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SimulTrans | 3XE Digital ConferenceSimulTrans is a global company that offers all type of translation services to the digital marketing industry. Their services include:

  • Translation of Websites, Blogs, Landing Pages, CTA, Offers, etc.
  • Translation and formatting of White papers, Case Studies and eBooks.
  • Translation and Audio Recording of eLearning materials (e.g. product demos, training videos).

SimulTrans work with countries around the globe, serving over 3000 clients globally. They can translate into 100+ languages.

Over a Billion people worldwide interact with their translations daily.

Whether you are booking an airline ticket, buying online or watching a YouTube video, the chances are you have seen their work at some point.

Their journey in the Digital World is driven by their clients who desire to grow and be leaders in their industries. Research suggests that over 75% of non-Native English speakers prefer to buy in their own language, that is almost 6 Billion people or potential customers.

As a leading translation company with 30+ years of experience, SimulTrans has always kept up to date with the latest digital developments in order to service the clients better and improve their own Brand.

SimulTrans’ understanding of the digital marketing and the sales inbound methodology has enabled them to help their clients when they have transitioned their digital strategies.

They work with some of the leading global digital marketing departments, delivering content for many of the world’s top Brands, adopting the latest technologies and processes, to support their digital journey.

There are a few great benefits of working with SimulTrans in the fast-moving digital landscape

Simplicity – They take the pain out of delivering the multilingual campaigns.

Technology – They adopt the latest technologies to support companies with the growing digital needs . SimulTrans provides the technology and translation expertise necessary to enable companies adopt an agile translation process in the digital marketing landscape.

We are delighted that SimulTrans is participating at the 3XE Conversion & eCommerce Conference on 14th February.

Delegates will have a chance to talk to industry experts on translations in digital marketing, get an overview of what translation tools and technologies are available, discuss their own challenges and learn which solutions might be the best suited to their own translation needs.

If you’re attending the conference on 14th Feb in Croke Park, make sure to visit the exhibition stand of SimulTrans and gather all the information on translations for digital marketing.

Event Schedule – 3XE Conversion & eCommerce Conference

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Deepak Lamba declares “The digital industry is dynamic. You never stop learning here!” Deepak is the Conversion Optimisation Leader at VWO, a leading optimisation platform leveraged by over 5000 brands globally.

Key Pillars of Conversion Optimisation Program | 3XE Digital Conference

VWO is used by large enterprises like eBay, Target, Lenovo, Aussie Bank and more. It offers an A/B testing and optimisation platform that helps to improve website’s UX, conversion rate and other significant metrics.

He tells us  “I came from a traditional sales background selling to large Enterprises. Entering the digital world and interacting with marketers was a defining moment in my career. I am inspired everyday by the fact that our product enables websites across the globe to deliver the best digital experience using data-driven experimentation which not only delights their customers but also has a revenue-positive impact for their business.”

Today, Deepak is heading VWO’s European region, acting as a primary contact for the prospects and clients from Europe looking to set up an experiment regime in their organisations. He combines the technical know-how with business strategic needs, and offers consultation to over 100 businesses worldwide. He helps them to set up the conversion optimisation process.

Keynote Speaker at 3XE Conversion & eCommerce Conference

On 14th February, Deepak is participating as a Keynote Speaker at our Conversion & eCommerce Conference in Dublin. He will deliver a presentation on the topic – Key Pillars of a Successful Conversion Optimisation Program.

Highlights of his presentation will be:

  1. Components that must be included in an optimisation program.
  2. Success stories of customers.
  3. Hot trends, top tricks and tips from the CRO space.

Deepak explains “Today, a plethora of success stories are available which prove that CRO has a direct and significant impact on the revenue growth. However, application of CRO in most organisations has been far from optimal, which inadvertently causes them to leave money on the table.”

“Further, suboptimal optimisation programs lead organisations to draw wrong conclusions, or statistically unsupported decisions from their A/B tests and damage what’s not broken.”

In this session, Deepak will walk us through the key pillars of a successful CRO program, covering some real life success stories of organisations that have done it right.

Deepak shares his view on a few of the conversion tactics used by companies today:

Do website viewers really trust in-web notifications and does it help in getting conversions?

Yes, it definitely does! It’s a natural human instinct to take an action quickly in a time bound situation.

Do discounts and special offers work as a conversion tactic for all industries alike?

It is true that everybody loves discounts but they do not work as a conversion tactic for all industries alike. They do work with consumers, but with businesses it is a completely different ball game.

Deepak recommends their platform, VWO (, as the most effective conversion optimisation tool.

Absorbing the good from competitors’ websites and newsletters, Deepak also looks for inspiration from LinkedIn, G2Crowd and TrustRadius.

Digital Trends in 2019

Deepak Lamba says “2019 will most probably witness Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots and Personalisation becoming major digital trends.”


Meet the genius from VWO at the 3XE Digital Conference in Croke Park, on 14th February.

Event Schedule – 3XE Conversion & eCommerce Conference 2019

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Key Pillars of Conversion Optimisation Program, VWO | 3XE Digital Conference

Connect with Deepak Lamba, online:



Paul Rouke is the Founder & CEO of PRWD – a UX and CRO agency based in the UK. Paul leads the agency as well as working directly with some of their clients on various national and global projects.

He tells us “I share knowledge and experiences gained whilst running and growing PRWD by speaking at events, taking part in webinars, writing guest articles and delivering training courses for Google Digital Garage.”


PRWD logo | 3XE Conversion conference 2019PRWD was born out of Paul’s entrepreneurial spirit and care for a customer-centric online business. Here’s the interesting story of the agency – History of PRWD

PRWD helps their clients become more customer-centric, bringing them closer to their customer than they have before. The agency then handles researching, designing, developing and testing new & improved digital experiences. They specialise in CRO, User Research and User-Centered Design. The team is skilled in UX design, development, behavioural research, data, digital strategy, psychology and optimisation.

Paul shares “We work across a wide range of sectors, with brands ranging from innovative start-ups and major multi-channel retailers through to global leaders Allianz and Red Bull.”

Customer-centric Business, PRWD | 3XE Digital Conference

Keynote Speaker at 3XE Conversion & eCommerce Conference 2019

Paul Rouke is participating at the upcoming 3XE Digital Conference in Dublin. As a keynote speaker at the conference, his presentation topic is ‘Walking the Walk towards True Customer-Centricity’.

He explains “Nearly every business claims they are “customer-centric“, yet reality proves they’re far from it. In my talk I will share and explain what is the number 1 approach we have used at PRWD for over 15 years to help our clients around the world become customer-centric.”

Takeaways from his presentation

Conference attendees will walk away with answers to:

  1. What are the 3 most common reasons that stop companies  from becoming customer-centric?
  2. What can be the most important activity to help a business start becoming customer-centric?
  3. What are the 3 things that differentiate Amazon from most companies in the world?

Using our recent interaction with Paul Rouke as an opportunity to understand his thoughts on topics from the digital marketing industry and to know more about his journey into the digital landscape, we asked him a few questions:

What do you predict as the digital trends for 2019?

  • Google Optimize will continue being one of the main testing tools, particularly for smaller businesses
  • An increasing amount of larger businesses will invest in user research, either internally or externally
  • More companies will start focussing some of their attention on improving their digital experience, compared to purely focussing on growth through acquisition.

Which Conversion Optimisation tools would you recommend?

People’s brains. They are often either under-utilised within businesses, or there simply isn’t enough resources to harness the actual tools and technology a company has invested in. Many, many companies waste significant money on the latest tools and technology, or the latest industry trend, yet haven’t invested in the people, either internally or externally, to maximise the value of the features available.

Considering there are people in place to harness tools, my number 1 recommendation is HotJar – for its broad features which are incredibly well priced, and help provide a range of behavioural and attitudinal insights which can help fuel conversion optimisation strategies.

Do website viewers really trust conversion widgets like in-web notifications and do they help in getting conversions?

These techniques have been employed (and are still used today) on one of the most optimised websites in the world,

Used alone without other trust indicators can make them feel gimmicky. Used alongside other genuine elements which can build trust and credibility in to an experience, these social proof indicators can have a positive impact on user behaviour.

Do discounts and special offers work as a conversion tactic for all industries alike?

Discounts and special offers are short term tactics to encourage visitors to convert. They can work in different industries, but I recommend companies adopt this approach taken by Jeff Bezos. Think about what is important to your audience today and that will still be just as important to them in 5 or 10 years time. This could be low prices or it could be incredible customer service for instance. Then, focus your business on making sure that what is important becomes core to your business and proposition. That is, long term thinking that can have short term impact too.

What in your experience are common reasons why Conversion Optimisation doesn’t have the impact it could have for businesses?

Conversion optimisation and customer centricity represent a mindset change within a business. It can be incredibly hard to make changes such as:

  • Moving from just putting changes live to researching and testing ideas
  • Moving from opinion based decision making to customer informed decision making
  • Moving from online feedback forms to speaking to customers 1-1
  • Moving from one person doing CRO to have a multi-disciplinary team
  • Moving from a basic Google Analytics set-up to an advanced, intelligent Google Analytics set-up
  • Moving from no test results reports to having insightful, shareable test results reports

There are more areas companies need to look at. This is why we developed a Conversion Optimisation Maturity Model back in 2014, which is freely available to companies around the world as a direct download here:

Customer-centric Business, PRWD | 3XE Digital Conference

Tell us about your journey in the digital world and one thing that inspired you here.

Back in the late 90’s I was working within the catalogue team at GUS Home Shopping (which later become Shop Direct). The business had started to develop its first e-commerce store, and I was responsible for taking the raw photoshoot images from the catalogue and making them “online ready”. I was there to make products look good and help visitors make an informed decision to make a purchase.

A unique opportunity came up to become our e-commerce departments 1st web designer. Having previously only worked in print design, this would mean stepping outside my comfort zone. I chose to do this, and following being interviewed I was offered the role to make this internal move.

In the early part of my 4 years as Web Designer then Senior Web Designer, I got the opportunity to observe user research sessions on experiences I had designed. It was a humbling experience, and I realised right then how important it is to speak to customers and observe their behaviour, if I am to design better user experiences. Nothing has changed in the 15 years since then.

In the final 2 years at Shop Direct I made the decision to take destiny into my own hands and start working for myself. I started moonlighting under the company name PRWD (Paul Rouke Web Design). The focus at the start was on improving digital user experiences, and the focus 14 years on is the same.


Paul Rouke will be in Dublin on 14th February 2019. It will be a great chance for the conference delegates to meet up and connect with the highly experienced digital professional, Paul Rouke.

Customer-centric Business, PRWD | 3XE Digital Conference

Schedule: 3XE Conversion & eCommerce Conference

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You can connect with Paul Rouke online on:



Carrying over 10 years of experience in data-driven growth, Rudger with his team of developers and digital optimizers help companies with various aspects of digital optimization.Rudger de Groot is the founder of a marketing agency based in eastern part of the Netherlands – Mintminds Digital Optimizers.

Rudger tells us “My Job is combination of project management, user research and running data-driven data drive experimentation programs for our Clients.”

Telling a little more about his journey into the digital marketing space, Rudger shares “13 years ago I started at Conrad Electronic which was one of the first and biggest Mail order companies for consumer electronics, similar to Maplin. Main focus back then was creating catalogues of over 900 pages using the old-school data entry method. Anyway, website got important (who would have thought!), so I taught myself in online marketing and finally data driven experimentation. In my final years at Conrad I was responsible for the experimentation program that was active in the Benelux, Germany and Austria. He laughs and says “I liked experimentation because on paper it should make meetings much shorter, as we make decisions based on data.”

Data driven A/B Tests to understand user behaviour | 3XE Digital Conferences

The agency Mintminds offer various services depending on the goals and challenges of their clients. Sometimes clients will completely outsource research and experimentation, on other occasions they serve as a coach, assisting the client’s in-house team to do everything more efficiently.

Data-Driven A/B testing at 3XE Conversion Conference

Rudger is joining us at the upcoming 3XE Conversion & eCommerce Conference as a keynote speaker. His presentation topic is ‘What our customers learned and earned from data-driven experimentation!’

He will talk about the rigorous data-driven A/B testing process combined with proper user research that can ensure a better understanding of user behaviour. This ultimately leads to better performance of the company and improved conversions. Rudger says “I will share our story, how we achieved sustainable growth through experimentation for our customers.”

Key takeaways from the presentation

The highlights of Rudger’s presentation will be:

– He will offer tips that will improve the quality of your tests

– A different perspective on results of user research

– Why we must respect behavioural differences

Rudger will also share a case study to explain the impact of conversion widgets like in-web notifications. He briefly states that getting conversions through these widgets depend largely on the website of the company and product or service offered by them.

When we asked ‘Do discounts and special offers work as a conversion tactic for all industries alike?’

For some products and visitors it’s not about the price, and a discount can have a negative impact. I just remember that Hazjier Pourkhalkhali has a nice example of this case which he presented at Opticon last year.

Digital Trends for 2019

There will be bigger adaptation of cloud workers to help in deploying a/b tests, as more and more sites need to make the shift towards server side of testing.

Which Conversion Optimization tools would you recommend?

Again depends on budget, goals, challenges and the likes. You should ask which ones us optimizers don’t like when we are at the bar :)

Websites and people influence Rudger on a day to day basis.

‘I like reading and sometimes participating in the slack channel from Conversion World and Manuel’s Podcast Conversion Nations. I’m finding myself a lot on Youtube; the topics are very very broad: Statistics, Optimization, Cars, Grilling, Documentaries etc.’

Meet Rudger de Groot at 3XE Conversion and eCommerce Conference on 14th February, 2019.

Check the details:
Event Schedule – 3XE Conversion & eCommerce Conference
Registration – Tickets Available

Data Driven A/B tests by Rudger De Groot | 3XE Digital Conference

Connect with Rudger De Groot:


Google updates suggest that 2019 will be the year to seriously focus on page speed. Bringing together all updates on to a website is nice but if we’ve ignored the page download time, we will miss out to show up on the search results page!

Agency Under2

Working on website speed requires expertise and we are inviting one such expert to our Conversion & eCommerce Conference in Dublin. Under2 is a web agency that builds fast stuff! From small tweaks on website codes to full brand development, Under2 takes care of the aesthetics and technical details of websites to keep them fast and up-to-date with the accessibility standards.

Chris Simmance, keynote speaker from Under2

Coming to our conference is Chris Simmance, the Chairman of two digital agencies – Under2 and Optus Digital. Chris wears multiple hats at work as he manages marketing, sales, training and stating vision for his teams in the two agencies.   Explaining about his company Under2, Chris tells “We build fast stuff for the web, or we take slow stuff and make it faster. Everything we build loads in under 2 seconds.”

Landing Page Speed, Under2 | 3XE Digital Conference

Speed Up Websites for Better Conversions

He suggests that “2 seconds in the new slow for websites”. Therefore through his keynote presentation at the conference, Chris will share how & why to Speed Up websites for better conversions.

Talking about the 3 key points of his presentation, Chris highlights:

  1. There will be site speed optimisation tips.
  2. Companies will know why a website is broken and how tracking tags increase the load time.
  3. With examples he will show what a slim website looks like.

In our recent interaction with Chris Simmance, we discussed a few conversion tactics, digital trends and what influences him professionally.

Digital Trends in 2019

Predicting the digital trends for this year, Chris clarifies that voice won’t be as big as people think because markets aren’t fully prepared to deal with the paradigm shift. Mobile will continue to grow but as will tablet and the cross-browser experience will be easier to track (GDPR permitting, of course).

Conversion Widgets

When we asked whether website viewers really trust the in-web notifications that create urgency for purchase (for example: last 2 seats lefts / 5 more people are looking at this, etc.). Chris’ reply was “Nobody likes that stuff and it makes the value look lower. It works though!

Discounts for conversion?

His view on discounts and special offers as a conversion trick is that “Discounts lower the value of a proposition but again, they work when ££ is the motivator to the user.

Conversion Optimisation Tools

Chris Simmance who cares well for website speed tells that he wouldn’t recommend any of the commonly used conversion optimisation tools as they slow sites down! Best way is to build your own.

Websites that influence his work

For daily updates and guidance Chris relies on Search Engine Journal, Deepcrawl and SEMrush.

Landing Page Speed by Chris Simmance, Under2 | 3XE Digital Conference

Chris is a self-taught, self-motivated individual and people who make their own way in this industry are the ones who inspire him. We are looking forward to welcoming Chris Simmance at 3XE Conversion & eCommerce Conference on 14th February, 2019.

Join us! 

Event Schedule3XE Conversion & eCommerce

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Meet our speaker Teresa Heath-Wareing.

Teresa Heath-Wareing is an International Social Media & Marketing Consultant, Trainer and renowned Speaker. She is also the founder of THW Marketing a Marketing & Social Media agency, in the United Kingdom.

Teresa says, “We help businesses all over the world to improve their marketing and social media efforts so they can better connect with their ideal audience and then convert them into life long customers.

TWH Marketing Limited Logo

THW Marketing help companies with effective marketing and social media strategies, that helps in driving more traffic, increasing sales and thereby accelerating business growth. Teresa, who is highly passionate about social media marketing, has built an excellent team of marketers at THW Marketing, and together they manage social media for businesses. They have helped companies understand that social media has to be an integral part of the marketing plan for achieving overall business goals.

Teresa with over 15 years of experience in marketing, is also a member of The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) in the UK. CIM is one of the largest communities of marketers that represent and professionally develop marketers.

She tells “I love how digital marketing has enabled us to learn more about our audience, bought us close to them and ways that we can connect with them. I also love the fact that you can track how well a campaign has gone or not.

Apart from writing articles for renowned marketing websites, Teresa is an author of book titled ‘Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses’.

Social Media Followers into Email Subscribers

On 14th February, 2019 Teresa will be joining us in Dublin for the 3XE Conversion & eCommerce Conference. She is a keynote speaker delivering presentation on the topic, ‘Building your email list – my step by step guide to how I grew my email list by 800 emails in 3 weeks’.

As we get ready for the conference, we were delighted to have a short conversation with Teresa Heath-Wareing. Here’s the excerpts from our talk:

What are the 3 takeaways that you think delegates will get from your presentation?

  1. Attendees will understand the importance of converting social media followers and website visitors into email addresses.
  2. They will learn how to use lead magnets to do this.
  3. And How to build a highly converting lead funnel!

Websites use conversion widgets like in-web notifications that create urgency to purchase (for example: last 2 seats lefts / 5 more people are looking at this, etc.). Do website viewers really trust these and does it help in getting conversions?

Adding any level of urgency is a great way to get visitors to convert, that is, the fear of missing out! However I do feel that there is still a lack of trust around these notifications!

Do discounts and special offers work as a conversion tactic for all industries alike?

Before deciding what offer or discount to use you need to understand your audience, what has worked well in the past or what do they normally respond well to. Fast acting discounts or bonuses can work really well.

Which Conversion Optimisation tools would you recommend?

I tend to use tools such as Leadpages, infusionsoft and Google Analytics. Here are the resources recommended by THW Marketing – Online Tools to use!

There are people in the industry who influence Teresa – they are Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn and James Wedmore.

Predicting the digital trends for 2019, Teresa sees that brands will be putting in more efforts to build their tribes. And that preferred way to communicate will be personal, more one-to-one.

Take this opportunity to meet and interact with Teresa at 3XE Conference in Croke Park on 14th Feb! This is the event schedule – 3XE Conversion & eCommerce Conference

You can check the ticket options here – Register for 3XE Conversion & eCommerce.

Teresa Heath-Wareing, THW Marketing on Converting Social Media Followers into email subscribers | 3XE Digital Marketing Conference













Here are the links to connect with Teresa Heath-Wareing, online:


We have a series of educational videos in place for you. From the extensive amount of great content that we have gathered, is the obvious choice for the first presentation to be shared with you – on improved website conversion tactics.

In this 20 minute video, delivered by one of the lead data scientists at, you will learn about how uses Experimentation and Personalisation to drive increased customer conversions.  This is a must-see video for anyone operating at the customer-side or e-commerce end of web marketing. is one of the largest global travel e-commerce companies in the world. Shalini Sukumar, Data Science Product Owner at, spoke on Personalisation at recent 3XE Digital conference on Website Conversion and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation). You can visit here to know more about Shalini Sukumar.

In her keynote presentation, Shalini talked about Personalisation and Experimentation on websites, to increase conversions.

She emphasised the fact that all of the product development in is driven by data – data that they get from customer bookings and searches. Her presentation focused on the data driven solutions and data driven experimentations to increase online conversions. uses in-depth personalisation while connecting customers to the travel partners. Using various examples, she posed the question – Is personalisation required in Travel? Shalini shared a video that has been created by customers and indicated that personalisation is hugely impactful for travel websites and every online business.

This presentation will help you understand what is meant by personalisation and how to use personalisation at different stages during the customer lifecycle.  Shalini’s presentation is an excellent guide to know that personalisation starts from the very first stage of buyer’s journey, it goes on till purchase and continues to retain a customer. The presentation will also tell you how a personalised solution will bring a customer closer to purchase.

Different Types of Data

She explained that at they have boiled it down to using data sets to target the users.

Showing examples of user behaviour data, product data and contextual data she explained how to direct website visitors towards purchase. Also, she shared the learning from customer behaviours in the past, including image related searches.

These Data Science solutions are constantly tested to see if they are driving conversions. A/B testing is one of the most extensively used methods to check user preferences. In the video you will see examples to run A/B tests for effective results.

Key Takeaways!

While you will learn many important aspects of personalisation and experimentation through this presentation, let’s take a look at the key takeaways from the presentation are:

  • Address Personalisation
  • Data drives product
  • Test everything
  • Question everything
  • Data is power and with power comes a lot of responsibility

To watch other videos from the series, please do click here – 3XE Digital Presentation Videos




Two weeks ago, over 600 people packed into Croke Park to hear some of the best international and domestic leading lights in digital marketing at 3XE Conversion.

Even though you weren’t able to attend the conference, you don’t have to feel like you missed out completely. Here are our three golden nuggets to help you grow your business online.


Booking.comPersonalisation and Experimentation

  • Product Loves Data.
  • Address personalisation.
  • Test and retest EVERYTHING.

Why should you do A/B Testing?

  • All of us are wrong most of the time.
  • We want what we do to be profitable.
  • We want customer sentiment to drive product development.
  • We want decisions to be based on fact.

Why shouldn’t you be testing?

  • You don’t have enough traffic.
  • You don’t know what success looks like (no success metrics).
  • You like being ‘the expert’.

PinterestDriving Online Conversion Through Visual Discovery

“It’s all about me and my interests.”

  • Pinterest is the most popular platform for finding and shopping products.
  • 200 million+ people globally use Pinterest every month.
  • +40% growth year on year.
  • +50% male Pinners growth.
  • 600k monthly Pinners in Ireland.
  • 44% of Irish Pinners are Millennials.
  • 93% of Pinners use Pinterest to plan for things they want to buy.
  • 87% of Pinners purchased something because of Pinterest.
  • Pins are ideas – make sure all of your creative is… Helpful. Beautiful. Actionable.

GoogleHow to get started with mUX improvement. Data & stories from 400+ engagements.

  • 50% of smartphone users said if they were unhappy with their experience on a mobile site or an app, they would be less likely to buy products or services from that company in the future.
  • Be ready for user experience (UX) – mobile site improvement is a priority. Use analytics and A/B test recommendations.
  • Calculate the opportunity from small improvements. Increasing the mobile conversion rate by only 5% (from 2.6% to 2.73%) can potentially bring $2.7M additional annualized revenue.
  • Make payments easier and faster online with Google Pay – Reducing 120+ taps to a 2-click checkout online.
  • Help users checkout faster with Autofill. In recent experiments, Autofill drives up to 25% more form submissions on Android (Chrome Research). Can store email, name, phone, credit card and address.
  • Implement address autocomplete. When the user selects an address from the list of suggestions, your application can then populate the correct fields of the address entry form.


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We’re still confirming some of our line-up for the 3XE Social Media & Content Marketing Conference on 11th May, Croke Park, Dublin, but I couldn’t wait to share our first wave of speakers with you. For more details please visit:


Rebecca Hindle is a Digital Strategy Manager at Sky Betting and Gaming. Having worked across various industries and brands, including, retail, gambling and public sector, Rebecca is a specialist within digital marketing. She has worked in digital and ‘above the line marketing’ at DFS Furniture and now manages the digital strategy at Sky Betting and Gaming.

In her career, Rebecca has led many digital marketing teams to deliver significant results, that includes Sky Casino rebranding and implementation of an advanced attribution solution. Rebecca is known for her ability to match her strategic thinking with the implementation across multiple landscapes, bringing many successful campaigns to fruition.

Sky Betting and Gaming (SBG) is one of the UK’s biggest gaming companies. Here’s an interesting podcast telling the history of this company – The Story of Sky Betting and Gaming

On 8th February, at 3XE Digital Conversion Conference, the team from SBG is giving a workshop on ‘Changing the Game’. The workshop will take you through the launch of their high-performance Casino which opened in 2017. Talking about brand proposition, media strategy and conversions, SBG will provide you a thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities that you may face during the conceptualization and implementation of big projects like that of SBG’s Casino.

Rebecca Hindle and her colleagues, Helen Warburton and Helen Baggott will be leading the workshop.

Working as Strategic Digital Marketing Manager at Sky Betting and Gaming, managing multiple channels and implementing world class campaigns, Rebecca will be talking about the Sky Betting and Gaming Casino rebrand and a digital first media strategy.

Expressing her thoughts on the digital trends for 2018, Rebecca says ‘Machine learning is bound to have an incremental impact on day to day digital media and for the better! Computers are taking on the automated implementation, and leaving us humans to do the strategic thinking.’

When we asked Rebecca on what websites and people influence her on a day to day basis, Rebecca said ‘While the biggest personal influence is my Mum, who has taught me perseverance against all odds, Sheryl Sandberg is my biggest business influence as I read her book and learnt to ‘lean in’ in business’.

2017 saw a year of progression for Rebecca, moving from Digital marketing manager to digital strategist within Sky Betting and Gaming, having some major career highs as part of the Sky B&G team.

Meet the team from Sky Betting and Gaming at 3XE Digital Conversion Conference on 8th February in Croke Park, Dublin.

Take a moment to see the entire event schedule – 3XE Digital Conversion, 8th Feb 2018

Last few tickets available here – Book Now


Anu Adegbola is a Paid Search Specialist who has been part of the industry for over 10 years. She started her career in SEO with Altogether Digital and when her interest towards PPC grew, she took her first PPC role with Vizeum. Having worked with several agencies and also on the client side, Anu Adegbola understands the digital business from both sides.

When she wished to have more control and freedom in selecting the accounts she wants to work with, Anu decided to go as a freelancer. Anu says ‘My inspiration for getting into the digital world is that I have always loved working on Excel, and as Paid Search is a data heavy industry, it allows me to stretch Excel to its limit to ensure we are seeing exactly what an account does – almost like in a 3 dimensional way.’

With her business MindSwan, Anu brings high quality insight to PPC data. As a self employed, Anu is working with OMD on the likes of NSPCC, SEE, Eurotunnel on reporting & analysis. She has also worked with DanDan Digital and

Anu Adegbola is a keynote at 3XE Digital Conversion Conference on 8th February in Croke Park, Dublin. She is speaking on ‘Conversion and Pay-Per-Click Automation’, where Anu will go through the evolution of PPC and why we need automation solutions to make our PPC activities move ahead, and allow you to be ahead of competition, while keeping up the Google updates.

In our recent interaction with Anu Adegbola, she updated us on her work and the key points of her presentation at 3XE Digital Conversion Conference.

3XE Digital: What will you be speaking about at 3XE?

Anu:  – The evolution of PPC

  • How Excel can really accentuate what your Paid Search activity is doing for your company
  • Automation, that allows you to make and implement the decisions faster.

3XE Digital: What are the 3 takeaways that you think delegates will get from your presentation?

Anu –  PPC has come a long way since it started

– Don’t underestimate Excel

– Scripts can save Christmas: allowing your campaigns to continue working, and ensuring that your money is not being wasted upon a market change, even if your eyes aren’t on it.

3XE Digital: What emerging trends will affect your business during 2018?

Anu:  Customers are reluctant to spend a lot on advertising and also in-house analysis is an emerging practice.

3XE Digital: What websites and people influence you?
Anu: Twitter (#ppcchat, #SEMrushchat), Daniel Gilbert (Brainlabs), Larry Kim (WordStream), PPCHero,  and most of the speakers have seen in the conferences I have attended.

Anu Adegbola will be speaking at 3XE Digital Conversion Conference on 8th February at Croke Park, Dublin.

Note our conference schedule: 3XE Digital Conversion, 8th Feb 2018

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Connect with Anu Adegbola:

twitter: @mindswanppc

instagram: @mindswanppc