Can a robot write your advertising copy?


3XE Conversion keynote says YES! Here’s how:

In 2016 a world first for AI writing occurred at the Rio Olympics. The Washington Post covered 300 events using Heliograf, their in-house AI software. These robot-generated articles were published alongside ones written by humans.

Crucially, no-one spotted the difference. The paper now regularly uses Heliograf for sports reports like the one below and the same software is used under license by news organisations around the world.

For several years now, AI has been a hot new target for ambitious venture capital funds and there are some serious contestants available on the market:

Quill platform is smart enough to understand the user’s intent, pick out what’s interesting and develop an understanding of the story to be told. Feed it some structured data and Quill will transform it into a written narrative with a tone and style that reads as if a living person had sat down and tapped it out on a keyboard.

Phrasee specialises in writing email subject lines. Its technology is so advanced it captures the brand voice with uncanny accuracy and can even include emojis, emotions, colloquialisms, and alliteration.

Indix, which will optimise assortment for ecommerce website, improve their product pages and refine ad targets – to fill audience profile gaps and get the right products to the right people.

What do these tools mean for the future of writers/ bloggers / marketers? Join Mel Henson, Head of Creative at AWA digital and find out for yourself at 3XE Conversion, 8th Feb, Croke Park, Dublin