bigger and better pieces of content but publish less often. The 500 word blog posts are typically a waste of time.   

Here is the presentation video that Ian Cleary delivered at 3XE Digital Conference. He explains exactly what we need to be doing.

Take the opportunity to learn from him, the effective practices of content marketing for businesses.



The other day, Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress in USA. The great apologist, apologized again. He says, “Facebook is an idealistic and optimistic company. For most of our existence, we focused on all of the good…”.

Unfortunately, there’s bad out there too, but no one told Mark.

Ross Hudgens is the founder of Siege Media, based in the USA. Ross knows all about social media, the good and the bad.

His agency is one of the leading content marketing agencies in the USA. Ross’ agency works on refined social strategies and promotes all kind of content that helps with search engine optimisation. Ross’ work has been featured on, Search Engine Land and Forbes, among other leading digital spaces.

At the upcoming Social Media & Content Marketing Conference on 11th May 2018, Ross will give a presentation on ‘The State of Social Media and what to do about it’. With social reach dropping and Facebook announcing they expect people to spend *less* time on site, there’s a lot of confusion in the social landscape. He will tell what to do about it and how to improve social media efforts.

“Well executed content creates a great brand impression and builds brand loyalty, that has a direct impact on revenue.”  – Ross Hudgens, Siege Media.

The 3 takeaways that you will get from his presentation:

  1. How to manage social media, in 2018 and beyond.
  2. Things you should work on, in order to improve social media efforts.
  3. An accurate representation of where social media is today.

Ahead of 3XE Social & Content Conference, where Ross Hudgens is our keynote speaker, we discussed with him about social media and content as a marketing tool for businesses.

How important is Content & Social Media for a Business?

Highly important! The biggest benefit is that it makes you money. Well executed content creates a great brand impression and builds brand loyalty that has a direct impact on revenue. Social media is great when applied correctly because it’s a good way to get additional organic reach and generally, there are networks that have higher ROI (Return On Investment) opportunity because of the alignment of reach against CPV (Cost Per View).  

Would you consider Social Media as a revenue generating tool in the marketing mix?

Definitely! I particularly like it as an amplification tool for content, that has clear ties to ROI. If we can prove social generates signals that creates rankings for top or middle funnel content, suddenly the activity is a lot more justifiable.

How important is ‘content’ for paid campaigns?

It all depends on your goals, but overall it’s hugely important. Paid campaigns against top or middle funnel content need clearer attribution models to really justify their use, but when done effectively they can be of high impact. Even for bottom funnel campaigns, it can sometimes be useful to retarget people coming to your website and use content to do so, instead of pushing them to the same pages.

What websites and people influence you on a day to day basis?

Good question! My read everything list on Twitter is my curated list of favourites. Off the top of my head, people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Wil Reynolds, Rand Fishkin, Moz, and SearchEngineLand, all influence my thinking and decision making daily.

Your thoughts on the future of social media and content marketing.

Stay tuned for my presentation on this in full! Though, in general, I would assume that a social marketer is now a paid social marketer. “Organic” is the past, therefore, social media marketers should append themselves closer to the revenue using top and middle funnel content.

Ross Hudgens is flying in to Dublin for the 3XE Social Media and Content Marketing Conference on 11 May 2018. Be there and learn the latest in social media and content marketing.

View Schedule – here
Book Tickets – here

Connect with Ross Hudgens:
LinkedIn –
Twitter –



Lately, there have been a lot of talks around Cambridge Analytica and Facebook. And, when two days ago Facebook announced that their first quarter 2018 financial results will be released on 25th April 2018 – businesses, advertisers and  investors are waiting to know it’s impact in the ad market.

Facebook says its mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. We all started using Facebook as a social media channel that connects us to friends, family and brands that we love. But has it gone beyond that and started influencing our day to day lives? Let us hear what ‘data scientists’ from Wolfgang Digital have to say on that.

In a recent article, Founder & CEO of Wolfgang Digital, Alan Coleman said that Facebook is very influential on our relationships, as on an average, people are spending almost an hour a day on Facebook companies – Facebook itself, FB messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

He said that it is also very influential on our consumption habits as advertisers worldwide would be spending 10% of their budgets on Facebook Advertising. (Full article – Is Zuckerberg more influential than Jesus )

Alan Coleman and Head of Social, Roisin Linnie are participating as keynote speakers at 3XE Social & Content Conference on 11th May 2018, Dublin. At the conference they will be discussing How To Grab People’s Attention On Social Media, and The Evolution of Facebook Advertising.

Come along and learn how to make social media influential for your business!


View Schedule: 3XE Social & Content Conference Schedule
Book Tickets: Conference on 11th May 2018, Dublin

Here’s a video from earlier this year, when Alan Coleman and Roisin Linnie spoke on the Changed Facebook Algorithm:







Have you been facing difficulties in developing your personal brand? Or is it that you are wondering what is the real purpose of social media accounts for your business? In either case, we have you covered.

Ireland’s acclaimed entrepreneur, Jamie White is coming to our next conference as a Keynote Speaker.

In his presentation Jamie White will be sharing his expert tips on how individuals can use social media to build their personal brand –  a brand that complements their personal goals.

His promise is that at the end of the presentation, delegates will come away realising the opportunities they have and how easy it is to get started in creating a personal brand on social media. Also, delegates will understand what type of content to post, that is engaging and helps the brand.

Let us throw some light on our upcoming Social & Content Conference Keynote Speaker – Jamie White.

Jamie White is the founder of a creative Social Media Marketing agency, Leading Social.

Jamie White is an acclaimed entrepreneur in Dublin. Jamie has formed and sold numerous businesses, namely and, two fast growing youth websites that collectively reaches over 100 million millennials weekly.

He now works with brands worldwide on their social media marketing through his business, Leading Social. He also hosts numerous events in the concerts and conferences space and shares his business learnings along the way through consulting, public speaking and social media.

3XE Social Media & Content Conference


Leading Social is a team of creative people who specialise in Social Media Marketing. At Leading Social they work with brands, businesses and personalities, marketing them through social media and helping them achieve real business results through the various social platforms. Leading Social give their clients social media marketing solutions through three areas of service – Community Management, Content Creation and Advertising.


We asked Jamie a few questions in view of the Social Media & Content Marketing Conference, 11th May 2018, in Dublin.

How important is Social Media & Content for a Business?
Social media is the absolute growing space for businesses to market themselves and its all centred around content. Right now, consumers expect to be able to communicate directly with businesses through social media so if brands aren’t there, not only are they missing a big opportunity but they’re neglecting their consumers and with that, missing out on potential customer endorsements and feedback.

Would you consider Social Media as a revenue generating tool in the marketing mix?
For me I strongly believe that all marketing should be revenue generating, so with that, social media is absolutely a revenue generating tool in the marketing mix.

What will be your suggestion on budgeting for social media?
I think brands are becoming more and more conscious of the impact and opportunity that social media can bring, with that budgeting needs to be realistic and in line with expectations.

How important is ‘content’ for paid campaigns?
Campaigns are centred around content so with that, paid campaigns need to start with well thought out, on brand and relevant content.

What websites and people influence you on a day to day basis?
The social media platforms obviously, but within the platforms I’m a big fan of Gary Vee, Lewis Howes & Tai Lopez.

Your thoughts on the future of social media and content marketing.
This is something I think a lot about, obviously as I’m invested in to the space. For me, the space is moving so fast, with that, whatever about the future, just trying to keep up with where things are right now and capitalising on that is everything. If you’re on top of where things are right now, then you’re set up for going forward.

Take the opportunity to learn from and interact with Jamie White at 3XE Social & Content Conference by booking your spot here




While every online business has started using both social media and content marketing as part of their marketing strategy, the achievements and conflicts with social & content may vary from business to business.

Social media and content marketing can help a business grow immensely – only when its utilised at the optimal level.

Digital marketing is a fast developing industry and people associated with online presence of a business, are bound to keep themselves up-to-date with the changes and new tactics. Digital conferences are a great way to learn and understand the latest approaches in digital marketing.

3XE Social Media & Content Marketing Conference is a place to learn the best techniques of working on social media and creating content as thought leaders.

What is 3XE Social & Content Conference?

A one full-day event, Social Media & Content Marketing Conference is focused on how marketers can enhance and optimize their use of social media within the marketing mix.

There is a great lineup of highly experienced marketing professionals who will provide keynote presentations on various features of social media. Through their presentations, speakers will answer the lingering doubts about social media & content – Is social media a revenue generating element?, How to leverage influencers? What type of content is engaging?, How to budget for social ? How to effectively use social tools? And many such relevant doubts will be clarified.  

Nationally and internationally leading digital marketing professionals will come together to share their expert understanding of Social Media and Content Marketing with all the conference attendees. They will use data points, case studies and many intriguing examples in their presentations.

There are main stage talks by keynote speakers, which will be followed by Q&A sessions. The Q&A sessions are a wonderful opportunity for conference attendees to ask further questions related to the topic, that may haven’t been answered during the presentation.

Also, there are several workshops that are conducted during the day. These workshops offer practical learning to the attendees. Depending on the skill set they wish to develop, every attendee can choose two workshops from the list.

Our goal is to promote the very latest thinking in the world of digital marketing and social media. The conferences that we run are both networking and learning experiences for the delegates.

Who should attend this Conference?

Digital Professionals
New Digital Marketers – People who have freshly started their career in digital marketing, will have a lot to learn from seasoned practitioners in the industry.

Experienced Digital Professionals – The conference addresses the issues related to digital strategies and internal buy-ins. Also, it a wonderful opportunity to interact with the speakers, who are your peers from the industry and learn from each other’s experiences.

Digital Agencies
This conference will help you understand how to efficiently manage your clients’ social accounts. You’ll also receive guidance on best methods to read data sets and implement changes on your clients’ social ad campaigns.

Established Business Owners
Whether you own an offline store or an e-commerce business, this conference is for you. In today’s period, social media platforms are important tools to retain existing customers and serve your customers with improved actions.

From this conference you will learn the importance of online presence through website, social media accounts and online content.

You will learn content & social media best practices that will increase your brand reach and generate business leads.

Traditional Marketers
The Social & Content Conference will guide you on social media marketing methods that will complement offline marketing strategies.

Bloggers & Content Creators
We know that Social Media is the lifeblood of your online work, therefore, the presentations and workshops of this conference should be your priority. This conference will guide you in developing your niche.

This will be the right opportunity to refine your skill sets by learning latest techniques from industry experts. Also, it’s a wonderful chance for you to network with highly influential people in the digital space.

Who are the Keynote Speakers?

Our Keynote Speakers are coming from different parts of the world.  Backed by years of experience, they are very knowledgeable Marketing professionals, who hold an authority in the industry.  

Take a look at the schedule –

3XE Social Media & Content Marketing Conference

When & Where is the Conference?

The 3XE Social Media & Content Marketing Conference will be on Friday, 11th May 2018. The Conference will take place at Ireland’s legendary location – Croke Park in Dublin.

How much will it cost?

While Early Bird Offer tickets are sold out, the following options are available –

If you still have questions that we can answer, then write to us here.