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Anthony Quigley
Anthony Quigley – Co Founder – Digital Marketing Institute, Code Institute and 3XE Digital

Welcome & Opening Remarks


Anthony Quigley will open the event and set the scene by providing an overview of the current digital marketing landscape. Anthony will then introduce your various expert speakers for the day.

Session #1

Paul Carton – Head of Digital, Vodafone

Building Value For Consumers In A Digital Age


As the Head of Digital for one of the world’s largest brands, Vodafone, Paul is on the cutting edge of developments in both mobile marketing and digital marketing. He will be bringing his wealth of knowledge and expertise with 3XE, sharing customer experiences, with particular emphasis on:

• How constant connectivity is shaping consumer’s expectations, behaviours and perceptions of value.

• How brands are winning by answering these new needs.

• How companies need to rethink and organise around the connect consumer to win in the market.

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Lexi Mills – Managing Director at Marquis Communications UK and Consulting Vice President for Manyminds North America

The Nature of our Digital Data Cells and How this either affects or can be used by marketers


As a hugely sought-after speaker, we are delighted to welcome Lexi to Dublin for this 3XE conference. Her presentation will explain how she combines technical search algorithm knowledge and psychology to create data-driven measurable communications strategies that maximise influence on human behaviour. She applies this to external and internal communications alongside change management.

With this as a background, she explains how marketers use this type of thinking in their own processes. Lexi speaks specifically about how data is shaping consumer and business thinking, sometime not always for the best!

• We created this brand new world resulting in an unprecedented amount of data flooding us every day

• Why we should learn to analyze data available to all of us to help us understand and influence human behaviour

Link to Slides for Download

Alan Coleman
Alan Coleman, CEO of Wolfgang Digital

The Twin Tech Earthquakes of 2016


In this talk Alan, along with his colleagues from Wolfgang Digital, Rob & Zoran, will discuss the 2 major tech events of 2016 which will reshape your digital marketing and the commercial landscape between now and 2020.

As always, they will share illuminating case studies to illustrate the changing landscape.

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Aleyda Solis – International SEO Consultant & Founder Orainti

SEO in a Mobile-First Index Era


With an evolution to a mobile first world, not only in search usage but also Google index, it’s time to re-focus your SEO process activities to address this new reality

· Keyword research to crawling & indexation

· AMP, App-indexing to content & monitoring

· Actionable tips, examples & tools for a mobile first SEO approach, how you can make the most and succeed in it

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Garrett Mehrguth – CEO of Directive Consulting, a Moz, Unbounce, Google & Bing Partner

15+ Tactics To Take Your Organic & Paid Campaigns To The Next Level


With four ads above the fold and Google constantly changing their algorithm marketers are left wondering where to allocate funds and time to generate the greatest return on investment. To drive serious results, marketers need a strategy that takes into consideration: PPC, Organic, Content and Paid Lists

In this session, we are going to dive into 15+ tactics that will take your organic and paid campaigns to the next level.


* New appreciation and understand of SERP opportunities

* Powerful case studies

* Live examples from campaigns

* 15+ tactics that are insightful and implementable



Coffee / Tea Break, Exhibition Viewing and Networking


Session #2

Michael Trapani, Product Marketing Manager, IBM Watson Marketing

The Very Strange Future of Mobile – 2017 and Beyond


How will artificial intelligence play a role in our mobile lives? Why are publishers looking more like technology companies? Why does the future of apps look nothing like apps at all? Join IBM Product Marketing Manager, Michael Trapani, as he dives into the very strange future of mobile and, most importantly, how marketers can prepare for it.

• The future of apps and mobile engagement in all industries

• How publishers can transform their businesses to create new mobile revenue streams

• How AI will reshape the next five years of mobile

• Where mobile sits in emerging technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality


Matthew Umbro – Senior Account Manager, Hanapin Marketing, UK

Generating Great Mobile PPC Results In 2017


The year (or years) of mobile is a phrase of the past. Your site and advertising efforts are either optimized for your users or they aren’t. There is no in-between. This session will discuss strategies you can utilize today to improve the quality of your mobile PPC presence. Items that will be covered include:

· How to write mobile specific ads without creating device specific campaigns

· Tips for presenting better mobile ad extensions

· How to analyze your mobile results and the subsequent actions you should take

Karen McHugh, Digital Marketing Strategist, Arekibo

Unlocking the Relationship Between Social Media and Business Success.


With extensive experience, advising clients on how to plan and grow their digital presence Karen will discuss how investment in social media continues to present significant challenges to business and how to align your investment to deliver business success.
Presentation Slides

David Nihill
David Nihill, Founder, FunnyBizz

More Funny. More Engagement.


Humor is a critical tool modern day communications and marketing. Why? Because a dose of humor will grab and hold your audience’s interest, making you (and your message) memorable and more persuasive. In this talk you will learn why and how to use humor to make an impact, add value and connect with customers on a level that not only inspires loyalty, but causes coffee to shoot out their noses.


Louise Phelan – Vice President, PayPal, Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Ireland, Middle East and Africa

The Future Of Money


Louise will deliver an action-packed presentation on her experiences throughout her time with Paypal as they have gone through their phenomenal growth and success. She will also share her thoughts on how the financial sector, and FinTech in particular, is set to be massively disrupted over the coming years. Her presentation will focus on:

• The changing technology industry and how marketers can take part in these developments

• The move to mobile throughout the payments systems

• Innovation and the future of money

Hosted by the Conference Chairman

Audience Q&A


The Conference Chairman, Anthony Quigley, will moderate a discussion with the various speakers, inviting questions from the audience on the topics that have been discussed so far.


Networking Lunch, Exhibition Viewing and Networking





We want to ensure that you get the very most from your attendance at the 3XE, so we have included a number of practical workshops. During the presentations, you will find out “what’s possible” using digital technologies. During the afternoon, you have a range of workshops to choose from. These workshops are all designed to provide you with “how to” know-how. The facilitators will take you behind the hype and show you how to actually implement certain aspects of content and social media marketing.

The workshops are designed to ensure that you take away a clear and practical understanding on how to put your new-found marketing knowledge to use.

You can choose to attend 2 of these workshops from the options below. Of course, your colleagues may elect to attend different workshops and you can compare notes afterwards.

Choose to attend 2 from the following list:

Cathal Melinn

Cathal Melinn, Digital Marketing Institute

Workshop #1

Creating Success For Your Social Media Campaigns

Workshop Slides


Adam Hetherington, Agency Account Strategist, Google

Workshop #2

Leading with an Audience Strategy

Workshop Slides

Jane Morgan

Jane Morgan, JEM 9

Workshop #3

Customer Journey Mapping: A Powerful Tool For Multi-Channel Marketing

Workshop Slides

Greg Fry

Greg Fry, Founder, Content Plan

Workshop #4

Social Media Tactics That Get The Right Attention

Workshop Slides


Garrett Mehrguth – CEO of Directive Consulting

Workshop #5

Optimizing Your Landing Pages for a Mobile First World


Wolfgang Digital Gang

Workshop #6

Unbamboozling SEO

Session #3

Nicole Byrne, CEO of Cloud90

The Last Inch – the difference between Success and Failure with digital marketing!



Greg Fry, Founder and Managing Director at Content Plan

Digital Video Live and Targeted



Panel Discussion – Q&A Session


Conference Close


Thanks for coming! Closing conference remarks by Anthony Quigley.

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Join over 500 digital marketing experts in Dublin, Europe’s digital capital, for an action-packed day of learning and networking .

Whether you work for a large corporate, a government department, a digital agency or a small business you will benefit from attending this event. This conference is ideally suited to professionals whose activities incorporate digital technologies. This typically includes

CEO’s; CMO’s; Heads of Digital Strategy, Planning and Marketing; Digital Marketing Managers and Directors; Marketing Directors and Managers; Digital Strategists; eCommerce Specialists; Digital Marketing Specialists; Small Business Owners and Managers; Entrepreneurs and digital start-ups; Brand Managers; Marketing Managers; Business Development Managers; Digital Marketing Experts; Product Managers; Strategists and business analysts; Web Developers and Content Developers.

This is one of the best chances to advance and update your digital marketing knowledge and to learn from the best practitioners in the digital marketing industry.

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Brand and business strategy is there to define where brands need to go. And since the world is on fire, that’s a whole lot of fun.

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