3XE Search – Agenda

The Alex Hotel – October 16
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*The Agenda for 3XE Search 2020 will available shortly, see below the Agenda from 2019*


Maryrose Lyons, 3XE Chairperson

Conference Opening

Your chairman for the conference, Maryrose Lyons, will open the conference and introduce the agenda and topics for the day.


Darius Pele, Facebook

Frictionless Future

The world is changing fast. Digital connectivity has improved our lives for the better, and it has raised people’s expectations, offering them every imaginable kind of choice. With mobile devices in hand, consumers have more power, voice and access to information than ever before. They’re engaging with brands across multiple channels before making purchases and are less willing to suffer any inconvenience or invest extra time to get what they want. Once people make up their minds, they want products and services immediately.


Shane Lyons & Georgie Bates – Search Directors @ Core

The Future of Shopping in Ireland

How we shop has changed drastically in recent years and yet eCommerce is still only in its infancy. With more and more businesses transferring all of their efforts to online and with the tech giants attempting to own the online shopping space it is clear that shopping behaviours in Ireland will continue to change considerably in the years ahead. Shane Lyons from Core will take you through some research we have carried out on the Irish media and retail industry as well as predict what the future looks like and where search sits in this billion-euro industry.


Beth Quigley, Senior Client Lead & Brendan Almack, Managing Director @ Wolfgang Digital

How To Outmarket Your Competition In The AI Era

5G rolled out in Ireland less than two months ago. The resulting increased internet speeds and increasing amounts of data drive us deeper into the AI era of the internet. The internet giants have been busy building out their AI capabilities for years now, Google has gone so far as to say it is now an “AI first” company. This new dawn poses existential questions for digital marketers.

In this talk, Wolfgang’s Brendan & Beth will explore this new landscape discussing the strengths and the weaknesses of the machine, deliver practical tactics and share award-winning cases studies which will enable digital marketers to prosper in the AI era.





Time to ask the speakers some questions


Coffee Break

Time for a break, visit the exhibition stands, get some swag, and network with your fellow delegates.


Dawn Anderson, Move It Marketing

How Google BERT, ELMo and MT-DNN are changing the game for Natural Language Understanding & Contextual Search

Context matters and a single misunderstood word in a sentence can change the whole meaning in search intent understanding. Google BERT is a pre-trained language model open sourced by Google and now being used increasingly by researchers as a means to understand the meaning of words in context. It is considered a complete game changer amongst machine learning researchers. Here I will talk about progress in machine learning and natural understanding disambiguation and how BERT and other contextual machine learning model such as ELMo and Microsoft’s MT-DNN are contributing.


Melissa Weston, Zalando

Personalization in Search and at Zalando

Personalized search results are the results a user sees in a search engine that aren’t just based on the traditional ranking factors (such as the relevance of the web pages to the search term or their authority), but also on the information that the search engine has about the user at the given time, such as their location, search history, demographics, or interests. The use of personalized search is to increase the relevance of the results for the particular user – Just like what we do with our search results at Zalando for our customers.



Hannah Thorpe, Found

If SEO isn’t a performance channel, how do you optimise for awareness?

Traditional performance channels work on the basis that the more you invest in building a campaign, the more you will receive as a direct return. OK, maybe not to the level that some brands wish for, but performance will inevitably deliver the goods in relation to the budget you care to initially set.

SEO, however, doesn’t quite work like that. In fact, 34% of searches don’t result in a click or traffic to a site because people are quite happy to stay in the SERP. And it’s a known fact that younger consumers are the biggest culprits when it comes to actually journeying on past their initial search enquiry. So how on earth do we forecast or know the expected traffic from our SEO efforts?

In this session, Hannah looks beyond the typical ‘it depends’ response by a SEO specialist to questions about traffic projections, bearing in mind there are numerous external factors we have no control over! Instead, she will delve into what we can actually control in terms of predicting traffic and likely purchase patterns. In other words, the areas we can use to measure a campaign’s overall performance.



Gavin Duff, Head of Digital Performance @ Friday Agency

Content Pollution: A First World Problem

When did it become okay to ruin our digital planet for the sake of higher search engine rankings? Your UX is at risk, blog posts everywhere are dying, strategies are nearly extinct… and future generations of websites will suffer because of your mistakes. And your rankings are not even increasing.


Kathy O’Donnell, Director of EMEA Marketing @ Dropbox

Marketing to the world’s toughest audience

How do you create a successful B2B marketing campaign, targeting the world’s toughest audience? In this case study presentation, you’ll hear about the content and digital marketing strategy Dropbox employed to build awareness and drive leads throughout this multi-award-winning campaign.



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Don’t forget to visit the exhibition stands!


Aidan Kenny, Google

Google Masterclass – Search in the Machine Learning Era

“Machine learning is a core, transformative way by which we’re re-thinking how we’re doing everything’’ – Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, 2015.

This special 40 minute Google Masterclass will be delivered by Aidan Kenny, Industry Manager at Google Ireland, who will examine what this opportunity presents for search marketers in 2020 and beyond, and the practical steps we can take to maximise machine Learning in Search Marketing.



Brian Sheehan, Digital Director @ Maximum Media

Key Steps To SEO Success

Search engine optimisation is not a simple process, there are many elements at play including content, site structure and speed. This presentation will run through the crucial aspects to a lucrative traffic source


Dave McEvoy, Sales Director @ Dmac Media

Winning the Turf War; Outwit the bigger budgets with regional tactics.

SME’s are constantly being pushed off valuable keywords and topics due to budget constraints. Dmac’s presentation will give practical insights on how to dominate search results without large spends. Using geographic location to determine the value of a click to your business will allow you to get much greater mileage from your Ad spend.

Dmac will take you through two real-world examples of how this can be applied successfully for bricks and mortar business owners.

It will break down the key factors in purchasing decisions and show how their significance scales based on proximity.



John Madden, adaptive & co

The most powerful tool in your digital marketing arsenal – Google Analytics

From website visitors to high-street store visitors: How to harness the insights Google Analytics provides to boost, enlighten, & empower your digital marketing.


Fernando Angulo, Head of International Partnerships @ SEMrush

How to rank higher than no.1 in Google

The Gateway to Position Zero and Featured Snippet Optimization is here!

Introducing why Featured Snippets are an important part of SEO and digital marketing and how you can appear in them to drive increased traffic to your site.

In this keynote Fernando will cover:

-Info on the different types of featured snippets and why they are important

-Strategies to optimize your chances of appearing in them

-An understanding of how featured snippets tie into voice search




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Conference Close

Hope you had a great day!