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Actively blogging at his home agency (, Gavin Duff is appearing at the 3XE Digital Search Marketing Conference on October 23rd, 2019. This article was written by Gavin and can be viewed on their website.

How Long Should My Blog Posts Be?

If this headline caught your attention and you’ve come here looking for the answer, you’ll be disappointed.

But don’t go anywhere, this is still relevant…

The question you should be asking instead is “How good should my blog posts be?”

It’s not about length

Too often in discussion around content, this question is asked. “How long does it need to be?”. If you’re asking this, your approach is all wrong.

There’s nothing new to say here that we haven’t already been trying to drill home. It’s not about length, it’s about the user.

It’s about relevance, originality, quality, and engagement. And if it can be entertaining, informative, controversial or opinionated, then even better – people might actually share it.

Share my content

You may have seen studies out there suggesting that the longer your piece of content is the higher it will rank on Google. And yes, this is true in many cases. But not in every case. Let me explain…

I just searched on Google for “how long should a meta description be?” and this page ranked first –

You know why? It’s rich content, its original, it’s got the length checker tool, there’s a useful image and then appropriate text length. That’s the key here – “appropriate”. It’s not two thousand words long but it certainly goes a long way towards answering my query.

Now, if my question instead had been “why do I need meta descriptions?” Then there’s an argument for writing more in order to give background, context and actionable value. Now that’s one I could easily write 2,000 words on. Not that length matters…

One core question

There is 1 core question you need to ask yourself at 3 key points while creating a blog post. And that question is: “Why should someone read this content and not someone else’s?

And you should ask it:

  1. Before you create your piece of content
  2. While you write it
  3. When you review it for publishing

So, at every point.

If you cannot answer that question, then start again.

You should ask yourself the same about your brand, product, service, website… it should be a part of everything that you do. But that’s another day’s discussion, and that could easily be 10,000 words… or whatever is appropriate.

Read the full article here at Friday Agency by Gavin Duff, the Head of Digital Performance.


For our businesses, you and I have been busy creating, publishing and distributing various formats of content. And it is only normal to go crazy thinking about killer content ideas, that will attract readers attention and generate potential leads. Read this article for an effective way to deal with such situations.

We invited Ian Cleary, an internationally recognised thought leader on content marketing and social media to our 3XE Social & Content Conference. Ian Cleary is the founder of RazorSocial. Through his agency, Ian helps in creating amazing content that drives relevant traffic. He also helps to promote content, build relationships and sales.

Here, are a few of the conferences he addressed as a keynote speaker –

Content Marketing World (5 years in a row) – Ohio,  Social Media Marketing World (5 years in a row) – San Diego, Martech – London, Boom Social – Florida, TBEX – Stockholm, Cancun and Toronto, SEO Zone – Istanbul, Content Marketing Day – Oslo and the next stop was 3XE Social & Content Conference on 11th May 2018 in Dublin.

At the 3XE Social Media & Content Marketing Conference, Ian Cleary shared the strategy that resulted in millions of visitors and thousands of shares for his website. He provided a framework that you can implement within your business, to drive more traffic to your website and increase the number of shares.

“Your customers want you to provide value before you pitch, and content marketing is a great way of providing that value.” – Ian Cleary, RazorSocial.

3XE Social Media & Content Marketing Conference

Ian Cleary is founder of the content marketing agency RazorSocial where he provides consultancy and training.  He is also founder of the email outreach tool OutreachPlus which helps businesses to automate and simplify the sending of highly personalised emails to generate leads, traffic and PR.  He’s an inbound and outbound marketer!

Majority of the trainings by RazorSocial, are done online to an international audience. They have recently worked with companies such as British Council, Black and Decker, Social Media Examiner and their work has been featured on New York Times, Fox News,, Forbes, VentureBeat and Inc.

Through OutreachPlus, they provide a tool specifically designed to help companies to drive more traffic and sales to their business using personalised email.  Ian tells, “You use an email marketing tool to send the same email to everyone. You use OutreachPlus to send highly personalised emails to a targeted audience to build links to your website, generate leads, get press mentions and to build your authority.”  

Here are the excerpts from our chat with Ian Cleary about social media and content marketing:

What are the benefits of Social Media and Content Marketing for a business?

Talking about Content Marketing for a business, I’ll say –  great content targeted at the right audience drives relevant traffic to your website and some of this can be converted to customers. Great content builds valuable links to your website which increases your authority which, in turn, drives more traffic.

And then, Social Media is a great place to get your message out to a large audience and put a face to your brand. Social media is a distribution channel for your great content which can drive traffic back to your website for more potential sales. It is also an effective tool for building awareness of who you are and what you do.  If people don’t know of you they can’t buy from you.

Would you consider Social Media as a revenue generating tool in the marketing mix?

It depends on how you approach social media.  If you create valuable content to a very targeted audience you can drive relevant visitors to your website and convert some of them to customers over time.  You will typically have a very low conversion rate for this approach. But, if you build a community of highly engaged people that are your ideal customers you can generate a lot of revenue from social media.  For example, create a community through a Facebook group. Increasingly it’s becoming harder to generate traffic/sales from Facebook pages, Twitter accounts etc so we need to rethink how we do social.

What will be your suggestion on budgeting for social media?

Set aside a budget for ads and build high converting funnels.  Both go hand in hand.

How important is content for paid campaigns?

People want you to provide value first before a sales pitch.  Content for a business is crucial to provide that value.

What website and people influence you on a day to day basis?

Mark Schaefer is a really smart Marketer that I like to follow.

I always like to keep top of what’s happening in the content marketing industry with Content Marketing Institute.

Social Media Examiner always great for the latest in social media.

Jon Loomer keeps me up to speed on Facebook Ads

Socially Sorted is for all things imagery and video related to social media

With Convince and Convert, Jay Baer and his team do a great job at demonstrating how larger business use social/content marketing to their advantage

Your thoughts on the future of social media and content marketing for businesses

Social media will all be pay to play unless we build real communities.  

Broadcasting messages through Facebook or Twitter will continuously get less and less reach, but building highly engaging communities will be a more cost effective and profitable way to handle social.

For content marketing the goals posts are moving because so many brands are doing content marketing now.  You need to think of bigger and better pieces of content but publish less often. The 500 word blog posts are typically a waste of time.   

Here is the presentation video that Ian Cleary delivered at 3XE Digital Conference. He explains exactly what we need to be doing.

Take the opportunity to learn from him, the effective practices of content marketing for businesses.




It’s official! Ireland’s foremost satirist, social media legend and one half of the Rubberbandits – Blindboy Boatclub will be appearing for an hour long masterclass session at 3XE Social & Content on 11th May in Croke Park, Dublin.

From calling Holy Communion “haunted bread” on The Late Late Show to extolling the virtues of getting wrecked on bags of glue, the Rubberbandits have been arguably the most subversive and original comedy act to come out of the Emerald Isle in the past decade.

Given that Horse Outside, the video that launched the Rubberbandits, has over 17 million views on YouTube – Blindboy’s keynote is guaranteed to appeal to a wide audience of digital marketers, content managers and social media enthusiasts. And it sure to be HILARIOUS too.  Who knows what will happen…

Join Blindboy Boatclub at the single most important social media and content marketing event of 2018 for digital marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners – 3XE Social & Content conference.


Get involved at the great price





You may be stuck at home, building snowmen or snuggled under the duvet, hiding from the bitterly cold ‘Beast from the East’ and briefly contemplating why there isn’t a crumb of bread to be found in the shops, in between binging on Netflix.

You may also be contemplating how useful social media was this morning. Schools announced they were closed on social media so everyone was waiting with baited breath for the announcements. Even Aviva, Ireland’s biggest insurance company, announced it would be closed today on Twitter to its employees. Weather updates happen first on social media.

When Mother Nature is not behind the wheel of destruction, it’s violence or other events ripping apart communities. In the midst of chaos, social media can be the unsung hero.

Did you know there are now over 3 billion social media users in the world – about 40% of the human population? No matter what you sell and who you sell it to, social media and content marketing has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. Truly successful and meaningful digital strategy is so much more than hunting for engagement, likes, shares and retweets, and 3XE Digital is here to prove it.

We are flying in 20 global leaders, specialists and educators to Croke Park on 11th May for the single most important social media and content marketing event of 2018 for digital marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners – 3XE Social Media & Content Marketing Conference.

You will learn the latest developments and best practices in:

  • Extending customer lifetime value.
  • Social media.
  • Content marketing.
  • Growth marketing.
  • Personalisation, tracking & attribution.
  • Utilising data & analytics.
  • Audience engagement.

Position yourself ahead of your competition and join 600 senior marketers and creators at 3XE conference designed to empower you with business-elevating ideas.




Featured image source: Motorito


Frederique Hugonnet is a Partnership Manager at Pinterest. She helps Irish and International partners advertise on the Pinterest platform. Frederique has been part of Dublin’s progressive international IT scene for past 8 years. She started as a campaign manager at Yahoo! and has also worked with Adara, a travel data-based advertising platform. Before joining Pinterest, she was working as an account manager with Twitter. With a little more than a year at Pinterest, Frederique manages the top Irish and multinational accounts. She says ‘I love the constant evolution of this industry and the ever-learning aspect of working in digital marketing.’

Conversions with Visual content at 3XE Digital

Pinterest is a catalogue of ideas and a source of inspiration. Their mission is to help people discover and do what they love.  Frederique tells, ‘We help people search through more than 100 billion of the world’s best ideas, and then incorporate those ideas in their own lives.’

Talking about the emerging digital trends for 2018, Frederique explains ‘There is a move from keyword search to voice and visual search. And then there’s the evolution of measurement from online multi-touche to include offline sales.’

Frederique Hugonnet is a keynote at 3XE Digital Conversion Conference held on 8th February 2018, in Dublin. At the conference she is speaking on how to ‘Drive Online Conversion Through Visual Discovery with Pinterest’. Visual content plays a major role for modern day brands. Images and videos are an absolute requirement as part of messaging and presentations. Pinterest has been at the forefront of this development for the past 5 years and continues to help brands in innovative and thought-provoking ways. In her presentation, Frederique will share some case studies and examples for best tactics to use imagery in the marketing mix and how Pinterest is fast becoming the platform of choice for smart marketers.

When we asked Frederique for the 3 takeaways that the delegates will get from her presentation, she kindly quoted ‘Delegates will be able to learn how significant is Visual Discovery for the future of search, how Pinterest can help using visual discovery to drive conversions, and best methods to adapt the creative strategy online to reach the objectives.’

3XE Digital Conversion Conference on 8th February is the opportunity to raise your digital techniques by learning effective usage of visual content by Frederique Hugonnet.

Frederique will be one of our morning speakers. Read the entire conference schedule here – 3XE Digital Conversion, 8th Feb 2018

If you still haven’t booked, don’t wait any longer to reserve your spot. Click here to buy tickets – Book Now


Amy McManus is the Managing Director of AM Marketing. She doesn’t lead a monotonous life of routine, because a typical day in Amy’s life can be anything from meeting clients, networking or presenting proposals to speaking on stage and running workshops.

AM Marketing is a brainchild of Amy McManus that was founded in September 2013, after  she had a sweeping success in freelancing. From rebranding ferries in Poland to launching award-winning health products in Holland and Barrett, Amy’s previous marketing jobs threw her into the deep-end on a number of occasions, but the drive to help her clients’ businesses grow, has always been her constant focus.

AM Marketing is a full-service marketing agency based in Canterbury, Kent. They specialise in digital marketing services, web, video and brand identity. They are a Google Partner agency and were selected for the Google Elevator programme in 2017, which picks the top 30 ‘ones to watch’ agencies within the United Kingdom. They have an impressive portfolio of clients all over the world and have experience working on accounts such as Disney, Very, VW Group, Harrods and Carlsberg Group.

Amy McManus is a keynote speaker at 3XE Digital Conference on Conversions. At this conference Amy will boost the attendees knowledge on ‘The Ad Blockers and Conversion – What You Need to Know.’ Ad Blockers will cost the advertising industry $20 billion by 2020. She will address the challenges that come with this change – In a future world, where Ad Blockers could be used by every device, how will boundaries of online advertising change? Who survives, who is left behind and what, if anything, replaces online advertising as we currently know it? Adding to this, Amy says ‘I’ll also be looking at how businesses can reach their target markets, attract customers and convert, even when ad blockers are in use.’

Before we head to our conversation with Amy McManus, here are the highlights from 2017:

  • AM Marketing was in the Google Elevator Scheme – Placed in Top 30 UK Google Partner Agency
  • Amy McManus gave a TEDx Talk on The Ad Blocker Future
  • Amy was the IoD Young Director of the Year Finalist
  • She was also the Women of the Future, Young Entrepreneur Award Finalist
  • AM Marketing won the UK Amazon Business Award

Watch Amy McManus at TEDx:

Amy McManus’ mantra at work is to ‘either evolve or die’. She shares some very interesting anecdotes from her digital life and the emerging online trends that everyone should be prepared for:

3XE Digital: How was year 2017 for you?

Amy: 2017 was an INCREDIBLE year for us!

3XE Digital: Tell us about your journey in the digital world and one thing that inspired you here.

Amy: AM Marketing originally started as a marketing consultancy and as the need for digital services grew, we evolved, trained, qualified and went with emerging trends. As marketing changed, we changed with it. As clients came to us with new needs, we evolved to fulfill these needs. We stay ahead of the curve and I personally love the ever evolving nature of the digital world.

3XE Digital: What do you think makes AM Marketing stand out from the competition?
Amy: AM Marketing is an agency that gets to know their clients and provides bespoke services to each one. They are not a ‘sell them cheap and stack them high’ agency and do not fit their clients into set categories. AM Marketing was founded to bypass the red tape and politics that can happen within larger organisations. They are reactive, flexible and honest. As a smaller agency, you generally get a higher qualified professional managing your account. AM Marketing never allow juniors or graduates to work on accounts before they have passed their training. They always ensure the team members working on their accounts have passed all of the relevant Google exams. Every team member is an expert in their specialist field.

It also helps that AM’s Directors (Amy and Brad) are married! This allows for very frank discussions, full honesty and pushes the business forward.

3XE Digital: How has AM Marketing managed to achieve such tremendous growth success?

Amy: I would say by sticking to our core values and providing a great service. In an industry that seems completely dominated and highly-competitive, we’ve found a niche. We offer good-quality, honest marketing services that people talk about. Most of our work comes from referral and our clients generally stay with us for a long-time. We also treat our team really well and ensure we look after their physical and mental well being. People who are happy within their jobs and enjoy their work, will look after your clients.

3XE Digital: What are the 3 takeaways that you think delegates will get from your presentation?


  1. How the boundaries of online advertising are changing.
  2. How to survive in the Ad Blocker future.
  3. How to reach, attract and convert ad blocker users.

3XE Digital: What emerging trends will affect your business during 2018?

New developments in AR, VR and AI. We are already working on marketing projects within VR and AR.

For a lot our clients, the biggest trend this year will be live video. Those who haven’t already boarded the live video train need to get on quickly!

3XE Digital: What websites and people influence you on a day to day basis?

Amy: The Drum, Ad Week, Gary Vaynerchuk, Sheryl Sandberg.

I get a huge amount of positive energy from a lot of amazing women. My Facebook news feed is just full of kick ass women, for example, Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah, Michelle Obama, Malala Yousafzai, Grace Hopper…the list goes on.

3XE Digital Conversion Conference is a great opportunity to engage with Amy McManus and to hear her digital experience speak. The conference is organized at Croke Park in Dublin on 8th February 2018.

Check this link for Conference schedule – Conversion Conference, 8th Feb 2018

If you’re yet to buy the tickets, follow this link to reserve your spot soon – Book Now


3XE Digital is excited to welcome UK’s top, revolutionary online bookmaker, Sky Betting & Gaming to the speaker panel at 3XE Conversion.

3XE Conversion will teach you about how SBG is dominating the conversion game and harnessing technology to deliver successful digital marketing campaigns on a large scale, with a larger impact. We’ll guide you on how to relay the successful tactics developed by SBG and apply them to your own business, all the while gazing into the future of conversion innovation and optimisation.

The principles behind how a business should effectively communicate to its customers have changed very little over the past 100 years. This has always been about getting the right message, to the right customer at the right time. What has changed is both the scale of the campaigns and the technology now available to businesses.

This event is designed for anybody who has an interest in digital marketing, from the novice who wants to gain an understanding of what conversion is about through to the seasoned professional looking to push the boundaries of what they can do.

Full agenda available at:


3XE Conversion keynote says YES! Here’s how:

In 2016 a world first for AI writing occurred at the Rio Olympics. The Washington Post covered 300 events using Heliograf, their in-house AI software. These robot-generated articles were published alongside ones written by humans.

Crucially, no-one spotted the difference. The paper now regularly uses Heliograf for sports reports like the one below and the same software is used under license by news organisations around the world.

For several years now, AI has been a hot new target for ambitious venture capital funds and there are some serious contestants available on the market:

Quill platform is smart enough to understand the user’s intent, pick out what’s interesting and develop an understanding of the story to be told. Feed it some structured data and Quill will transform it into a written narrative with a tone and style that reads as if a living person had sat down and tapped it out on a keyboard.

Phrasee specialises in writing email subject lines. Its technology is so advanced it captures the brand voice with uncanny accuracy and can even include emojis, emotions, colloquialisms, and alliteration.

Indix, which will optimise assortment for ecommerce website, improve their product pages and refine ad targets – to fill audience profile gaps and get the right products to the right people.

What do these tools mean for the future of writers/ bloggers / marketers? Join Mel Henson, Head of Creative at AWA digital and find out for yourself at 3XE Conversion, 8th Feb, Croke Park, Dublin





We are delighted to welcome the Head of Digital of The Times Newspaper Group to 3XE conference on May 17, Croke Park.

Ben Whitelaw, who is at the forefront of building digital community, will be speaking on the theme of “Creating Scarcity and Habit in a World of Abundance and Chaos”.

People thought The Times was mad when it eschewed breaking news and move to an ‘edition publishing model’ during the redesign of its website and smartphone last year. But the decision is paying off with a 30% increase in users and more pages consumed per visit than a year ago. Ben will talk about how it came about, why it’s been good for readers and what was learnt along the way.

Previously, Ben worked for the Guardian’s Professional Networks, writing about health, social care and social media in the public sector. He also, co-founded the media careers site Wannabe Hacks in 2010 whilst studying for a Masters in Newspaper Journalism from City University in London.

Join Ben Whitelaw and many other world class digital marketing experts at the next 3XE Conference on May 17th, Croke Park, Dublin. For further information please visit


Mobile advertising jumps to 52% of the total digital advertising spend in Ireland and it has experienced a growth of 63% in 2016, according to the recent PwC and industry body IAB Ireland report.

Nuala Nic Ghearailt, Manager, PwC, said: “The digital advertising sector in Ireland continues to show very strong growth. Mobile is clearly outstripping desktop spend”.

The main areas of growth in ad spending came from search, native, social media and video advertising as the survey suggests.

As consumers continue to spend increasingly more time on smartphones, it is a safe prediction that the mobile ad spend tendency will only see an increase in the following years. One can only wonder what impact it will have on the ecommerce, as slamming the desktop advertising leaves with a rather limited stock display options for mobile devices, which already suffer from inconvenience of executing a purchase.

Where should your company concentrate their advertising budgets on? What strategy will give you the highest return on your capital? How to reach your perfect target audience?

3XE Digital selected the most relevant industry professionals which will not only provide answers to any questions you may have, but also will teach and inspire you through series of talks, concrete examples and workshops on how to leverage digital marketing strategy and maximise your marketing impact.

  • Date: Wednesday, 17th May, 2017
  • Location: Croke Park, Dublin

For full schedule of the event please visit


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