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The Alex Hotel – Nov 17
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Ciaran Rowe, Bookassist

Owning your direct customer

In an increasingly competitive world, it is important to understand the current landscape and learn how to hold on to your direct business. When customers search for your product or service they can easily be distracted by a multitude of options and end up either not converting or converting through another channel at a higher cost.

Areas such as Google Shopping, Hotel Ads, Finance, Flights, Carousel and increased options on the SERP to include Knowledge Graph links and featured snippets, all reduce traffic and opportunities to capture direct business through your website.

Using the travel industry as an example, this presentation will focus on ways to overcome these distractions and help customers find your direct channel, which will reduce costs and improve profitability.

Looking at opportunities and obstacles along the entire customer journey, Ciaran will share some strategies and observations that have positively impacted clients in one of the most difficult verticals to get right. This covers everything from basic PPC campaigns through to video & display, and on to landing page optimisation.



Aoife Mcilrath

How Companies Won or Lost during COVID19 and how SEO and digital transformations was key to success or failure.

Aoife McIlraith is an award-winning, independent digital consultant with more than twenty years’ experience. Named one of the “Top 20 Women making the biggest impact in Marketing Tech” in 2019. She provides consultancy to brands on international SEO, multilingual marketing strategies and digital transformations. Digital strategies that enable brands to surface the right content, in the right place, at the right time.



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Maeve Kelly, Littlewoods

Influencer is not a dirty word

This presentation delivered by Social Media at Littlewoods Ireland, Maeve Kelly, will outline the change in approach to influencer marketing in the last 12 months at Littlewoods Ireland and the quantifiable bottom line results generated by said change. In particular the presentation will cover the integration of the existing influencer marketing strategy into the overall paid social media strategy at Littlewoods Ireland.

Over the course of the last year Littlewoods Ireland have adopted a full funnel approach to influencer marketing using customer insights and new Facebook and Instagram tools to increase not only brand awareness but also a noticeable ROI and bottom-line return. The purpose of this presentation is to showcase how this result was achieved and will detail both the paid and organic strategies. Using real life examples of success, Maeve will discuss the tools available within social media platforms to best capitalise on influencer marketing and how these tools were utilised to drive a bottom-line return for Littlewoods Ireland.



Maedhbh McDonald, Bord Bia

Bord Bia’s journey to SEO success

Bringing you a case study in how Bord Bia increased organic traffic through a radical site restructure, and on page optimisation.

Bord Bia has always benefited from high organic traffic, with huge spikes around key events of interest to our users. However the site was outdated and offered a poor mobile experience. Our challenge, was to migrate the high ranking pages without negatively impacting SEO score in the immediate term, and driving increased organic traffic in the medium to long term.

This presentation will share details on how a ruthless content audit and information architecture shake-up, alongside investment in on page optimisation, radically improved Bord Bia’s SEO score.

Investing in getting to know your user and trusting your knowledge of your brand is key. Building a SEO strategy based on that knowledge will lead to the best long term results




Speaker to be announced shortly

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David Slattery, Head of Marketing @ Pinergy

Disrupting Energy

David will provide an insight on how Pinergy are disrupting & digitising the traditional energy sector to create a business built on purpose and growing through digital search and social.


Cillian Walsh, Just Eat

Navigating growth through COVID-19 with search automation

Earlier this year as we witnessed the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses of all sizes around Ireland struggled through a turbulent time of enforced closures & uncertainty. At Just Eat, we worked hard across the business to provide support packages to all stakeholders & restaurant partners affected. We also had to rethink our own approach to search advertising to find a smarter strategy that would continue to allow us to strive for channel growth. We’ll take you through the challenges we faced as a business & how we set out to overcome them using large scale PPC automation.



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Masterclass – TBC

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Fernando Angulo, Head of International Partnerships @ SEMrush

Amplify your Content Marketing Strategy by Mapping it to the Buying Funnel

Strategic planning at the outset of your content marketing strategy sets you up to get the most out of the content created. During this presentation, you will learn how to help your marketing team to focus on amplification, not only on content creation, and adapt the content that can be used to guide visitors into every stage of your buying funnel with different strategies.


Speaker to be confirmed

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Hidai Degani

It’s about the journey – what happens after they find you?

Hidai will share from his experience working with businesses in various industries, types & sizes

– Beware of the silos – the importance of the end-to-end customer experience (CX) and how to optimize it

– Multi-channel can mean multi-searches – what kind of journey are your customers getting? I.e. When did you check all your links?

– You worked hard to get them to find you, but did they buy? – Maybe you’re designing for robots and not humans? How to find the balance?

– Are you quickly & easily answering the 3 main questions of your customer: What is it? Does it work? How it works?

– The places to go wild with content for SEO, in other words “so now you decided to be short and not include all the possible key words?“ – FAQs and blogs, and how to use them effectively

– What we can measure and what we can’t – the data and attribution challenges in multi-channel, how channels impact each other




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