3 Golden Nuggets of 3XE Conversion

Two weeks ago, over 600 people packed into Croke Park to hear some of the best international and domestic leading lights in digital marketing at 3XE Conversion.

Even though you weren’t able to attend the conference, you don’t have to feel like you missed out completely. Here are our three golden nuggets to help you grow your business online.


Booking.comPersonalisation and Experimentation

  • Product Loves Data.
  • Address personalisation.
  • Test and retest EVERYTHING.

Why should you do A/B Testing?

  • All of us are wrong most of the time.
  • We want what we do to be profitable.
  • We want customer sentiment to drive product development.
  • We want decisions to be based on fact.

Why shouldn’t you be testing?

  • You don’t have enough traffic.
  • You don’t know what success looks like (no success metrics).
  • You like being ‘the expert’.

PinterestDriving Online Conversion Through Visual Discovery

“It’s all about me and my interests.”

  • Pinterest is the most popular platform for finding and shopping products.
  • 200 million+ people globally use Pinterest every month.
  • +40% growth year on year.
  • +50% male Pinners growth.
  • 600k monthly Pinners in Ireland.
  • 44% of Irish Pinners are Millennials.
  • 93% of Pinners use Pinterest to plan for things they want to buy.
  • 87% of Pinners purchased something because of Pinterest.
  • Pins are ideas – make sure all of your creative is… Helpful. Beautiful. Actionable.

GoogleHow to get started with mUX improvement. Data & stories from 400+ engagements.

  • 50% of smartphone users said if they were unhappy with their experience on a mobile site or an app, they would be less likely to buy products or services from that company in the future.
  • Be ready for user experience (UX) – mobile site improvement is a priority. Use analytics and A/B test recommendations.
  • Calculate the opportunity from small improvements. Increasing the mobile conversion rate by only 5% (from 2.6% to 2.73%) can potentially bring $2.7M additional annualized revenue.
  • Make payments easier and faster online with Google Pay – Reducing 120+ taps to a 2-click checkout online.
  • Help users checkout faster with Autofill. In recent experiments, Autofill drives up to 25% more form submissions on Android (Chrome Research). Can store email, name, phone, credit card and address.
  • Implement address autocomplete. When the user selects an address from the list of suggestions, your application can then populate the correct fields of the address entry form.


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We’re still confirming some of our line-up for the 3XE Social Media & Content Marketing Conference on 11th May, Croke Park, Dublin, but I couldn’t wait to share our first wave of speakers with you. For more details please visit: www.3xedigital.com/schedule