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January 25-27


John Foley is someone who understands the online business extremely well. Having worked on both sides of the client-agency relationship over the past 8 years, John is an expert at removing complexities of paid search campaigns.

John Foley is the Country Manager (UK & Ireland) at Finch, who strongly believes in the benefits of automation. He assures, “Not only does automation free up resources to focus on strategic execution and other areas of the business, it actually increases revenue!”

Finch is a marketing technology platform that automates, simplifies, and optimises their client’s key business objectives—turning the complexities of paid media into their competitive advantage.

Finch is a Bing Elite Partner and a Google Premier Partner.

They have been recognized as best in class within the Google Premier Partner Awards for “Best Shopping Performance” in EMEA 2017 and “Best Search Innovation” in North America.

John tells, “We manage £300 million in Google Ads alone and our average client monthly ad spends ranges from £7.5k – £300k.”

3XE Search Marketing Event in Dublin

John Foley is participating at the 3XE Search Marketing Event on October 18th, 2018. As a keynote speaker, he is delivering a presentation on the ways to close the Technology Gap between online businesses and technology giants there!

Let's Close the Technology Gap with John Foley, Finch | 3XE Digital Conference

He explains “The global players on the sell side of clicks like Google and Facebook have a huge advantage compared to the buyer’s side, when it comes to data and technology. This is why we are rapidly exploring AI and ML technologies in online advertising.

The amount of information around each click we buy is exploding and the technologies of the past are simply not enough to handle this. This is where we see a clear gap:

  • The sellers of the clicks have ALL the DATA and ALL the Automation/Technology
  • The buyers of the clicks have very limited data and very limited Automation/Technology”

How to close the technology gap between you and the tech giants

New technologies are surfacing and that are helping advertisers to compete far more effectively. It also enables massively complex models to optimize the outcome.

“In my presentation I want to talk about how Finch is closing that technology gap with our own marketing technology platform. I will show you how we structure, manage and optimize campaigns and how we won two Premier Partner Awards for our results in Paid Search & Shopping.”

When we asked John what is one common mistake they come across in paid search campaigns, he says, “any business is neutering a campaign’s performance by having too many keywords in one ad group.”

John finds as a space for day to day influence.

Talking about the future of Search Marketing, John Foley says “There will be monetization of voice search where Bing will be a big player.

Meet John Foley at the 3XE Search Conference on October 18th in Croke Park.

Check the entire event schedule and book your tickets today.

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The wait is nearly over – 3XE Search, Ireland’s biggest digital marketing conference is returning to Croke Park, Dublin in just 10 days. The annual search event will host over 600 of the biggest Irish and global names in the digital marketing and social media industry.

This week, 3XE is delighted to announce that Triple Crown Winners – Wolfgang Digital are bringing their top tier talent to the conference to discuss the latest trends and significance of search marketing.

The Dublin-based company, founded in 2007, specialises in SEO/organic search, PPC advertising, social media and content marketing and has grown to become one of Europe’s leading performance marketing agencies.

Wolfgang currently holds a unique triple crown being the Irish, European and UK Search Marketing champions (35 awards in total), while their campaigns are frequently cited as part of Google case studies.


Alan Coleman, CEO and Brendan Almack, Director

Alan and Brendan will lift the lid on the key findings from Wolfgang’s 2017 E-Commerce KPI study. They will detail the key trends happening in digital media over the last 12 months as well as analyse how the customer journey is evolving.


Kenia Gonzalez, PPC Executive & Client Lead and Zoran Selinger, Senior Digital Marketer

Kenia Gonzalez, PPC Executive & Client Lead and Zoran Selinger, Senior Digital Marketer

Kenia and Zoran will be discussing Sentiment Analysis & Machine Learning for Search, Social and PR. Bravely incorporating “the feels“ into search and introducing “the science“ to social.



Kevin Moore, SEO Analyst & Client Lead and Sean Markey, SEO Executive

Kevin and Sean will look into How to Migrate Your Website Without Destroying Your Organic Traffic. They’ve been involved in successful migrations for national and global clients based everywhere from the Czech Republic to Australia, not to mention Ireland’s largest e-commerce websites.

If you’re not consistent with your search marketing, you’re not taking advantage of all the opportunities you have to connect with your audience. You’ll make a smart investment decision by attending the 3XE Search conference on October 19th, Croke Park, Dublin! For full agenda please visit:


Earlier this week we sat down with Richard Talbot to get his thoughts on the state of digital marketing moving into 2017. We also discuss some of the key takeaways from his upcoming talk at the Search and Social Media Marketing Conference on October 13th. Richard also shares his thoughts on some of the most the important digital developments over the last couple of years along with looking at some of the tools both new and old, which can help to optimise campaigns in 2017 and beyond.


What do you do – describe your company and your job?

I work for Tinderpoint and we are a full-service digital marketing agency based in Donnybrook, Dublin 4. The company was founded 14 years ago and was initially known as RingJohn after its founder John Ring. We rebranded about 3 years ago as the company grew and was no longer centred simply on John anymore. We primarily focus on SEO, PPC and social media services but do provide the full digital service which integrates web design, graphic design and brand strategy etc.


I have been here just over 2 years now and I am in Head of paid Search and Display (PPC). I am in charge of a team which partners with our clients primarily on Google AdWords, but also Bing Ads, AdRoll and various other platforms, some of which are unique to individual clients.

My own role is more concerned with working with clients to create high-level strategies. This role is especially important in term of new business acquisition as the resident PPC expert in the agency. I also produce content for thought leadership in the PPC space.


What will you be speaking about at 3XE Digital?

My session will cover some of my favourite search marketing mistakes which I and some of my colleagues have come across over the years. This will not only be limited to my experience with PPC as my colleagues will provide some of their most interesting and insightful stories from SEO.

In terms of my own experience, I spent 4.5 years working in google and another year in Microsoft before joining agency-land so I have come across a lot of funny account setting and interesting questions and stories from clients large and small, national and international.

When campaigns, especially in PPC, go beyond the need for basic understanding the likelihood of making a mistake is obviously much higher and this can lead to you burning a lot of cash. So my session will give attendees an insight into what can go wrong and the steps you can take to avoid these and similar mistakes.


What can delegates expect to come away with from your presentation?

Delegates will see how important it is to always be testing and checking to ensure that their campaigns are working as intended, if you experience issues it is essential to address them straight away. Also just because something is recommended for you from, say a platform provider or another industry expert, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best thing for you. There are many paths to success in PPC and SEO, it is not a one size fits all or best practice fits everybody approach. Sometimes it pays to be unconventional


What have been the most important and engaging developments in digital marketing that you have seen over the past year?

Specifically speaking from my own area of expertise I think remarketing has really come into its own. Expanded search text ads from Google, while a little unproven given how new they are representing the shift in how ads look along with the taking away of the right-hand side ads earlier this year. The new Customer Match feature which allows you to harness your email databases for search campaigns on AdWords is interesting, and will have a bigger impact if Google release this for use with display campaigns – subject to all the relevant data protection considerations being ironed out.

In terms or wider digital marketing landscape, Influencer marketing has been talked about a lot this year. I think it is somewhat overhyped at the moment and has yet to really bed down in Ireland. I would question if influencer marketing will ever become as important here as say the USA or the UK due to the small size of the market and the Irish attitude towards celebrities of all hues. Chances are you’ll know an “influencer” personally!

What emerging tools and apps will become most applicable to digital marketers over the coming year?

I think Google Analytics will become even more powerful and insightful in the coming years, although Google may wish to move more folks to the premium model. Google Tag Manager – an amazingly efficient piece of kit is one to watch as more third party tags are integrated into the platform as opposed to being custom set ups.

YouTube integration, with AdWords in particular, is extremely powerful for smaller companies by allowing them to manage video campaigns alongside their search and display in one platform. If previous years were often designated as the “year of mobile”, 2016 is definitely the “year of video” in my opinion.

Although many people are writing off Facebook as a social dinosaur with an ageing demographic, I couldn’t disagree with this view more. Facebook is one of the most cost-effective platforms out there and the launch of new features such as canvas ads and integration of Instagram and WhatsApp makes it incredibly powerful in terms of the level of data collection and further creative options.


What to learn more about the do’s and don’ts of PPC and SEO from Richard? Join us at the 3XE Digital Search & Social Media Marketing Conference taking place on October 13th, Croke Park.