on Improving Conversions: A Video Presentation


We have a series of educational videos in place for you. From the extensive amount of great content that we have gathered, is the obvious choice for the first presentation to be shared with you – on improved website conversion tactics.

In this 20 minute video, delivered by one of the lead data scientists at, you will learn about how uses Experimentation and Personalisation to drive increased customer conversions.  This is a must-see video for anyone operating at the customer-side or e-commerce end of web marketing. is one of the largest global travel e-commerce companies in the world. Shalini Sukumar, Data Science Product Owner at, spoke on Personalisation at recent 3XE Digital conference on Website Conversion and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation). You can visit here to know more about Shalini Sukumar.

In her keynote presentation, Shalini talked about Personalisation and Experimentation on websites, to increase conversions.

She emphasised the fact that all of the product development in is driven by data – data that they get from customer bookings and searches. Her presentation focused on the data driven solutions and data driven experimentations to increase online conversions. uses in-depth personalisation while connecting customers to the travel partners. Using various examples, she posed the question – Is personalisation required in Travel? Shalini shared a video that has been created by customers and indicated that personalisation is hugely impactful for travel websites and every online business.

This presentation will help you understand what is meant by personalisation and how to use personalisation at different stages during the customer lifecycle.  Shalini’s presentation is an excellent guide to know that personalisation starts from the very first stage of buyer’s journey, it goes on till purchase and continues to retain a customer. The presentation will also tell you how a personalised solution will bring a customer closer to purchase.

Different Types of Data

She explained that at they have boiled it down to using data sets to target the users.

Showing examples of user behaviour data, product data and contextual data she explained how to direct website visitors towards purchase. Also, she shared the learning from customer behaviours in the past, including image related searches.

These Data Science solutions are constantly tested to see if they are driving conversions. A/B testing is one of the most extensively used methods to check user preferences. In the video you will see examples to run A/B tests for effective results.

Key Takeaways!

While you will learn many important aspects of personalisation and experimentation through this presentation, let’s take a look at the key takeaways from the presentation are:

  • Address Personalisation
  • Data drives product
  • Test everything
  • Question everything
  • Data is power and with power comes a lot of responsibility

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