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Achint Sehgal is a Certified Information Privacy Professional and a Privacy Engineer at OneTrust. He is globally responsible for solutions engineering at OneTrust. In his role, Sehgal advises many of the world’s leading organizations on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) solution implementations with extensive experience building and scaling enterprise-level privacy programs.

On a regular day at work, he liaisons with Privacy, Product, Marketing, R&D, PSO, and Sales teams for driving product roadmap and working directly with their customers, while also offering GDPR solution implementation best practices. Sehgal frequently speaks at industry events, including global PrivacyConnect workshops, where he provides deep insight into regulatory issues and practical approaches to compliance.

Achint Sehgal is a keynote at 3XE Digital Conversion Conference on 8th February 2018. He is speaking on the much-discussed topic in digital industry – GDPR: How to Tackle Consent and Preference Management. Consent is an active area that many organizations are currently struggling with in GDPR (and ePrivacy). Consent impacts both B2B and B2C marketing activities, as well as deeper business activities that may require consent such as automatic decision making, processing special categories of data, or cross-border data transfers. This session will help clarify why consent is so unique in GDPR, when you do (and don’t) need consent, and practical case studies of how to tackle consent, re-consent, and preference management in practice.

GDPR Consent by OneTrust at 3XE Digital Conversion

OneTrust is a global leader in enterprise privacy management software, enabling organizations to operationalize privacy compliance. The platform is used by over 1500 organizations worldwide to demonstrate compliance with regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Prior to OneTrust, Sehgal spent several years as a solutions architect at global technology organizations, where he implemented infrastructures in the Human Capital Management, Procure-to-Pay, and Order-2-Cash Saas spaces.  He holds a M.S. in Manufacturing Systems and B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Ahead of the conference, we had a quick conversation with 3XE Digital keynote Achint Sehgal about his outlook on digital developments and his participation with 3XE Digital:

3XE Digital: Tell us about your journey in the digital world and one thing that inspired you here.

Sehgal: Beginning with education, and through industry experiences, I’ve constantly been involved in design and implementations of B2B & B2C solutions, with far reaching audience. I’m most inspired by individuals committed to providing the best products on the market.

3XE Digital: What will you be speaking about at 3XE?

Sehgal: I will be speaking about practical approaches to managing Consent as required under GDPR.

3XE Digital: What are the 3 takeaways that you think delegates will get from your presentation?

Sehgal: Delegates will get:

    1. How Consent is specifically defined under GDPR
    2. Practical ways of getting consent from individuals
    3. Regulatory requirements for Consent and the overall consent lifecycle

3XE Digital: What emerging trends will affect your business during 2018?

Sehgal: We believe that the upcoming ePrivacy Regulation and the enforcement of the GDPR will impact the privacy industry – also impacted by the increasing awareness amongst people about their rights under these regulations.

3XE Digital: What websites and people influence you on a day to day basis?

Sehgal: LinkedIn’s Daily Rundowns, World Economic Forum, Product Hunt, Your Story, and Humans of NY. I’m most inspired by leaders such as Elon Musk and Jeff Weiner.

3XE Digital: How was year 2017 for you? What are your plans for this year?

Sehgal: 2017 was a year full of personal and professional growth. Looking forward to the rest of 2018 with advances in global professional footprint and traveling to more places around the world.

Achint Sehgal is speaking at 3XE Digital Conversion Conference on Thursday, 8th February in Croke Park, Dublin.

Find the event schedule here – 3XE Digital Conversion, 8th Feb 2018

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In the ongoing talks about GDPR are you feeling left out, off-track or wrecked? Don’t worry, because we understand your plight and we’ve worked out a solution for you. Let us look through the entire story of GDPR and find answer for the questions..

Topics covered:

  1. What is GDPR?
  2. Which countries fall under GDPR?
  3. What industries will be affected by GDPR?
  4. What will change due to GDPR?
  5. How to address GDPR related doubts?

What is GDPR?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. We’re deep in the age of digital transactions and as we continue to consume content & services online, we’re leaving traces of our personal details in the internet. This is how we create our digital footprints. Until now, online platforms were freely using all digital data available to them, for increasing their brand reach, marketing and promotional activities. But this usage of data will fall under strong scrutiny, thanks to GDPR.

In order to safeguard the personal data of its citizens, European Parliament has enforced a new regulation that will prevent the misuse of personal data. This means, with GDPR in action, individuals will gain control over their personal information and any business that uses this data,  will require the individual’s permission.

Which countries will be under GDPR?

All 28 member states of European Union will be covered by General Data Protection Regulation. The regulation will apply from 25th May 2018 across the EU countries, but the impact of it will be worldwide. Even organisations and businesses that are located in other corners of the world, but deal with personal data of EU citizens, will have to follow the rules of GDPR.

What industries will be affected by GDPR?

Irrespective of the industry you belong to, until you’re dealing with digital data of EU citizens, you’ll have to comply with General Data Protection Regulation.

Here’s a short video explaining GDPR:

What will change due to General Data Protection Regulation?

Gaining consumer trust will be of utmost importance. While digital data processors and controllers will continue collecting digital data, from May 2018, every piece of online personal information has to be consented by the owner of that data. If there’s a breach of GDPR, the organisation will have to bear a heavy penalty. As organisations and digital businesses are getting ready for the implementation of GDPR, there are doubts and fears about how will it all work in their favour! Reaching out to Information Security and Data Protection experts have been the way out for many.

3XE Solution

Due to numerous requests and calls, addressing the concern of local and overseas businesses, 3XE Digital will be hosting Ireland’s leading Information Security company  for the upcoming Digital Conversion Conference on 8th February. 3XE keynote Valerie Lyons, COO of BH Consulting, is a leading Information Security Risk Manager.

In her career span of 30 years in data protection, Valerie Lyons has created a successful track record in delivering business-driven information security solutions. Valerie’s talk and workshop at 3XE Conversion will cover ‘The Potential Impact of GDPR’ and the ‘Key Challenges for GDPR compliance in the Marketing Industry’.
Find the 3XE Digital Conversion Conference Schedule here –