3XE Social – Agenda

November 17
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Greg Fry, 3XE Chairperson

Conference Opening

Your chairman for the conference, Greg Fry, will open the conference and introduce the agenda and topics for the day.

Greg is an International Social Media trainer delivering regular LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google+ and Social Business Strategy training and workshops for institutions such as the Digital Marketing Institute, Sure Skills and the Digital Skills Academy.



Darius Pele, Project Manager @ Facebook

Facebook’s Frictionless Future

The world is changing fast. Digital connectivity has improved our lives for the better, and it has raised people’s expectations, offering them every imaginable kind of choice. With mobile devices in hand, consumers have more power, voice and access to information than ever before. They’re engaging with brands across multiple channels before making purchases and are less willing to suffer any inconvenience or invest extra time to get what they want. Once people make up their minds, they want products and services immediately.


Cathal Melinn, Founder @ Digital Basics

Measuring the influence of influencers on Social Media

This practical talk will be delivered as a short lecture piece, covering types of influencers, how to choose and influencer to partner with.

Importantly we’ll cover and how to avoid low value of scam-level influencers who could negatively impact brand reputation

To measure performance we’ll go through

· setting objectives

· measuring performance in terms of sales and leads

· affiliate tracking



Mikie Flood & Lorna Noone @wolfgang Digital

No Cookies? No Problem! How We Drove 1 Million Euro In 5 Months By Putting First-Party-Data First

With the prospect of a cookie-less future ever looming, it has become more important than ever for businesses to invest in their first party data strategies

Wolfgang Digital will be sharing how they fully integrated all of their digital channels to form a killer first party data driven conversion strategy for their client BodySlims.

This future-proof strategy delivered 174% YoY business growth for BodySlims and highlights the importance of starting to build your own first party data strategies right now




Dave McEvoy, Dmac Media

70:20:10 Fertilise your social media for growth

Dave McEvoy is a Director and founder of Dmac Media Ltd. Since 2006 Dave has worked to create profit driven digital footprints for Irish SME’s.

Dave has a focus on practical application of digital marketing strategies for real world business. He has a passion for demystifying complex marketing tactics into simple actions.



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Coffee Break

Time for a break, visit the exhibition stands, get some swag, and network with your fellow delegates.


Ed Melvin – Publicis

Default & delight: two speeds in experience design

To build a brand or business, experience design needs to both set new defaults, and also create delight. Ed Melvin explores examples from the Publicis Dublin portfolio of work and offers the “creative consultancy“ perspective.

Ed Melvin is Head of Strategy in Publicis Dublin, a unique creative consultancy, which believes that busness problems need creative thinking. Publicis Dublin’s work spans a range of brands and organisations, such as Vhi Healthcare, Virgin Media Ireland, Permanent TSB, Heineken, Iarnrod Eireann, SPAR and Renault. Ed has almost 20 years of experience in working in digital, design and communications. His teams work has been recognised at ICADs, Cannes, AIMs and ADFX for effectiveness.



Molly O’Dwyer, Social Media Lead, RTE

How to Make the Most of Your Social Data from Facebook and Instagram

This presentation will look at how you can access and interpret social media data to inform your KPIs, more easily communicate performance to stakeholders and create more effective social campaigns.


Garrett Mehrguth, CEO @ Directive Agency

The New Social Media Advertising Funnel: How to Lower CPA and Increase Revenue

Garrett has been running PPC campaigns for almost six years (and spend hundreds of millions) under the assumption that it’s “essential“ to, not only, generate opportunities for you or your client at the bottom of the funnel, but it’s also critical to focus on leads at the top of the funnel. Unfortunately, this model is broken for most businesses. There’s an optimal way to reach business growth and increase ROI from your advertising campaigns.


Cian Corbett, Digital and Innivation Marketing Manager @ AIB

Putting the Social back into Social Media

As the Social Media evolution continues to turn the platforms into broadcasters some brands risk losing what made social media special – the opportunity to connect. Since the pandemic AIB have reshaped how they use social media with a view to;

· Strengthening relationships

· Developing customer insights

· Putting the social back into social media




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Speaker to be confirmed

Masterclass TBC

Details to follow


Chris Gilliland, Account Director @ Linkedin Marketing Solutions

7 must-do tips to maximize your content on LinkedIn

More and more professionals are engaging with brands on LinkedIn through content shared on their newsfeed. Therefore, sharing engaging and valuable content is the key to finding success on LinkedIn. As consumers are researching multiple brands before making a purchasing decision, the advertisers that can help and engage their audience effectively will be top of mind in the decision-making process. In this session, Chris Gilliland (Account Director, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions) will be sharing the 7 must-do’s for sharing your content on LinkedIn to ensure you are connecting with your audience as effectively as possible.


Stephen O’Leary, Managing Director @ Olytico

Presentation TBC

Stephen O’Leary is managing director at Olytico, Ireland’s leading social media analysis company.

As well as an Irish and international client list, research and analysis carried out by Olytico has been used by major national and international broadcasters including RTÉ, TV3, BBC and The Washington Post.


Speaker to be confirmed

Presentation TBC

Details to follow


Speaker to be confirmed

Presentation TBC

Details to follow



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Conference Close

Hope you had a great day!